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Amaya Episode 134 Update on Sunday 25th February 2018


Amaya, Max, and Hector call on Ulises ranch to verify if Ulises has Mariana there and he of course denies it but luckily, Carmela eavesdrops the argument and she rush to inform Mariana that her sister is in the living room talking to Ulises but her bedroom is padlocked and Since she cannot leave the room, Mariana yells for Amaya, and Amaya hears and tells, Max and Hector that is Mariana’s voice and there, Ulises becomes nervous.
Ulises tries to prevents them from going to rescue her but, Max pushes Ulises away and Efrain aims at him with a gun and again Hector helps Max and they manage to free Mariana. After the rescue, Mariana tells them how Ulises kidnapped her and also beat Ivan to death, but Hector hopes that his son isn’t dead but alive. The time they return, Ulises is able to escape, running for his life and Max informs the police and Ephraim is arrested and Carmela apologizes to Mariana for not believing in her and Mariana asks her not to worry because at least for helping her to be rescued is enough for her and she thanks her.
Nana Yaw wants an office and a great position and an assistant but Manuel makes it clear to him that he will start from the scratch so that he can learn about the agency thoroughly and someday will be able to take over the company with Constanza and he gets angry to find out that he’s going to start from the bottom in his own father’s company.
Genoveva informs Juliana she’ll stop working after her wedding with Manuel.
Jorge makes a written report against Ulises because of his supposed participation in the Star Zone fire.
Ulises is able to get to the city to find a hotel and there after making some calls to Carmela, he finds out that Efrain was arrested and he warns her to not dare reveal to the authorities that he did called if not he will cut her tongue of. Same vein, Ephraim tells the police at the station that, Cipriano was the one who robbed the coffee plantations and flooded the warehouse in “El Paraiso”. Mariana also makes her statement and the police are ordered to arrest Ulises and keep looking for Ivan.
Salvador goes to see Flavia to support her in their problems but Mauro asks him to keep off his daughter after he betrayed Max because he is not welcomed in his house and Salvador tries to justify his actions stating that he wasn’t the only one responsible for what happened and so if he’s been able to forgive Constanza then he should also forgive him too. But Mauro thinks nothing justify his betrayal to max’s trust and Mauro advises his daughter to not fall for Salvador’s game since he wants to only use her to fill the void Constanza left in his heart. Constanza also seizes the opportunity to advise Flavia about Salvador and asks her to not fall for him because he is over possessive and the jealous type. Same vein, Salvador looking so hurt says Constanza isn’t for her at all but he will fight for Flavia’s love.
Ulises disguises himself to prevent himself from being recognized by people and the authorities.
Juliana confronts Horacio and asks him about the money Cesar gave him in cash but he states that those are commissions for some works people did for Cesar and he has to give it to them in cash but still Juliana still senses something fishy.
Lucrecia checks the WILL she and Mauro made with the notary and is glad to know that nothing has been changed yet. It reads, if Mauro dies, all of his properties will be divided and 50% will be for Lucrecia and the other 50% divided among the children but in the event of Lucrecia’s death, her 50% will be divided among the children. The first grandson of the Montesinos will have 2% shares of the NESCAFE and that first grandson should be from Max, Cesar or Lucio. Right after, she tests Cesar that Mauro hasn’t change anything in the WILL and it’s important they don’t let him do it.
The school principal asks Eloisa for her approval to register Lucio in the Art and Painting National Contest because he has a great artistic abilities and Lucio agrees and Eloisa looks very happy for him.
Mariana tells Hector she’s expecting his son’s child and he looks so happy.
The police arrest Cipriano.
Ulises telephones Yaayaa to tell her he’s on his way to her farm and that she’ll have to help him or she will regret it.

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