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Amaya Episode 133 Update on Saturday 24th February 2018


Ulises is determined to leave and still wants Mariana no matter if she’s expecting Ivan’s baby.
Tadeo confesses his love to Yaayaa and she loves at him to the maximum stating that he is just her employee and he can’t love someone like him and says he is only a nobody whiles Ivan though her employee too is someone meaningful to her. He then threatens him to stop pestering her with his so-called love, if not, she will fire him.
Max, Jorge, and Amaya are very disheartened after they saw the damage the fire has caused in the star zone but Max assures Amaya that they will do everything to make the star zone get back on its feet and not make it go barren because life is full of ups and downs and so the only thing they have to do is look forward into the future. Mauro also encourages them to determine the damage first and then they will know how to go about the NESCAFE 3 in 1.
The firefighter’s analyses presuppose that there was gasoline in the soil and that mean someone provoked the fire and they wonder who could have been the one and Hector thinks it could be Ulises.
A man appears before Ulises to tell him that he knows his trees are infected with the plague and that he will tell everybody so that no one buys his ranch.
Carmela gets a pregnancy test for Mariana and the girl verifies happily that she is expecting a baby.
On his part, Cesar congratulates himself because everybody seems to blame Ulises for the act just to get back at the Montesinos and so he will do everything possible to blame it on Ulises with evidence. Lucrecia then congratulates him for being genius and he also thanks her for being his great teacher but what worries him and makes him furious is when Amaya informs him that she will stay in Paradise until Mariana and Ivan show up.
Mariana confirms to Ulises about her pregnancy and he wonders how she got to know since he never wanted to tell her and Mariana says she just know it because she can see changes in her body and she is going to have the baby of the man of her life but Ulises warns Mariana that her baby will not grow up with her.
Max gives bonuses to all of the workers for helping them calm down the fire outbreak and also for serving them on the farms and through that, the workers reveal to him that Ulises fired all of them because he never wanted them to see his new girlfriend and there, Hector tries reasoning through things that Ulises might have trapped Ivan and Mariana and Max suspects something fishy and so he decides to do something and so they tells Amaya about it and the three agrees to go to Ulises ranch using the fire damage as an excuse to see if Mariana is there.
A policeman investigates Ivan and Mariana’s disappearance in Yaayaa’s ranch and before seeing the policeman, Yaayaa makes sure to sedate Ivan to sleep to the Maximum and Yaayaa go to inform him that they left on their honeymoon and they never again got in touch with her.
Manuel now officially and legally gives his name to his son Nana Yaw and he looks so happy as well as Genoveva.
Amaya, Max, and Hector call on Ulises ranch to verify if Ulises has Mariana there and he of course denies it but luckily, Carmela eavesdrops the argument and she rush to inform Mariana that her sister is in the living room talking to Ulises but her bedroom is padlocked and Since she cannot leave the room, Mariana yells for Amaya, and Amaya hears and tells, Max and Hector that is Mariana’s voice and there, Ulises becomes nervous.

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