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Madhubala Update on Wednesday 10th January 2018


Angel TV sincerely apologize for the disappointment yesterday. Due to some reasons, yesterday's episode was unable to come on. So due to that, yesterday's episode and that of today's has been combined and it will be on screens today.

Part 1
Episode starts with Mukund's mother  coming out from the restroom. RK then tells her that there are more things to happen which she'll never imagined. He gives cheque to her, she was so excited and says she thought that the money was gone. she says RK still gives money for Mukund and Madhu marriage even though Madhu send him to jail. He says it is due to repentance . RK says to himself there won't be any obstacles in Mukund and Madhu love story. Mukund's mom leaves happily.

RK sculpting and says people always believe that whatever happens is because of God. So RK wants to misuse the belief, his going to play the role of God . He says.

Trish shows some magazine to Madhu and says she going to wear same dress like the person in the magazine. Padmini comes and ask both Trish and Madhu to sleep. Mukund's mom calls Padmini and asks her about marriage proposal.  Padmini says yes to the proposal. Mukund's mom calls Padmini as Mrs. Mallik. She says to Padmini that she went to met  RK and he blesses both Mukund-Madhu and ask to fixed the engagement next day evening.Padmini says she's in rush  too much . Mukund's mom convinced her.

 Nimo calls Trish and informs her tomorrow is her final dance rehearsal and look test. Trish says she will be there on time. Trish tells Madhu and Padmini about her look test. Padmini says Trish can't go because next day is Madhu's engagement.

 Trish shocked and asks Padmini why so hurry can't the ceremony  be postponed. Padmini says Mukund's mom told her next day is a good time for engagement. Trish says she will come on the time for engagement after look test. Trish says when God gives, he gives widely.

RK finishes the sculpture and says it's not GOD but he was the one. Trish says next day she's going to start her dream job and Madhu going to start her life.Both hugs and went to sleep.

Next day, RK wishes good morning to Chawl sculpture and Madhu. He says it's a very special day for both Trish and Madhu. He says their day was special because of their latest RK. Padmini feeds sweets to Trish.

 Madhu says it's her engagement day and Trish's shooting, she says she too want to go for Trish's shooting. Maddu says it's a very important for Trish, Trish feeds sweets to Madhu and says special day for Madhu too.

 Madhu and Padmini ask Trish to come back on time for Madhu's . Roma and Trish say they will. Trish takes Padmini's blessing. Madhu asks autographs from Trish and says she want to be the first person to get autographs from Trish when she becomes top heroine. Trish gives autograph and Madhu andTrish hugs. RK pick ups Madhu doll and draw the destiny line and says now he will dance with her according to his wish. Now he will let her to be happy for while since her sister Trish is coming to set.

Padmini asks Madhu to the preparation. Madhu calls Shamsher. Madhu gives compliment for her neighbors for beautiful preparation. Neighbor says preparation should looks beautiful like bride. Madhu tease her, they all just waiting for her farewell. The neighbor says especially Shamsher (Boss) is eagerly waiting for Madhu's farewell. Madhu tries to tease Boss but he teased Madhu,  she puts flour on her as powder.Madhu complaints to Padmini.

 Padmini says Shammy(Boss) is the one who's going to cry during her wedding ceremony. Dad will miss his daughter more than the mother. Trio happy tears, Shammy leaves. Padmini says being a fight master he too cries.

Roma excited seeing the shooting spot. Trish and Roma say thanks to God. RK sees them through the cctv and he say he is the God. RK says Trish is not the heroine, the real is not present but she has to come to RK soon. One guy come and asks Trish and Roma to leave. Roma quarrels with him, another guy come and ask Trish to ready for the shoot. RK engrave his name on apple.

 Koo meets RK and tells him that producers want to talk with RK. RK ask Koo nimo to tell them their hero now becomes director. Hi directs real life film. RK feeds apple to Koo nimo and tells he too have a role in the film and ask him to be ready for the audition. Roma starts to quarrel with make up guy for his lousy make up. Another guy come and tells its time to shoot. The choreographer insults Trish.  All starts to laugh at Trish. Trish cries. RK tells Nimo auditions time begins and asks to give his best audition to get Madhu on the set. If he fails to do so, RK will fail him permanently.

Part 2
 Roma tries to cheer up a crying Trish and Koo comes and gives pep talk to Trish! Koo tells Roma that Trish’s makeup and hair is not upto the mark .. Roma agrees!

He tells Trish that she should have a personal makeup person as it adds weightage and people feel the person is a star! Roma says Trish has no one like that.. but Trish says.. Madhu can help!

Mukkund calls Madhu and asks if all is ready and Madhu confirms! He asks about her and she says .. just about to..! He asks if she is happy .. n she asks if he has doubts? Mukku says.. he wants to go to Gateway of India n scream… ! Madhu cuts the convo and asks him to get ready!

Trish calls up Madhu .. n breaksdown and asks her to come urgently! Madhu says she cant as she has to get ready.. ! Roma influences her and says it will take 1 hour! Trish tells her to come n fix her hair n makeup!

Koo asks if he cleared RKs test? RK asks who will Madhu choose? – Trish or Mukkund ? Koo asks whom will she chose? RK says RKs!

Madhu reasons with Paddo saying Trish's words of labelling her ‘step sister’ hurts her and she needs to clear Trish’s thots! She says she does not want to lose old relations for new ones!

Madhu enroute to the shoot! RK sees Trish-Roma talking about Madhu n says… REASON for Madhu coming – Trish . .but reason for NOT BEING ABLE to Go – RK

Madhu is sent to a set .. n she keeps calling out for Trish..! Its dark and there is only one spot light on Madhu..! She is walking on the bridge and RK comes face to face! He asks what she is doing there.. when she has her engagement? Madhu tells him that its a big day for Trish so she had to come! As she turns to leave.. RK holds her arm!

He says sorry for holding her arm and extends hand to congratulate her and she too shakes it!

RK tells Madhu that Mukku loves her a lot.. but one thing no one knows is whether Madhu loves Mukkund ? Only Mukkund can ask that..n she will answer to it!

Madhu says..she came at wrong place n asks way out n RK shows n says today Madhu engagement wont happen

Trish is delighted to see Madhu n feels bad calling Madhu on her engagement and says sorry! Madhu says..that seeing Trish as top heroine is her childhood dream.. engagement is just recent dream..! Both hug!

Paddo calls Roma and chides her for calling Madhu..! Roma promises to come within time! Paddo and Shammy  are tensed!

Precap: RK says that the person in his cage.. can fly out only on his wishes.. n so Madhu wont reach by 6.30 and today Madhus engagement must not happen! Madhu tries to come out of the locked room!

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