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My Sweet Curse Episode 50 Update on Wednesday 10th January 2018


Rafael follows Chalo to see who is the girl he is going to meet at the square, and he is shocked to see that it is Boni and Ines looks very glad to see Rafael’s reaction and he looks so mad with his brother dating such an ugly woman who is also older than him but Ines thinks the age difference is just few and same vein, Boni uses her mirror to detect Rafael and Ines watching them in a distance and she looks so happy.
When Aurora, Rodrigo and Monica go with the DJ to settle the debt for his ruined computer they find out that Camilo tried to swindle them by asking them for much more than the actual damages and so they go there to confront Camilo for trying to pull a fast one on them.
Apolonia decides to give Epifania a chance to keep working for her even though she is going to stay with Jeronimo.
Rafael tells Chalo that he is banned from going out with Boni because he is going to get a bad reputation in town, but Chalo fights back and says that he will keep going out with her because he likes her.
Severo agrees with Macrina to cooperate with Monica to destroy Aurora, but he tells her that he is in charge of everything they will plan and warns her to be very careful in everything she does, because if one falls, they all fall. Monica is sure of that and therefore she suggests to them that they can use Dionisio to get closer to Aurora and cause mistrust between her and Rodrigo so he breaks up with her for good.
Xochitl overhears Elsa telling Rodrigo about Epifania moving in to stay with Jeronimo but all she hopes for is that she keeps to her promise and not gossip to Apolonia about whatever goes on in her ranch and Rodrigo thinks it’s a good idea. But, Xochitl goes straight to warn Epifania to stay away from the big house if she wants to avoid trouble.
Severo bumps into Dionisio and he proposes the business about luring Aurora and causing mistrust so Rodrigo breaks up with her and he accepts Severo’s money offer to try to get Rodrigo to break up with Aurora and Severo promises to give him even more money if he is successful in what he’s hired to do.
The doctor tells Rodrigo that the soil samples came back positive for two types of mushrooms that can cause insanity and after telling Aurora and Jeronimo about it, Jeronimo tells him that it’s impossible those mushrooms are found at the hacienda because they only grow in the hills and mountains.
Camilo refuses to give Maximina and Altagracia a refund, so they decide to have lunch daily at “El Huateque”.
Dionisio starts putting the plan into action by asking Aurora to help him be a good father to Tobias now that he will be taking care of the boy in the afternoons since his wife Gloria will be working all day at her bakery stand and Aurora looks speechless.

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