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Gangaa Episode 5--6 Update on Friday 12th January, 2018

A lady is scolding someone as they couldn’t find a girl in Banaras (for some puja). The maid tells her that she invited all the girls yesterday itself but one dint turn up. Mrs. Mishra would have taken that girl with her. Ganga hides behind Niranjan as she looks at the lady. The other lady is not happy by the info. She tells her DIL (Madhvi) to learn something from Mrs. Mishra’s DIL. They won even when it came to dharma. What’s the use of this maid when she couldn’t convince one girl in the entire Banaras! Madhvi tells her that she has sent the driver. He will bring someone. The lady doesn’t want anything missing on the day of puja. Mother (of boys) has to do the puja herself on the day of kanya pujan. Their Maharaj adds that one has to take blessings from the girls too. The lady mocks at the idea as no one here understands it.
The lady makes Madhvi help her in cleaning her feet. I wonder where Niranjan is. He is worried about the whole world and not his Amma. I too had told him to bring 7 girls but he dint pay heed. Niranjan whispers in Ganga’s ears. Go and sit there. Ganga obliges. His wife notices it and shakes her head but Niranjan gestures her to be quiet / wait. Her MIL notices Niranjan. So he is finally here. You are busy in taking care of the entire Banaras only! He talks to his mother through his wife. Tell your MIL that the 7th girl is here. His mother simply counts and signals Madhvi to start the puja. She goes to get her copy. Raghav ji suggests Niranjan not to call any trouble on himself by doing this. Niranjan is sure his mother’s dharma wont be affected by Ganga joining us for the puja. Her God will be happy only. Raghav ji still tries to say something but Niranjan goes to change his clothes.
Madhvi cleans Ganga’s feet. Niranjan is now dressed up in a suit. He watches them from upstairs. His mother tells her DIL to serve food if the puja is done. She sits down to do some work. She is irked with Madhvi for making noises while she works. Ganga smiles looking at the big laddoo coming her way. Madhvi tells her to eat it. Her MIL looks in their direction. Ganga picks up the laddoo while Niranjan’s mother eyes her curiously. Who is she? Where has she come from? Madhvi stands there quiet and tensed. Niranjan’s mother notices Ganga wearing white clothes. She makes Ganga keep the laddoo back in her plate. Come to me and answer my questions. Ganga replies that she dint wear it on her own. Those people forced me to wear it. Niranjan’s mother wants to know who this girl is. Who has brought her here? And why will someone make her wear white clothes? She suddenly realises the whole thing. Is she a widow? Niranjan tries to say something but his mother tells him to be quiet. She asks Ganga if she is married. Ganga says Bappa got me married when I was very young. I have not even seen the face of the groom though. He died in the stampede but I dint do anything.
Niranjan’s mother is angry that her puja got affected very badly. A widow in my puja? Niranjan reasons that though Ganga got married, she is still a girl. His mother denies. She is a widow. Niranjan talks about the biggest sin of the society – marrying kids in a very young and tender age when they should actually be playing / studying. You are just adding up to that sin by calling this little girl a widow! She is not interested in any of the logics given by her son. use them in your court, not here. She tells all the girls to get up and go home but Madhvi doesn’t want it all to go in vain. I will tell the maid to sprinkle ganga jal, find the 7th girl and do the puja. Her MIL scolds her for being irresponsible. Your husband is weird. He thinks just about anything.
Madhvi makes Ganga stand in a corner with Raghav ji. Niranjan’s mother tells Raghav to take Ganga away. Feed her something as today is kanya pujan day. Send her back to where she has come from. Raghav explains that Niranjan Babu said that Ganga will stay in this house only. Niranjan’s Amma is taken aback. Will you make Chaturvedi Sadan an Ashram for widows? Will you bring just any random guy from the streets home? Have you lost your mind? She refuses to allow Ganga to stay here till she is alive.
Niranjan’s Amma is apologizing to God for her son’s mistake. Niranjan and Madhvi come there. Niranjan tells his Amma that he dint intend to create any hindrance in her puja but he couldn’t think of anything else. I had not thought that you will be so upset because of such a small thing. your BP will increase if you continue to be angry. She is angry as no one else in the house follows any rules or dharma. I try everything to save you all from the evil eyes and do puja. I am here just because of your kids or I would have left long back.
