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Amaya Episode 129 Update on Friday 16th February 2018


Carolina leaves a note to Lucrecia pretending to be Florencia and the letter reads “I know you looked for my remains, while you thought you have killed me. I know you got rid of the photographer i9 hired to follow you. Fortunately, he was able to send me the photos before he suffered that accident and died. I have evidence of what you did. See you soon. Florencia.” and Lucrecia becomes very much nervous and tries to run after Carolina and but couldn’t attains to catch her. 
Hector cannot believe that the woman who was also her wife who abandoned him with his son lives in The Tempest ranch. He confronts her about the whereabout of their son but Becca informs him that they haven’t heard from their son and his wife ever since they left for their honeymoon. No matter how much he insists, Becca never told Hector that Ivan is in the ranch. Hector leaves his number with her to call him in case he gets any news about their son and by so doing will prove to him that, she regrets abandoning them.
Even out of his lost memory and Yaayaa’s decision to take advantage of him, Ivan still keeps on rejecting her because he tells her that, something in him is speaking to him that anything the both of them will try to do is wrong. 

Flavia feels really affected about his parent’s divorce and she recollects many happenings in the house which she thinks will never be seen again like the many conflicts that happens in the house though her mum never showed her love. She also tells Heriberto that, she can say the reason why she keeps on choosing wrong partners is that may be her parents weren’t a best example for her so the best thing is for her to forget love forever but Heriberto encourages her to not give up on love because she is s great woman and therefore is going to be a great wife and a mother because if she was able to learn from her experience and decided to make life meaningful for herself it means she can also be a good wife a mother should she fall in love and marry. 

Genoveva tells his son Nana Yaw to accept that Manuel recognizes him and supports their marriage because she believes with that everything will e fine and he will have the great father he has always wanted but Nana Yaw sees no importance in that.
Cesar escorts Horacio to bury Aaron’s remains and in the act, he takes pictures of him stealthily and he tells him that now Horacio will have to do everything he orders him with no extra pay since now he is his slave and if he tries being stubborn, he will use those pictures as evidence. 

Cesar talks with her mum and she tells him about the letter she received from Florencia and all that was in it and even threatening her that she has the pictures of the photographer but Cesar is sure Florencia is lying and show her the memory card that Negro was able to get it for him so his mum should calm down. They then decide to again do everything to make Florencia disappear before she gets closer to Amaya or Mauro but Lucrecia wonders how they are going to find her because they have to get rid of her as well as Max’s unborn child too because they can’t allow that child to have that sizable amount of shares his father has promised the first grandchild. 

Cesar then wonders how he is going to get rid of the child if he should wait till it’s born and Lucrecia thinks that will be a good idea because through that he can get rid of him as she ones did to the son Mauro had with Florencia since she wanted him (Cesar) to be the first Montesano to inherit the empire. Amaya overheard everything they said and she looks very nervous and surprised.
When she recovers consciousness, Juliana hears that she went through a complete hysterectomy operation on her since her uterus was being affected and it having some tumors due to the substance and with the operation, they will take out her uterus and her ovaries and so since she can’t give birth, she considers breaking up with Jorge since he is not going to be able to give him children. 

Cesar insists that Amaya sleeps with him and she agrees only to sleep in his bedroom but not in his bed rather on the floor or sofa without having him to touch her ever again. Out of the argument, Cesar tries stating that, he has to stand the fact that even if Amaya is married to him, she is still in love with Max and unfortunately, right there arrives Max and Constanza but pretending not to have heard a thing, they enter the house and Max asks Constanza if she heard exactly the complaint Cesar was making and Constanza says she did also but the fact is she thinks Amaya never loved him and can never love him after marrying his brother but Max states that if so then why would Cesar complain to that extent but Constanza says may be Amaya said that only to provoke Cesar but Max thinks it looks so calculating yet Constanza asks him to forget Amaya and stop thinking about those statement.

Efrain mentions in Mariana’s presence that the plague has reached the trees close to the house and everything in the farm including the farm is destroyed and Ulises is able to get a buyer and he waits him so they can talk about it and it seems the buyer is very interested in acquiring the property. 
The doctor informs Ivan that he has forgotten a great part of his life due to the inflammation in his brain but that little by little he will remember when the problem subsides. 
Max and Constanza tell Lucrecia that Juliana was operated on because the doctor says she was poisoned but don’t know if it was through food or a substance. Lucrecia hearing this goes silent.

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