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Color of Passion Episode 66 Updae on Monday 19th February 2018


Nora spins this tall tale to the detective about how she hated Rodrigo but wanted to clear her conscience. 
Ricardo and Amadiva meet up for drinks. Amadiva wants to know if Rodrigo will keep to his word about giving Ama an alibi. He will, but it will cost Amadiva. For starters, Ricardo wants a bigger cut of whatever deal they have going with Alonso's factory. Amadiva asks about Ricardo's scratches on his face (from his attack on Rebeca); Ricardo simply says that Amadiva is not the only one who has adventures. So that is what we call murder and attempted rape, boys. Ugh.
Nora continues spinning this crazy lie that is clearly Rodrigo fan fiction in her head about how they met up in front of the church at the time of Ligia's murder. He had threatened to come over even though he wasn't allowed at the house, so to prevent that she met him at 9 PM at the church. Somehow she works in how she lost Rodrigo's baby and also how Rodrigo wronged Lucia. The cop does not appear to be buying this and tells her it's a strange story.

Marcelo is bleeding out in his bedroom and Rafiella and Lucia are freaking out. Lucia is the most unhelpful person in medical situations ever. Sara, who Alonso summoned, is there and asks them all to leave, and Al ushers the ladies out. Sara begins to tend to Marcelo's wound. Meanwhile in the apartment, Rafi gets some beverages while Al tells Lucia to calm down. He then fills her in on his long meal with Sara but says it was just friends dining together. Lucia asks him how bad it is with Rebeca, and Alonso acknowledges it's gotten bad. Rafi calls them back in as Sara has finished up. Marcelo will be fine. Lucia and Rafi will need to change his bandages, and he must rest or it's back to the hospital for him.
Alonso, Sara and Rafiella leave the couple alone. Marcelo and Lucia start kissing. Marcelo makes a noise like he felt a great pain and Lucia yelps, "Que?!"

It was just a joke. Marcelo can't help grinning at his joke and they resume kissing.

Magdalena and Naz catch up. He is happy that Mags and Mario patched things up and the wedding is still on. He tells her that Lucia and Marcelo are engaged now too. She's surprised.
Leti is waiting for Sara. Where has she been? Out with Alonso. Now Leti is really worried, and upset, because Lucia's dad is married. Sara says that they are just friends, and Leti calls her on that, saying that Alonso clearly like likes Sara and it seems she like likes him back. This earns Leti a slap. Sara then points out that Leti's crush Mario is also engaged to be married to Mags, so she's in no position to judge. Leti stomps off.
Alonso finally gets home and Rebeca has been waiting for him. She is furious that he didn't call her. He tells her that he went to look for Ricardo, and when he didn't find him, he didn't want to go home, so he went to a restaurant (OK that's true) and then visited Marcelo who had his wound reopened (also true). Rebeca asks why he turned off the phone, and Alonso coldly tells her that he didn't want to speak to her. Rebeca's demeanor changes and she becomes sad. Why is he treating her like this? Alonso tells her that he wants to separate now. When she pleads her case, he tells her that he's lost his trust in her and things between them haven't worked for a long time. Rebeca says she doesn't want to lose him to another, and he replies that he doesn't want to live with her.
The next day, Daniela and Momster discuss Momster's secrets and her fight with Marcelo. FF>>
Mags visits Lucia and gently teases her about not telling Mags she was engaged. Mags is happy that Lucia is happy, and Lucia is happy that Mags is happy that Lucia is happy. This and Marcelo's dumb joke were basically the only happy in this episode.
Well, wait I spoke too soon, because Lalo and Tere are on cloud nine after their big date, and happily report on it to Naz and Lucia, respectively. 
Lucia starts to leave home for the day, but Alonso stops her as someone is in his office and wants to talk with her - it's Momster. Momster wants to know the name of the woman who was involved in her son's death. Alonso tells Lucia to tell Momster the name if she knows it. 
After a long commercial break, Lucia refuses to tell Momster the name until she has gotten clearance from Marcelo first. Alonso encourages her to tell the name, but Lucia is firm, Marcelo has his reasons for not divulging it and she must have his consent to tell Momster first. Lucia leaves the room. 

