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Color of Passion Episode 67 Update on Wednesday 21st February 2018


Rebeca storms into Sara’s office after she eavesdropped at Lucia’s door to find out that Alonso and Sara had dinner together last night. She barges in just as Sara and Alonso finish a long passionate kiss. Reb wants to know what Alonso is doing there, and he decides that proposing marriage to Sara in front of an unhinged crazed wife is the best time to do that. Well, over Rebeca’s dead body will she ever consent to a divorce, she says. Oh dear, Alonso just signed his death sentence by replying that if it’s the last thing he does, he’s divorcing the bitch. Said bitch gets the stink eye going and looks right at poor Sara and says that Sara doesn’t know who she’s messing with. As she leaves, she mutters under her breath that she will kill him first before he ever leaves her.
Alonso tries to calm Sara down, she has nothing to do with his problems with her and Rebeca won’t actually do anything to her, (oh my Alonso, you really don’t know your wife), but Sara replies that that may have been true, but not now. Now she’s front and center is his mess with Rebeca. She wisely tells him to fix his problems with Rebeca, then give her a call when it’s done.
As Rafaela redresses Marcelo’s wound, they talk about his mom visiting Alonso to get him to pressure Lucia to spill the info on who was involved in Fed’s death. Marcelo wants to get married to Lucia before momster finds out it was Rebeca. He’s worried that when Alonso finds out the reason that Marcelo came to Puebla, he will not want Lucia to marry him. Rafaela tells him that if she truly loves him like she says she does, then nothing will keep them from marrying, no matter what.
Daniela is whining, yet again, to Milagro about Marcelo marrying Lucia. I wish Daniela would get some backbone and pride and just move on. Even if he weren’t going to marry Lucia, he isn’t going to marry her anyway. Also, Milagro tells her that Rodrigo is out of jail for now.
Rodrigo is packing a bag, he’s leaving. He’s putting his big boy pants on and ready to grow up. I suppose spending a few days in jail will do that to an immature mama’s boy. He can’t live under the same roof as Amador. Brigida is broken up over being stuck alone with Amador. She even suggested that they go away together. Thank goodness Rodrigo didn’t take her up on that offer. I actually feel sorry for Brigida at this moment.
Amador is signing documents with Ricardo’s landlord, I guess that was the deal that they made for Ricardo’s offer of an alibi. She leaves, and Ricardo reminds Amador that at least now his son is free from a crime he didn’t commit. Amador then reminds Ricardo that at least Ricardo has no idea what it’s like to worry about ones child, but Ricardo tells Amador that actually he does, he has a daughter. This comes as a surprise to Amador.
Gloria calls Lety at the office. She wants Lety to know that she and Sergio are dating, and she wants to know why that seemed to bother Lety so much. Lety denies being bothered by them being together, she just didn’t know they were dating. Gloria replies that good things come to those who wait, el que persevera, alcanza. Lety is happy for her, Gloria has always followed him around like a dog in heat, lol.
Alonso comes home and Lucia wants to apologize for not spilling the beans about what Milagro wanted to know, it’s not her place to tell, but Alonso is fine with that, he has his own serious problems and doesn’t want to put himself in the middle of that one. He tells Lucia that he’s divorcing Rebeca, and Sara was the impetus to get him to finally get off his rocker and move forward with it. They talk about Nora, and how she will react to the news, maybe involve Dr. Andrade with telling her.
Oh no, Lucia thinks it’s a good idea to walk into the lion’s den. Rebeca is contemplating her next move while she smokes a cigarette. Lucia tell her that if she cares about Nora it would be a good idea that Reb not fight the divorce. Of course Reb replies that if Alonso cared about Nora, he wouldn’t even be asking for a divorce. Well, Reb needs to realize that the divorce is a done deal, and if she wants Lucia to keep quiet about the Federico mess, then she better play nice. She’s only going to hurt Nora by putting up a fight over the divorce, and think how much worse things will get if everyone finds out about her affair with Fed.
Long story short, Normita asks Naz if he wants to go with her to Marcelo’s apartment to give him some papers to sign, he says yes.
Oh oh, another long story short, Mario asks Sergio to be his testigo (witness, best man) at his wedding. Sergio is honored, and he would normally ask his best friend Lety to the wedding, but he’s not sure he should given the very weird circumstances with regard to THAT. Mario said he doesn’t mind if he did, but he’s leaving that up to Sergio to decide.
Sergio walks out of the office and tells Lety the good news that Rodrigo is out of jail, but Lety doesn’t care, and she’s acting kind of cold to Sergio enough so that Sergio asks what’s up with her, is it because she saw Gloria at his apartment? A very bothered Lety said no, but she can’t understand what he sees in that ‘Nora wannabe’. He calls her on her jealousy, but she denies it. She only has eyes for Mario, and she’s going to continue to be hot for him long after he’s married that mummy Magdalena.

