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Amaya Episode 131 Update on Sunday 18th February 2018


Max asks Amaya why Cesar has to confront her for marrying him when she is still in love with him and Amaya confesses to Max that it’s because that is the truth and that is she still loves him. Max then goes strange and perplexed, as he cannot understand why Amaya married Cesar when she loves him. Amaya states that she cannot tell him her reasons.
Juliana accepts to allow Alan go with Valeria to the USA for the exchange program and he looks so happy.
After the buyer of Ulises ranch (Benjamin) checked the farms as Mariana warns him and he discovers that Ulises’ ranch is full of plague and tears up the contract they had and he threatens to spread the information all over the region.
Carmela decides not to help Mariana to get in touch with Amaya because of how angry her boss (Ulises) has been lately if not she might lose her job and Mariana asks her then to buy a pregnancy test tube for her.
Constanza reproaches Manuel because he wishes to take his ex-mistress after marriage to live in the same house he lived in with her and his wife.
Genoveva agrees with Manuel about his decision to not give anything to Nana Yaw what he doesn’t earn with his own effort.
Constanza and Max discuss their desire to live in Paradise as a couple and Amaya’s pain is quite obvious that Max will be with Constanza and not her instead.
Max and Constanza arrive in El-Paraiso and Hector tells Max that Ivan is missing and Constanza reveals to them that she saw someone like Ivan at a restaurant sitting in a wheel chair but Hector thinks he can’t be the one though he is missing.
Yaayaa becomes too loving with Ivan and he has to tell her that he wants to rest, later on he asks Tadeo who is the girl he dreams of and he gives him Mariana’s description and just when Tadeo was about disclosing, Yaayaa arrives to stop him and tells Ivan that that so called girls he always dreams off is just a fantacy.
Juliana decides to break up with Jorge because now she will not be able to have his children but Jorge insists that it’s not his priority to have any so she shouldn’t worry because he loves her even without children.
Amaya escorts Valeria and Alan to the airport so they can go for the exchange program and Amaya hopes by the time they return, she would be through with her revenge.
Flavia suspects that the plague in Ulises ranch was caused by Cipriano and she thinks that is Ulises punishment for having more enemies for himself.
Horacio meets with Cipriano in the village and they set to do their business as ordered by Cesar. Just after a while, Hector runs inside announcing that the Star Zone is on fire, which Max and Jorge verify right away and at that moment, Lucrecia and Cesar toast to their great plan as it has been executed. Meanwhile, Max and everyone looks very desperate as to what caused the problem because green farms like the star zone can’t catch fire like dried farms.

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