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Color of Passion Episode 70 Update on Monday 26th February 2018


Snora rants to Rebecca that Lucia found out about her ruse
Whine-nelia calls slick Rick and then hangs up

"It's time you learn that your beautiful mommy had a relationship with---" Lucia!  sNora tells Marcelo to let her finish, but he says her sister is not going to say one more word. sNora she ask her mother and when she does she'll find out what it's all about.  Well no matter what you both say I'm not going to doubt my mother.  sNora says she knows for certain that the only man in her mother's life is her father.  Marcelo says yippee doo-da that you have so much confidence in her.   sNora storms out and …yup..slams the door!  Marcelo asks Lucia if she realizes what she was just about to do.  Meanwhile out in the courtyard,  Alonso and Naz are talking shop when they encounter sNora hurriedly walking toward them.  Al greets her with a hug and kiss and notices that something is wrong, she's acting nervous.  sNora tells him everything is fine, she just doesn't feel well so she's going to go home.  Al offers to take her home and she politely declines. He insists on taking her home and she barks at him, that she already said no!  Naz says wow what a temper on that girl.  Al says no matter how much he loves her, he has no idea how to help her.  Naz says it's not in his hands.  Al says well yeah, but wait until I tell you what happened yesterday.

Marcelo is confused and pressed that Lucia just said she doesn't want sNora to know that her mother had a relationship with Fede and here she was about to tell her.  Lucia defends herself by saying she needed to tell sNora something to put a stop to her behavior.  Lucia is tired of sNora pursuing Marcelo and what's worse is he allows it. Marcelo says he doesn't allow it, but he can't smack her the way Lucia does.  Lucia says well he can't let sNora tangle him up the way she did with Rodrigo.  Marcelo says don't compare him to that guy, does Lucia think he's stupid enough to fall into sNora's games?  She says no but sNora will not stop at the impossible to separate them.  When things like this happen, Lucia is more aware that sNora is capable of anything to achieve it.  Marcelo says it's better if Lucia ignores her the way he did when sNora came to tell him----  Lucia asks him to finish.  What did sNora come to tell him.   Marcelo says she came to tell him that Dr. Ramon Andrade is in love with her and that Ramon isn't as unimportant to Lucia as Marcelo thinks.   sNora implied that they meet up to discuss her supposed mental problem.  Lucia says there is no supposed mental problem..sNora is SICK.  She admits that they have met a few times,  but only to discuss sNora's illness.  She even called him  yesterday after sNora's fake suicide, but only to get some support for the situation.    Marcelo wonders why Lucia didn't tell him.  Because it was after you and I had met but I was definitely going to tell you, especially after discovering that you  were right, the pills were fake.  Marcelo suggest they not talk about sNora. Lucia says well it's her fault now if sNora questions her mom.  Marcelo says relax, she's not going to say anything.

Mili is at the church visiting her beloved Fede.  She tells him she's just about to find the woman who did this to him and she promises that she won't rest until she destroys her.   On the way into the church, Magda passes Mili who is leaving. Magda recognizes who Mili is and  attempts to introduce herself to the woman ; but Mili is her usual snooty self.  She rebuffs Magda's handshake especially when she hears that Magda is Lucia's aunt.  Mili says from what she can see that family is large like a pack of wolves who all stick together to protect each other.   Magda says it's obvious that her niece is not liked by Mili, which is a pity because Mili is rejecting a grand woman for no reason.  Oh yeah?  A grand woman who protects the murderer of my son?   Excuse me?  You understand me alright. Go see your niece, the grand woman. That way she can explain it to you.   Magda is clearly left unsettled when Father Samuel comes to find her.  She tells him she is there to look at the flowers for her wedding.