Heading past the staircase of doom, Lucia sees Rebeca coming down it. They give each other a cold stare without talking.
Momster has left through another door, so no meeting between Momster/Rebeca yet. Rebeca goes to Alonso and tells him she will refuse to give him a divorce. Alonso tells her if she wants a war, she's got one. He will get his divorce.
Sara and Magdalena ooh over her wedding invitations. Meanwhile, Alonso is trying to call Sara, but she dodges his calls.

Daniela arrives at Marcelo's apartment. She asks Marcelo why he won't tell Momster the name of the woman who was involved with his brother? Marcelo asks her why she is even back in town? Daniela tells her because she was summoned due to her cousin Ligia's murder. And guess who the top suspect is? Your girlfriend's ex, Rod. Daniela is making a point out of playing with her lip gloss while she gives this news. Marcelo is shocked. Daniela leaves, and sneakily leaves the lip gloss on a table.

Sergio is talking to the detective about the case. The detective asks him if he knows Nora and tells him Nora has supplied the alibi. Sergio is surprised as Nora hates Rod.
Lucia was upset by her previous encounter with Momster and vents to Marcelo. Marcelo thinks they should talk to Alonso first. Lucia (who doesn't know Alonso has asked for the separation yet) says no, that could cause Alonso to leave Rebeca and that would be bad for Nora. Lucia thinks they should be patient and wait. Then she spots the lip gloss.

Momster and Rafi discuss the encounter as well. Momster asks Rafi about the identity of the woman. Rafi knows who it is, but won't say. She tells Momster that this secret and all the secrets in the world come out sooner or later. She gets in a dig that this applies to Momster's secrets too.
Lucia is not being patient at all regarding the lip gloss. Marcelo (and I) think she's overreacting and it's just dumb Daniela being dumb. Marcelo isn't mad at Daniela, she really means nothing to him. He fills Lucia in on why Daniela is back and how Rod is in jail, suspected of Ligia's murder. Lucia feels bad for Rod. She explains to Marcelo that she can't hate Rod, because if Rod hadn't used his rod and then dumped her, she and Marcelo would never have ended up together. Aw?
Rod is asleep in his cell. The detective wakes him up to let him know the investigation remains open and he's being released but can't leave the city. The same goes for Amadiva and Rod should let Amadiva know this.
Sergio meets Rod in the station. Sergio does comment that he's surprised about the Nora alibi. And that Rod smells BAD.

Nora and Dr. Andrade are having a session. She wants to sit in his chair but he makes her sit on the couch. She's being weirdly flirty this whole episode and definitely inappropriate with the doctor. They discuss how Lucia has good qualities and you can't blame her for having them. But Nora also has good qualities. Nora wants to know what they are? And does the doctor like girls with Nora's qualities or Lucia's better? The doctor tells her to dial it back or he will end their sessions.
Naz asks Alonso if he is happy about the engagement. Alonso is very happy about it, and Naz reminds him that Marcelo isn't perfect. Alonso tries to call Sara again.

Leti, who needs a beige bra, not a white one (pet fashion peeve of mine), is visiting Lucia and talking about the fight she had with Sara about Al's meal with Sara. Lucia reminds her that neither of them should judge their parents. Rebeca is outside overhearing all of this.
Amador and Brigida are having a little face-off when Rodrigo arrives home. Brigida dotes on him and wants to cook him a meal, but he just wants to bathe and sleep. Amador tries to talk with him, but he simply tells him that the police commander said not to leave town and that he's going to rest (I thought he did this in a way that connoted that Rod knows Amadiva threw him under the bus). Amador notes his contempt too.

Al visits Sara at the clinic. He noticed she was dodging her calls. The receptionist notices that Alonso is into Sara. Sara says they should go into her office. The receptionist really notices that.
Once in her office, Sara says that they are friends and have something between them, but it's a bad idea to continue. They get closer and almost kiss, but Sara pulls back. Al tells her he's asked for a divorce. Sara is surprised since Alonso had just told her it wasn't the time yet for that. Alonso tells her that it was going to happen at some point, and he realized he enjoys being with Sara and she enjoys being with him, so that helped him move it along. They end up kissing.

They hear the secretary saying "you can't go in there" and pull away. Rebeca has barged into the office! Alonso tells Rebeca he's divorcing her and he wants to marry Sara. Then he proposes to Sara, who is shocked. But not as shocked as Rebeca, who makes a fantastic "Que?!" face that the episode ends with!

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