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Waking Up With You (Final) Episode 122 Update on Friday 1st September 2017


Maia and Pablo’s civil wedding ceremony takes place in Othon’s residence and during the wedding reception, Cindy comes in and asks Maia and Pablo to forgive her for all the pain she caused them. Pablo and Maia forgive her and ask her to stay at the party because she will always be part of the family.
Federico is working as a stripper in a bachelorette party in an apartment but when he refuses to take off pant, the women push him out of the apartment in his underwear, and refuse to pay him or give him back his clothes and he looks so stranded.
Rafael tells Cindy that he is very proud of her for the way she has been turning her life around, and tells her that the car repair shop is hers now and Cindy is ecstatic because her dearest dream has come true.
Othon and Antonia’s wedding gift to Maia and Pablo, is a honeymoon trip to Sayulita, the place where their love was born.
With Carmen and Tulia’s assistance, Othon transforms his residence into the “Gael Alcala Clinic”, to provide medical treatment for children in need.
Cindy trains for a boxing match while Christian and Santi look on.
Rodolfo and Freda watch over Bernarda and they have a discussion about the names of their soon-to-be-born twins.
Maia and Pablo perform a ritual at the beach as a spiritual wedding, with the assistance of several persons; afterward, they all dance in celebration.
Rafael will now help Tulia operate the seafood diner since they are now married couple.
Antonia and Othon will embark on a Flor del Norte concert tour, with Flora and Rufina tagging along as back-up singers.
Cindy wins her boxing championship fight and it’s all joy.
Federico now works as a valet parking attendant.
Maia and Pablo are back home, living happily as a family with Santi and Bernarda.
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