Sara gets a page to the reception desk, someone is there to see her.  Who? That woman seated over there.  It's Rebecca who has come to warn Sara off Al, because there will not be any divorce any time soon.  Sara says no hurry, she's got all the time in the world.  Rebecca tells Sara to leave Al alone and focus on Ricardo Marquez, they already have a daughter and she needs a Dad.  Sara says her daughter doesn't need anyone, she already has her mother who provides enough and is enough for Lety.   Rebecca tells her to back off or she's going to reveal lots of things about Sara.  Please girl, I don't care about any of that.  Rebecca tells Sara, that we'll see how she feels when Rebecca creates a scandal.  Because then there will be no place for her or her daughter to hide their  heads.

Brigi goes to visit Rod at Sergio's and she's loaded down with groceries for her boy. She's worried about his diet and thinks he's already thinner.  Rod says she doesn't need to treat him like a little boy, he can take care of himself.  Brigi says she knows but right now he had no way to maintain himself and he doesn’t need to abuse his friend's hospitality.  Rod agrees on that, Sergio has been really good to him.  Rod says when he gets a job he's going to help Sergio with the rent and bills and hopefully get his own place.  Brigi realizes that Rod has no intention of returning home. She's disappointed and wonders when they stopped being a united and happy family.  Rod says when he betrayed Lucia.  Brigi says no, but Rod says it absolutely was.  If he hadn't done what he did, he would be happily married to Lucia and his father would still have a job. Rod also wouldn't have met Ligia and the two of them (Brigi/Rod) wouldn't have found about the relationship that Amador had with her.   Brigi says she prefers to have learned the truth.  She knows now the kind of man he is.  Who knows what else Amador has done.

Amador meets up with Vini at their usual watering hole.  Vini tells Amador that there's a guy at work who suspects him as the guy who attacked Marcelo.  What guy?  Lalo, Nazario's little minion.  Well does he have proof?  No but at some point he began distrusting me.  Amadiva tells Vini to relax,  Lalo is a little silly gossip of the fabrica.  Vini knows but he wants Amadiva to give him more money for the work he's doing.   Are you blackmailing me?   Vini says chill out, he just wants his money so if things get complicated he can get out of town.    Amador tells Vini in another month or two he's going to have his own business and Vini can come work for him.  As for Lalo,  if Vini wants to put an end to that problem well that's his own personal problem.   Hmm…okay cheers!

Naz and Marcelo discuss sNora and Al's worry for her.  Marcelo says poor man doesn't even know that the supposed suicide attempt was a fake. Naz says what?! Marcelo tells him how Lucia found out and Naz says that sNora is dangerous and probably even more than Rebecca.  He tells Marcelo to be careful with her.  Why you think I'll end up in seduction like Rod?  Naz says no, but he's just saying they should be careful because she has the bad temperament and skills in her genes.

Al gushes over the new photos for the catalog and tells Lucia the orders are going to come pouring.  She tells him not to exaggerate but he says he's serious.  He is happy with the work that Lucia and Marcelo are doing at the Fabrica and says it has really changed since they came and started taking care of all this. He doesn't even care that Amadiva is talking half his clients.   Lucia tells her Dad that when she and Marcelo marry they will be moving away.  Lucia doesn't think she can handle dealing with sNora all the time.  Al thinks she and Marcelo should stay and not let sNora run them off.  Lucia tells Al it maybe be him that decides he wants Lucia and Marcelo to live far away from them. Why would I want that? Lucia covers by saying that it will be because Al will get tired of sNora and Lucia fighting.   Al wonders why she would think that did something specific happen?  He tells Lucia about his encounter earlier with sNora and her being upset.  Lucia plays dumb.   Al says they can talk more about it later and they get back to work.

Rebecca comes home and finds sNora in her room, ready to drag her for filth.  No wonder my Dad has found another woman.  Rebecca has no clue what sNora is talking about.  Snora demands to know who Rebecca has been cheating with.  Was it that dude who called you?  Did he call again? Snora says no, this time I found out about your skeezy ways from Lucia and Marcelo.  Rebecca once again plays the victim. She tells sNora that Lucia wants to turn sNora against her.  sNora says they sounded so sure.   Well did they give you the number of my lover?  sNora says no. Rebecca says it hurts that my own daughter doesn't believe me. sNora says there are too many things,  first the man calling here and now Lucia and Marcelo telling her this. Rebecca says they  are trying to turn you against me, so that your father will leave us for that other woman.  Why not go and tell my Dad.  Rebecca says that they are trying to hurt her where it matters most, with sNora, because she is what matters the most in Rebecca's life.  She tells sNora to ask her father if she has ever cheated on her, and if he has the proof she will sign the divorce papers.  She swears.