Maharaj offers a laddoo to Ganga. She shakes her head. I am hungry but I don’t want something out of pity. Everyone is amazed to hear her.
Niranjan’s Amma insists that Ganga cannot stay here. Send her back right away. Ganga feels sad seeing the family members arguing because of her. She starts walking backwards while title song plays in the background. She turns and starts heading towards the main door.
Niranjan follows his mother. He tries to make her understand but she threatens him that she will leave for Haridwar in that case. If you want me to stay here then you will have to agree to what I say. Niranjan too makes it clear that he respects her but he wont agree to this thing. His Amma decides to leave then. Madhvi requests her to stay with them as whatever they are, it is all because of her. Niranjan’s Amma is picking up her clothes. I gave up everything when my husband died but I still have a right over this house. I wont sit quietly if I see anything wrong happening in the house. That girl is greater than me for your husband so take care of her. maharaj comes to tell them that Ganga left. Niranjan is shocked while his Amma is relieved.
Ganga is eating when Sagar picks up her plate. Eat the rest later. Ganga recalls a past incident where she was angry with Munakka for breaking her doll. I will break his hands and legs. Her Bappa stops her. have I taught you this? She reasons that Munakka takes advantage of the fact that he is Sarpanch’s son. He even acts bossy with girls. I will show him that I am a girl but I am not weak. He explains that things will aggravate for them instead. The one who has brains (is smart) is strong too. the one who isn’t smart isn’t strong too. learn to control your anger. Just think that the thing that you have lost was not yours. learn to value what you have. I am not saying that you should give up in front of injustice but it is very important to know when to fight back and how. That is what helps us in winning. Flashback ends.
Sagar asks her to play with him and she willingly agrees. Maharaj helps her in cleaning her hands. Sagar waits impatiently. Niranjan’s mother watches them play from upstairs. She claps for her grandson as he hits a six. Ganga is bowling and doing fielding as well. Madhvi too joins her MIL. Sagar hits a bowl high. His mother is worried that Ganga might catch it but she drops the ball intentionally. Ganga laughs at it secretly. Sagar thinks she couldn’t catch it so is sad. He appreciates her for she too is a good player. Madhvi is happy to see her son happy. he is happy with Ganga staying back. Her MIL nods. He will get over her in a few days time just like one gets tired of their new toys. He himself will ask me to send Ganga away.
Sagar is out on the next ball. He is angry with her and her grandmother and Madhvi peek from upstairs. Ganga recalls the last time when Sagar had told his friends that he was not out, it was a no ball. She tactfully says the same thing this time. I dint throw it, it just fell from my hands. Sagar agrees. He also corrects her English. Ganga continues to look at Madhvi upstairs. Madhvi drops her necklace by mistake. Ganga notices it. Maid also tells Ganga to serve the ball. Ganga picks up the necklace which irks the maid. I was going to pick it. Madhvi is looking for her locket. She is glad that Ganga has it. She runs upstairs to give it to Madhvi. Maid thinks how Ganga is so lucky that she got to stay in Chaturvedi House as soon as she came to Banaras. I know she is trying to please Madhvi ji so she can continue to stay here.
Pulkit returns home. He looks around carefully to make sure no one notices him so he can head to his room quietly. First Maharaj ji and then his mother catches him. she is concerned for him. She sends him upstairs to change. We all will have food together as per your father’s wish. Sagar meets him and takes him to show his new toy. He hides as soon as he hears his father’s voice. He calls him Hitler. Sagar points at Ganga. She is practising playing cricket on her own. Pulkit says its a girl but Sagar continuously calls her his new and best toy so far. She plays cricket with me, better than those guys, and never outs me. if I get out then she calls it a no ball. I can bat for the whole day now. Pulkit asks about the girl. Who is she and where has she come from? Sagar has no idea about it but he takes his brother with him. he pulls Ganga’s hairs, asking her to smile. Ganga is in pain. Pulkit stops Sagar. You are troubling her. she is not a toy but human. You will be in pain if someone pulls your hairs, right? She too feels pain. She must have felt bad. Ganga is happy to see Pulkit taking her side / understanding her. Sagar denies but Pulkit doesn’t want to hear anything else. Sagar repeats his grandmother’s words. I got a new toy. Pulkit is sure she would have said that after seeing the smile on his face. She can do / say anything to see her grandson happy. Madhvi calls out for her sons so Sagar leaves. Pulkit and Ganga smile at each other.
