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Amaya Episode 130 Update on Saturday 17th February 2018


Max and Constanza tell Lucrecia that Juliana was operated on because the doctor says she was poisoned but don’t know if it was through food or a substance. Lucrecia hearing this asks how bad it is and Max says everything is under control.
Lucrecia then goes to see Cesar to give him the bad but good news to them about Julian’s misery and they drink a toast to it.

Amaya’s secretary Vera informs her that somebody telephoned her on her sister Mariana’s behalf and she lets her know that she should let her know as fast as possible so she can speak with her.
Juliana confesses to Max and Constanza that she’s sad for knowing that she isn’t going to be able to have more children. 

Cesar gets rid of the substance immediately he gets to the office but what he doesn’t know is that Juliana has already gotten some of the substance for examination at the hospital.
Carolina informs Amaya that Negro hasn’t returned to work and Amaya wants them to investigate into his unreturning. 

Cesar sees that Horacio is trying to overcome his fears by drinking alcohol and he advises him to forget about Negro because he wasn’t even worth it. He then calls Horacio a murderer for killing Negro and orders him to go to Chiapas but never gave any reason why he wants him there.
Juliana cries in silence while she’s on the telephone with Jorge because she seems very sad and afraid of being rejected by Jorge if he finds out she can’t give him children.
Mauro kisses Eloisa’s hands with great passion to thank her for being there for him and his children always and taking care of them, Lucrecia sees it from afar and looks very nervous.
Ivan tells Yaayaa he’s really happy because the doctor told him he’s going to remember everything little by little.
Amaya tells Carolina he found out that Lucrecia got rid of the baby Mauro had with her mum Florencia and that means her brother’s death wasn’t a natural one but Lucrecia killed him. She plans to do everything to get the memory card containing the photos and after she will speak to Mauro about everything she suspects of Lucrecia.
Doctor Marco Antonio Linares takes the position as a director at the clinic in Chiapas.
At the cafeteria where Yaayaa and Ivan sits to have some snack, Becca telephones Yaayaa to tell her Hector came to the ranch looking for his son but Yaayaa warns her to shut her mouth and never reveal to them about Ivan and Becca wonders how long she could be able to contain that secret in her heart. Meanwhile, Constanza spots Ivan from behind but since she’s never spoken to him before or hardly know each other, she couldn’t draw close to him for introduction.
Lucrecia goes to speak with her sister Eloisa to not think that because she and Mauro are getting divorce, she can pose on Mauro then she is greatly mistaking and Eloisa can’t understand why she is acting that way towards her and Lucrecia stresses that she saw how Mauro kissed her hand and how she felt like she was in heaven and Eloisa says what she and Mauro feels for each other is gratitude but Lucrecia thinks it’s love but the truth is she will see Canaan but never will she set foot there because she as it is will forever be the only wife of Mauro Montesanos.

Eloisa tells Lucrecia that, she took Mauro away from her whiles she was courting her but if her fear is that she will do same, she won’t because she isn’t like her and Lucrecia says if that is so then she is cool because if not, Eloisa will have to kill her first to have Mauro. Eloisa then makes it point blank to her sister that, in case if Mauro comes free and feels like furthering his relationship with her from where they stopped, she will be glad to accept him.

Lucrecia’s lawyer goes to see Mauro and asks about the 50% of his company Lucrecia demands before signing the divorce and Mauro goes mad because it will be impossible for him to give her that.
Nana Yaw tells Manuel he will accepts his surname and also, he agrees that his mother gets married to him and Manuel looks a bit okay. Manuel wants him to go to the university but Nana Yaw refuses continue his schooling but wants a job with good position in Manuel’s company with big salary and a car like Constanza’s own and last of all to make the workers respect him since he is his son and Manuel corrects him that respect is earned and work for just like the position he wants. Because the fact is, he doesn’t even know his skill to give him position in his company but he has start from scratch since he can’t just give him position just because he is his son when he has no idea of the business and also the salary each one gets is based on his capabilities. So he advises him to try and be responsible because getting him out of jail doesn’t mean he is innocent since he was an accomplice to those robbers.
Yaayaa asks Ivan to go on vacation with her so he can forget all that happened but he refuses to go for that trip. 

Constanza tells Max that she saw Ivan sitting in a wheel chair but Max says it can’t be him because Ivan is on his honeymoon with Mariana and by now they are even back home but Constanza is sure he is the one because he the resemblance looks same.
Horacio tells Cipriano he’ll go to see him and offer him a business.
The buyer for Ulises’ ranch arrives to pay for the farm and Mariana does everything possible to warn the man (Benjamin) secretly that there’s a plague in Ulises’ plantations so he should go and check it before he buys the farm. 

Horacio calls Cipriano and he informs him to get ready for him because he has a job for him that could fetch him money.
Mauro confronts Lucrecia about that he so called demand of the 50% shares and Lucrecia warns Mauro that if he fails then Lucio will stay to live with her if they divorce and that Mauro won’t allow unless she kills him. 

Max asks Amaya why Cesar has to confront her for marrying him when she is still in love with him and Amaya confesses to Max that it’s because that is the truth and that is she still loves him. Max then goes strange and perplexed.

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