Sergio tells Ligia he is spending more time in courts than in the office. Lety thinks he's lucky to not have to be there putting up with the new secretary.  Sergio is surprised and Lety says she doesn't even know the lady's name.  Letys is dreading having to put up with her for the two weeks that their boss is on his honeymoon.  Sergio asks Lety if she'd like to go with him to the wedding. She says are you crazy?  Sergio says what's wrong with it?  You were invited.  Lety says no..she's too embarrassed after Magda caught her saying she was a mummy.  Sergio thinks Lety just doesn't want to see her boss marrying another.  She says yes. She goes to leave to make copies and overhears Sergio whipping out his phone and calling Gloria….he asks the desperate cling on to be his date.  Lety is not happy.

Magdalena comes to see Mario at his office.  The new Guard dog receptionist, tells Magda he isn't in.   Magda tells her who she is and the receptionist says she's the second person to show up that day to see Mario with that last name.   She tells Magda, that earlier a woman named Rebecca Murillo came to see him. Magda tells receptionist, that is her sister.

Detective J's  partner tells him that he found some dirt on Ricardo Marquez regarding a fraud up in the north.  It turns out he was working with Amador Zuniga during that time.  Detective J, thinks that's very interesting.  Mario shows up to find out where things stand on the investigation.  Detective J, tells Mario that the initial suspect they had was let go due to faulty proof, but they have another person of interest but not enough yet to make formal accusation.  Detective J tells Mario  that his tip on Amador turned up a confirmation on the relationship between Ligia and Amador.  The only thing is that he has a witness who confirms that Amador was with him (the witness/Ricardo) the hour and evening that Ligia was murdered.  Mario asks if this person happens to be Ricardo Marquez.  Detective J, asks Mario if he knows Ricardo and he says yes.  So is that man someone trustworthy?  Mario says he's not someone who has the best opinion of Ricardo.  Detective J is called away for a few moments and while he is gone, Mario helps himself to a peek at the background file on Ricardo Marquez and gets all the deets on the fraud and his working relationship with Amador up north.  Detective J comes back and Mario is caught red handed with the file, Detective J doesn't seem to care much. He's struck that Mario is more interested In Ligia's case than her own cousin Daniela Juarez. Maro says he doesn't know her.  Detective J, tells him that Daniela came to answer her question and hasn't come back since.   Mario makes a call and tells the person on the other end that he found something on Ricardo Marques that may help to free them.

Back at Mili's apartment, she rants to a barely interested Whine-nelia about her encounter with Magdalena.   Mili found her to just like Lucia and was offended that she seemed unbothered by her niece protecting the person who killed her son.  Mili notices that Whine-nelia is hardly paying attention and the brat says she has some things on her mind.  Mili is all sorts of pressed because when Whin-nelia wants to wine about Marcelo, Mili is patient and listens to her, but when Mili wants to unload about something; primarily the death of her son,  whiney can't be bothered.  Whine-nelia says that's not true.  Mili says yes it is Whinenelia is selfish and all about her problems.  Right then the phone rings and it's Ricardo Marquez.  He got a phone call earlier and wondered if possibly it was her (he knows it was), he was just checking.  Daniela plays it cool.  Ricardo reminds her that when the met in the restaurant he mentioned to her that he could help her with some information regarding the death of her cousin. Daniela is all ears.  Ricardo says he'd like to speak to her about it in person. Say in a half hour at that same restaurant the met?   Danielia off the phone and on her way out the door.  Mili wonders where she's going at this hour?  Dani says to talk with the detectives who are handling her cousin's case.  Mili says this is not business hours, but Dani is already at the door.  Mili is super suspicious.