Just as she said all this, Momia, I mean Magdalena, walks in and hears all of this. Oops!
Magdalena handles it cooly and calmly, basically flicking her finger at the gnat named Lety. Grow up little girl. She goes to see Mario.
She tells Mario what she overheard and realizes Mario already knew this and wonders why he didn’t tell her. He says that she has daddy issues and she’s confused, and then they talk it out and then start to laugh about it. Phew!
Lalo finds Vinicio in the garage of the factory rummaging through the tools, and calls him out on what he’s doing. He asks what the big deal is, Lalo said he doesn’t trust him, he knows Amador and got him the job, and that’s enough reason right there. But with Marcelo’s tire punctured, and Vinicio holding a tool that could puncture a tire, well...
Vinicio tells him that Amador didn’t want to hire him, but Alonso was the one who insisted, so his theory is all wet.
Lucia is on the phone with Marcelo and he asks her when Magda is getting married, next Friday, he wants to hurry up and marry her as soon as she’s married. How about the following weekend? Nora eavesdrops and makes fun of what she overheard. Lucia is not in the mood to argue, get out of her room, but Nora promises to make sure that Lucia never marries Marcelo, and Alonso walks in just then and hears that. He drags he to his office.
Naz and Normita stop at Marcelo’s apartment to give him the papers to sign and to say hello and see how he’s doing. Norma notices the nice aroma from a lasagna that Rafaela is just removing from the oven and Rafaela asks if they would like to stay for dinner. Norma accepts but Naz said no thank you at the same time, so they stay.
Ugh! Alonso tells Nora the great news about the divorce and Nora is sniveling about it. And he tells her that he’s going to marry Sara too. Nora loses it, she says all kinds of crazy things that I don’t have to repeat because we’ve all heard a million times already, and making all kinds of crazy assumptions.There is no calming her down.
Lety comes home from work and wants to talk to her mom about what happened at work. Sara wants to talk to Lety about something too. Lety must figure Sara will hear about it anyway from Magda, so she might as well head her off at the pass and tells her what went down. She even tells Sara that she called Magda a momia. Magda had just asked Sara to be her maid of honor and Lety has no right to talk about her that way, but all Lety hears is blah blah blah. She knows already, and she’s ready to move the subject to what Sara wanted to talk about.
Sara tells her that she’s marrying Alonso after Alonso divorces. Bratty Lety thinks it’s absurd, what’s going to happen meanwhile? Are they going to be lovers? (wow, why does Lety care about this?) Lety storms off, I really don’t get or care why this bothers her so much.
Nora wants to know what Rebeca did that Alonso wants to divorce over. All Rebeca did, she replies, was love and adore him. (puke) She tells Nora that Al’s relationship with Sara had to be going on for a long time. The lifelong brainwashing continues for poor Nora. Al never loved Reb or Nora, and they both live under the ghost of Adriana and now Lucia. Nora agrees, everything has been about Lucia, Lucia has everything and they have nothing.
Rebeca tells her that they will fight for what they are owed. They will not let Lucia win what is rightfully theirs. Rebeca has to leave, but Nora doesn’t. Nora can stay there to make sure they don’t lose.
Amador comes home to see Brigida crying. She told him that Rodrigo left, packed a bag and is gone. Amador said he would go look for him and convince him to come home, but Brigida surprises me and tells him to let him be, it’s best that he’s not here for Amador to contaminate, lol. The only reason Brigida is still there is because she has no place to go. But they will no longer share a bedroom.
No surprise here, Rodrigo is waiting for Sergio to come home, he asks if he can live there until he figures things out. Sergio says ok.
Lucia and Alonso console each other over the latest with Nora and Rebeca. Alonso is not moving out, and he doesn’t want Lucia to either. This way we will have more eavesdropping and backstabbing, more deception and lying before the divorce is final.
Dinner is over, and Rafaela is cleaning up and Naz and Norma have left. Marcelo and Raf are giggling over how cute it was that Normita was very chatty and Naz not at all. Raf didn’t understand why Naz was so quiet, Marcelo said he shouldn’t have to explain why, Raf is a perceptive person. That makes Raf giggle some more. She gets it now.
Naz is bringing Normita home, she’s trying to make small talk, Naz is clearly uncomfortable, and Normita is clearly more brazen from the wine. I half expect her to tear off her glasses, let down her hair, and grab Naz by the shoulders and reel him in for a passionate kiss. But instead, she just thanks him and kisses him on the cheek.
The next morning, Alonso and Lucia are alerted to Rebeca shouting Nora’s name. They come running to Nora’s room to see Nora passed out on the bed with a bottle of pills spilled on the floor. Rebeca tells Alonso that he is responsible for this.
The end.

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