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My Sweet Curse Episode 51 Update on Thursday 11th January, 2018


Dionisio convinces Aurora to go with him to buy a book for Tobias, but asks her not to tell Rodrigo so he won’t get mad since he’s asked them to not get closer to Aurora because she will one day become that lady of the house. So, Aurora rather asks Monica to accompany her to buy the book with Dionisio to keep people from gossiping that she has something to do with Dionisio and Monica agrees. 
Xochitl goes to tell her mum that the doctor found out from Aurora’s blood sample that she has some traces of mushrooms in her blood and Macrina tells Xochitl that she sent someone to sprinkle the vegetable garden with the same powders they were giving Aurora and Xochitl looks very worried because if those mushrooms should also affect the cows, it will cause hell in the ranch but Macrina assures her it was only sprinkled on the vegetable garden. 
Since Jeronimo’s bed looks very small and due to that even caused him to sleep on the floor the day Epifania moved in with him, Epifania suggests to Apolonia to move her bed to Jeronimo’s apartment and Rafael offers to take Epifania’s bed to Los Abedules because he wants Aurora to witness his good deed and there, Rafael tells Aurora that Rodrigo is arrogant with his employees and with the country folks but he is very much down to earth with their employees and that is why he even offered to help Epifania. 
Tobias sneaks out of his home to go see Ponciano and there Tobias and Ponciano decide to go visit Aurora but they arrive to meet her absence and they decide to go to town to look for Aurora and Rodrigo agrees to go with them. 
When Dionisio meets Aurora and Monica in town, Monica intentionally leaves saying she has an errand to run and Aurora takes Dionisio to buy the book for Tobias. 
Rafael warns Chalo not to go out with Boni, but he refuses to cancel the date and then Rafael followed them to know where they will be having that date and whiles enjoying to tease play smart to make Rafael believe the relationship knowing he could be spying at them, Apolonia arrives and to catch them and asks Chalo what he is doing with Boni and due to the embarrassment, Boni left followed by Chalo and Rafael comes to commend his mum for a good job done. 
Rodrigo bumps into Monica and asks where Aurora is and Monica tells Rodrigo that Aurora is nowhere to be found and as they search for her, Dionisio and Aurora run into Rodrigo, Monica and Tobias, and Dionisio tells them he just ran into Aurora and was helping her to look for Monica and Rodrigo becomes so confused about the whole thing. 
Chalo tells Rafael that he knows he took Apolonia to ruin his date with Boni. 
Elsa wants to install security camera in her bedroom so they can catch the thief since there is a saying that the thief always returns to the scene of crime.
Aurora looking so very guilty for lying to Rodrigo about her outing with Dionisio, she explains things to come clean with Rodrigo about her trip to town and asks him not to take it out on Dionisio and Monica was eavesdropping and Rodrigo looks okay.

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