Marcelo brings a business plan to Al regarding his dissolution of the partnership with Amador.  Al says it's good Marcelo is there because he wants to talk about what Lucia told him earlier. Al isn't on board with the two of them leaving Puebla after they get married.  Marcelo asks what Lucia told Al.  She told me that the problem was sNora; tell me something she bothering you?  Marcelo says nothing so far that he can't handle. Al says well than more than ever he can't let Marcelo take Lucia away.  She's the only thing Al has left from her mother and he can't be without her.   Marcelo says he's sorry but doesn't it seem like Al is exaggerating? Al says maybe and it may be unfair to sNora, but Lucia is the only one who has supported him all these years with out Adriana.  Marcelo says he understand the affection Al has for his daughter. Would Al forgive anything of Lucia?  Why do you ask me that?   Marcelo just wonders if Lucia did something that Al wasn't in agreement with, would he forgive her? Al says that question seems illogical to him because Lucia is incapable of doing something like that.

Rebecca catches Lucia on her way to her room and tells her she needs to talk to her. About what?  You know what..why did you insinuate to your sister about my relationship with Marcelo's brother?  Lucia knows she shouldn't have done it but sooner or later she's going to find out.  Oh really? And have you thought about what the fall out will be when she finds out?  Lucia says what needs to happen I suppose.  Rebecca wonders if she isn't worried about the consequences, forget what will happen to her or even sNora.  The most affected by it all with be Lucia, because when Al finds out why Marcelo came to Puebla, he will forbid Lucia from starting her life with him and even less when he finds out Marcelo slept with Rebecca.  Lucia says b.s. on the whole sleeping together. Rebecca says that's your boyfriends version and I have mine and I can be very convincing.  Lucia says Rebecca's  blah blah blah is always the same to her; but Rebecca says they aren't words, they're facts.  So think about it.  Your father is not going to permit it, unless you want to destroy your relationship with him permanently.   Right then Tere calls for Lucia from downstairs.  Rebecca tells her niece to meditate on what she just told her.

Tere tells Lucia that someone is waiting for her in the living room. Lucia thinks it's too early for Marcelo because she told him to come after eight. Tere says it's Rodrigo.  Lucia makes a oh-no-you-didn't face.  Tere knows she did wrong, but he insisted on seeing Lucia and Tere felt bad for not letting him in.  Lucia says well she's got no choice now and she heads down to see a sad looking Rod waiting for her.  She tells him she heard about the serious matter he was involved in. She's glad that it all worked out for him.  Rod asks her if she thinks he's capable of murder.  Lucia says absolutely not.  Rod says he knows it's must be strange to her that he's here to see her, but he needs to know if she's forgiven him yet.   Lucia says what happened between them in already in the past for her.  You do know that I'm in love with someone else right?  I'm going to redo my life with him.  Rod says he knows, and from the bottom of his heart he wishes her much happiness.  Seriously?  Rod says yes, after everything he's been through, he's seeing the world differently now and to start over he has to  clear up this situation with her and confirm that she has no grudge against him.  She confirms again that she doesn't.  Rod looks relieved and tells her that was all, but he just wants her to know that if at any time she needs a friend she can count on him.  She tells him thank you and he gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.  It's a bittersweet moment for the two of them and Lucia grabs Rod and gives him a heartfelt embrace.   He knows this is truly over and tells her goodbye.  As he leaves, Lucia seems to feel relieved that this chapter of her life has ended on a peaceful note.

Ricardo is all sorts of happy to see Daniela and she makes it clear that she is only there to meet with him because he said he had information regarding her cousin.  Ricardo however obviously wants to make this a bit more and he suggests that perhaps they have a drink before they get into that.  Daniela says sure why not?  She sits down and Ricardo waves the waiter over and guesses correctly a red wine for  her, while he orders a whiskey.  It's obvious that he is much smoother than Amador and it's a marked impression on Whinenelia. After all this is a gal who said she feels very unimportant and would take the next guy that came along. Well here we go this is not just any guy though, he's a wolf on the hunt.

