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Amaya Episode 132 Update on Friday 23rd February 2018


Horacio meets with Cipriano in the village and they set to do their business as ordered by Cesar. Just after a while, Hector runs inside announcing that the Star Zone is on fire, which Max and Jorge verify right away and at that moment, Lucrecia and Cesar toast to their great plan as it has been executed. Meanwhile, Max and everyone looks very desperate as to what caused the problem because green farms like the star zone can’t catch fire like dried farms.
Lucrecia congratulates Cesar for provoking the incident because with that it will be easy for Amaya to sell it or give it to him on free will because she wouldn’t know what to do with useless farms like the present star zone.
Max then calls for help and Flavia organizes all the farm workers to try to put out the fire but seriously it looks really difficult.
Cipriano and Horacio celebrates over the fact that they were able to set fire into the Star zone and there Cipriano reveals to him that Negro also arrived and offered her a job to him to set a plague into Ulises’ farms and Horacio thinks that will also be the orders of Cesar and he thinks that information will also help him in some way.
Mauro congratulates Manuel for his future wedding with Genoveva and he confesses to him that he doesn’t like Nana Yaw’s attitude and now he and Genoveva have agreed to let him be responsible and Mauro advises Manuel to understand that he was the first person who failed Nana Yaw so he should do everything to grow fond of him.
Amaya tells Carolina that she is sad because Max and Constanza went to live at “El Paraiso”.
Mauro and Amaya go to Chiapas since they were informed about the fire outbreak.
Becca confronts Yaayaa to not make things complicated because even though she will make Ivan forget about Mariana but what if Mariana or any of Ivan’s love ones shows up in the ranch but Yaayaa says that she will close the ranch so nobody is able to enter but that Becca thinks will raise suspicion yet Yaayaa says if that happens she will pretend to be furious with Ivan for being irresponsible to neglect his job till date and not returning from his honeymoon with her wife Mariana and at the same time will make sure to call Ulises to know about Mariana so she will know she can’t be a threat for her. Becca makes her know that act is craziness but Yaayaa still insists that she is not crazy and that she will still execute her plans.
Ulises makes a deal with Mr. Araujo to sell him his farm.
Mariana suspects she could be pregnant for Ivan.
Flavia suffers an accident whiles trying to help in bringing down the fire and Heriberto saves her from the fire and through that he also gets himself injured.
Ulises becomes so much glad to find out what’s happening in “El Paraiso” and he thinks it could be karma dealing with the Montesinos for trying to paint him blank to people. 
Cesar gets furious to hear that his wife went to "El Paraiso" because there he knows she will definitely see Max over there.
Mauro sees Amaya desperation about Max’s involvement with Constanza and he reminds her that she brought everything upon herself so she should bear the consequences and he also assures her he won't stop until he finds her mother and Amaya tries to let Mauro that her mum is dead a long time but still he refuses to listen and still insists on finding her so that whatever damage the star zone has caused her they will fix it.
Max assures the workers that though all is lost in the star zone but the most important thing is that they are all right.
Ivan gets restless when he’s near Becca.
Ulises is determined to leave and still wants Mariana no matter if she’s expecting Ivan’s baby.

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