Ganga watches them all eating food together from upstairs. Madhvi serves food to them. Sagar asks Pulkit about Hitler. Pulkit shushes him. Niranjan tells them both not to speak amongst themselves when they all are eating together. Sagar tells it to him. Niranjan explains about Adolf Hitler, hearing which Madhvi and Pulkit try to hide their smile. Those who force people to only follow what they think should not be spared. I wouldn’t have spared him if he would have come in my court. Niranjan asks Pulkit about his whereabouts. Sagar diverts his brother’s attention to his daily task of asking riddles. Pulkit asks him a riddle. Sagar gets thinking. Ganga gives the right answer. Everyone is impressed with him. Pulkit calls her downstairs as she has won the sweets in prize. She comes when Madhvi asks her to take her prize. Sagar applauds Ganga. Stay in my team always. He gives her sweets and she runs away happily. Niranjan is in thoughts.
Ganga gorges on the sweets in another corner. Niranjan asks Maharaj ji if Ganga had food. Maharaj ji says I am about to give her. He nods. Madhvi brings milk for her kids and green tea for her husband. Raghav ji comes. Madhvi offers her food but he politely declines. raghav calls Niranjan aside. I have found something about Ganga. She belongs to Chandrapur village. Her mother died a long time back. She lost her father in the stampede in the Ghaat that day. She has no one now. She is all alone. Her FIL registered her name in the list of dead people just to get rid of her. Pulkit overhears everything and is shocked. Niranjan feels bad for Ganga. Many houses broke in the stampede that day. Many kids became orphan. Raghav says the condition is really bad. Government just gives a number of those dead people. They have also said that they have done the last rites of everyone but the truth is, there are still dead bodies on the Ghaat. People whose family members are still missing are still looking for their loved ones amidst all those dead bodies, in the hope that their loved ones are alive. Niranjan takes him to his office to discuss something. Ganga too has overheard their convo from a distance.
Niranjan’s mother is cooking food for herself in her room. Ganga notices it. Maharaj ji tells her to come with him. he sets a mat for Ganga near the stairs and gives her a bed sheet, blanket and pillow to sleep. I sleep in the kitchen but don’t set foot in the kitchen without taking bath. Don’t touch anything and don’t even peek in Amma ji’s room. She eats her food in her room only and her food is different than what everyone else eats. Ganga wants to know why so. He replies that Amma ji is a widow. It is written in scriptures after all. You don’t have to ask all this. our restrooms and bathrooms are separate. I go there first and then everyone else goes. I cannot wait in the morning. Ganga smiles. Maharaj ji leaves.
Madhvi notices Sagar looking at Ganga. What if she leaves while I sleep? Madhvi assures him that Ganga wont go anywhere. She will stay here only with us. Come or you will be late for your school tomorrow. He leaves with his mother reluctantly.
Ganga is missing her Bappa. He always used to caress her head to put her to sleep. She looks around in tears. Her Bappa used to make her sleep in his lap, while they looked at the stars together. she used to love watching the shining stars. He tells her to sleep so she can see dreams. It is very important. These dreams only create an urge in us to move forward. Life stops without dreams so you must see dreams and for that you must sleep. Ganga caresses her head with her own hand and closes her eyes while thinking of her Bappa’s words.
Precap: Madhvi is looking for her pendant but cannot find it anywhere. I had kept it on the dressing table only at night. Her MIL scolds her. the maid puts doubt on Ganga. Is this why she disappeared? Amma ji agrees. Surely that girl has stolen it and she has gone away because she knew she might get caught.

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