Why did you do it?  Alright..already! Stop asking me the same question!  I told you I made a mistake and I apologized to my father.  But did you tell him yet that it was a trick?  Of course not and I told you that my sister was threatening to tell him. sNora tells Ramon she needs his help.  Help with what? That my father doesn't find out.  You need to convince my sister not to tell my father, I know if you ask her she'll do it.  Ramon says what sNora is asking her is out of line.  Why? You're here to help me, right?  sNora tells him her idea, which is to invite Lucia out for a coffee or something so they can talk.   Ramon gets irritate and asks sNora why she's always trying to come up with a reason for him and Lucia to meet.  sNora says well it's not the first time that you have, right?  Ramon tells her no but they saw each other because the circumstances merited that they meet up.  Well these circumstances merit it too, her sister is about to rat her out.  Well if she does, then you will have to face it.  Better yet, why don't you go and talk to your father personally?  Ramon says it would be a good way to start solving her problems.  sNora doesn't like this suggestion and she snatches up her purse and sarcastically thanks Ramon for his help.  Slam!

It's after 8 and Lucia meets Marcelo at the gate. He notices the shift in her mood and wonders what's up with her?  She tells him that Rod came to see her.  So does that mean that they release  him?  Yes.  Marcelo wants to know why he came, what did he want?  Lucia tells Marcelo about Rod's wanting closure and peace with her so that Rod could start over new with his own life.  Marcelo is not initially sympathetic and thinks Rod came to be the victim.  Lucia says no it didn't seem that way at all, it seemed like Rod changed and for the better.  Marcelo says it moved her?  Lucia says yes, and she probably shouldn't say this but she felt sorry for Rod. She wants him to be happy.   Marcelo says Lucia is noble, and sometimes he thinks too noble.  Lucia says well don't you want Daniela to be happy?  Marcelo says that's different, because Daniela was never unfaithful to him.  Hey are we going to talk about previous partners all night?  Lucia says no.  Marcelo says let's go someplace else, where do you want to go?  Lucia says she just wants to walk with him, just the two of them, hugging.  They kiss and Marcelo puts his arms around her and they walk.   Up on the porch, bitter bitch Rebecca watches.

Back at the restaurant, Ricardo plays his seduction game with Daniela.  He tells her that he has some contacts and they've confirmed that Rod didn't kill her cousin. Daniela says well if they let him go it was for a reason.  Ric says well the fact that they didn't have any evidence is enough to say he was innocent unlike the person who is guilty. So who is it?  Ric tells Daniela that her cousin had a relationship with a married man that the police are investigating.  What's his name?  Ric tells her hasn't been able to find out but he will soon.  Daniela says well if that's all he has, she's going to go, thanks for the wine.  They both rise in unison, and their faces are inches apart.  Ricardo has his laser beam right on her and it clearly rattles and thrills Daniela.  Why the hurry?  Is someone waiting on you for an important meeting?   Daniela says no, truthfully no.  Well then why don't you sit down and finish your wine so we can talk about much nicer things?  Daniela complies and asks if he doesn't have to go?  He says nope, he has no one who is waiting on him.  He takes a sip of his drink, all the while surveying her closely.  Please, tell me about yourself.  She giggles. Well as you say!  Yawn…get an extra whiskey Ric, you'll need it to get through the whining and nasal noise.

Mario rings Magda's buzzer.  He attempts to give his fiance a hug but all he gets is a push back.  Why did Rebecca go to the office? How do you know that?  It doesn't matter, why did she go?  There's no reason for me to tell you.  Well  I want to know anyway.  Mario says okay then he'll tell her.  She lets him in.

You see? I told you that  your Aunt wasn't going to say anything to your sister. She didn't have the guts.  Lucia says she's not surprised, she not only didn't tell her, but managed to make herself out to be the victim.  She doesn't need any help doing that.   Lucia thinks maybe her Aunt is right.  About what?  Lucia says that when her father finds out the truth of why Marcelo came to Puebla and everything that happened between him and her Aunt;  Al is going to forbid them from marrying.  Marcelo thinks it's logical that Al will be mad in the beginning but once he understands everything, he'll have to accept that Marcelo's love for Lucia is real.  Marcelo thinks Al will also forgive him for not being completely honest from the beginning.  Lucia wants to believe all that too, but what if her father doesn't?  Marcelo wants to know more importantly is what if her father demands she not marry Marcelo, is she going to obey her father?  Lucia can't think about it it right now. but Marcelo tells her that things are going to get more difficult no matter what, and he reminds her that her father loves her no matter what and will not be prepared to lose her because of a good for nothing like him (Marcelo).   You says such silly things, Lucia says kissing her fiance affectionately.  The two lovers continue their stroll,  as Rod  watches longingly.

Magda can't believe that Mario is prepared to help Rebecca.  Mario says that Rebecca is just like a client and nothing more.  Magda says well Rebecca is not just any client, Mario knows what Rebecca did to her.  Now he wants to defend her against the guy that she used to make her (Magda's) life miserable.  Mario tries to get a word in, but Magda stops him to hold on a minute and not even try saying that it bothers him that this still affects Magda, because it's not about that.  Mario just doesn't know why Magda is convinced that Rebecca is responsible for this guy leaving her at the altar.  Magda says she may not have proof, but she has details that confirm it for her.  Like what?  Magda tells him about the phone call to her house after Ricardo had disappeared.  She answered it and heard Rebecca and Ric on the line.  Ric was waiting on Rebecca and threatened to come look for her if she didn't show up. Well did you question her?  Magda says yes and as usual Rebecca lied and twisted things around saying that Magda had confused the voice.  That it was really Mario who had called.  Me?  Yes you!  Mario says it was so long ago that he couldn't remember if he made the call.   Magda says of course you don't remember because it wasn’t you, it was Ricardo.   Mario tells Magda that Rebecca was so convincing in her story, that Mario got mad that Ric was trying to extort money from her.  Magda says well if that's what he's doing, then she probably deserves , don't you think?  Mario is more concerned with the resentment she feels for Rebecca..that's her sister.  Magda says she knows and she isn't saying she enjoys feeling this.  She doesn't but what makes it worse is that Rebecca looks for Mario and tries to get close to him and ultimately get him back.  Mario tells Magda she's jealous.  Well yes, I am jealous.  Mario smiles, obviously a bit flattered.  Magda says Rebecca has proven a thousand times that she's capable of that and much more.  Mario says not Rebecca or anyone could get him back, because he loves Magda.  Kiss-kiss  You better!

Daniela finds it hard to believe Ric has no commitments.  He says nope he never married.  Well that doesn't speak well for you.  Ric says it's that he never found the right candidate.  What about you? He asks.  I would think it's very obvious Ric.  She tells him she did have a relationship, until just recently.  He says how sad. Hopefully she can recuperate the relationship, because a woman like her shouldn't be alone.  You shouldn't be alone.   Right then the waiter comes and tells slick Rick his card is DE-CLINED!  Ric has a fit and says it has to be a mistake but the waiter says nope, they tried several times in various ways.   Ric rants while opening his wallet to a DE-CLINE from the inside.  He's broke no matter what.  Daniela says no problem she's got it, Rick protests and says there's an ATM around the corner, but she says relax.  They are there for a meeting regarding her family so she will pick up the bill.  Keep the change!  Rick says he's so embarrassed but she's just ready to get out of there.   Rick says ok and tells her again how embarrassed he is.  It's must have been the magnetic strip on the card.  Daniela says those things happen.  Rick says that shouldn't have happened and he doesn't want to leave it like this.  He wants her to let him pay her back with another date.   It's not necessary.  Rick says to let him please, unless she had a bad time.  Daniela says no, actually she had a much better time than she expected.  Rick says he felt the exact same way.  There's some serious sexual tension building but Daniela resists and says she has to go.  She leans down and gives Rick a peck on the cheek.  She barely takes a step, when Rick grabs her by one arm and hauls her back into a searing kiss.  She's surprised and clearly ignited by the move and this time mutually goes in for a second more passionate kiss. .

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