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Color of Passion Episode 71 Update on Tuesday 27th February 2018


Daniela tries to say goodbye to Ricardo but he isn’t having it and plants one right on her mouth. She’s initially surprised but he continues and so does she, for a few seconds. Daniela then receives a call from Milagros and runs off, but not before Ricardo makes her promise that they will see each other again.

Leti lets Alonso inside to see Sara, with the biggest sourpuss face one. Once she’s left them alone, Alonso asks if something is wrong with Leti and Sara explains that she isn’t happy her mom is with a married man. Alonso tells her that he’s already asked Rebeca for a divorce but Sara tells him it doesn’t matter, Rebeca will never give up. Alonso reiterates that he and Rebeca have slept in separate bedrooms for months and as soon as Lucia’s wedding happens, he will focus all his energy on the divorce. Sara is still not happy, she’s well aware Rebeca will never give up, and neither will Nora, and they won’t have a minute of peace. Alonso asks if she is willing to make a life with him and Sara responds that she does. Alonso tells her that she has nothing to worry about then.

Rodrigo gets home and explains to Sergio that he went to go visit Lucia because he had to see her one last time. Sergio asks if he still loves her and Rodrigo confesses that he does and probably always will but is mad at himself for letting her go and falling in Nora’s trap. Sergio doesn’t chide him for it as Nora is very attractive but then confesses another girl has his thoughts now. He then tells Rodrigo how he’s going to try things out with Gloria and he should move on and try to rebuild his life.

Daniela tries to sneak pass Milagros but she’s waiting for her. When Milagros asks where she’s been, Daniela explains that the Commander delayed her because it was revealed her cousin was with a married man and it has complicated the investigation. Milagros is shocked to hear about this and wonders why Daniela lived with a woman like that. Daniela clarifies that she only lived with her for a short while and she was a very distant cousin. Milagros then apologizes to Daniela for her behavior this morning and tells her that she didn’t mean to make her a punching bag for Marcelo’s misdeeds. Daniela accepts her apology and goes into her room.

Alonso gets home and Nora asks if he went to go see Sara. He confesses that he did. Nora then asks why he stopped loving her mom. Alonso tells her that he adores and appreciates Rebeca but he never loved her. Nora asks if he’s leaving Rebeca because she cheated on him then. Alonso makes it clear that she never has given him any reason to believe that and wishes her a good night.

Rafaela is crying uncontrollably when Marcelo gets home. He asks her what’s wrong and she confesses that it’s midnight and she was worried about him. All he had to do was call and let her know he was fine because he almost died a few days ago and she didn’t even know at the time. Marcelo is sorry and, with tears in his eyes, confesses that he loves her more than she loves him because she’s always been there, no matter what, even more than his own mother. Rafaela tells him not to tell Milagros because then she’ll get jealous and Marcelo laments the fact that he never gets along with her. Rafaela tells him that despite everything she’s proud of him, even if she doesn’t show it. They hug.

The next morning, Nora goes to talk to Rebeca in the garden. She gives her a kiss and Rebeca asks why she’s so happy. Nora confesses that she talked to Alonso and he confessed Rebeca has never cheated. Rebeca is happy that she believes her. Nora then asks why she retains her father if he doesn’t love her. Rebeca tells her that she loves him and he’s her husband and Nora mentions that it’s just like she loves Marcelo. Rebeca tells her that it’s different but Nora wonders why she hates Marcelo so much. Rebeca tells her that she doesn’t like him and she would rather Nora have married Rodrigo than have anything to do with Marcelo. Nora tells her that she saw Marcelo first and Lucia took him away. Either way, she never liked Rodrigo so that wasn’t going to happen either. Rebeca tells her that despite her not liking him she still bedded him and almost had his child. Nora knocks over a coffee cup, pissed, and runs off.

Lucia is almost out the door without breakfast but Tere chases her down with a glass of orange juice. Tere then asks why Magdalena hasn’t come to visit more often and Lucia tells her that she doesn’t get along with Rebeca. Tere mentions that just like Nora and Lucia and Lucia agrees, lamenting her own fractured sisterly relationship. Nora then hears as Tere asks about Rodrigo visits and if Marcelo will get jealous. Lucia tells her that he has not reason to and then runs out but not before running into Nora, who smiles as she passes.

Rafaela is cleaning the kitchen when Milagros walks in surprised she’s there so early. While Rafaela serves her a coffee, Milagros inquires about Marcelo. Rafaela tells her that he’s back at work and he’s really happy with what he’s doing and his girlfriend. Milagros asks that she not mention Lucia. Rafaela tells Milagros that it’s really important for Marcelo for her to be there for him and she has a theory about why she treats Marcelo so bad: he’s just like his father. Milagros tells her that that’s a lie and she tried to repair their relationship. Rafaela tells her that either way it’s the only son she has and she should be close to him. Milagros nods but asks Rafaela to make another coffee because the current one is bad.

Lucia goes to visit Magdalena and asks why she was so flustered yesterday. Magdalena tells her that she ran into Milagros at the church and was taken aback by Milagros telling her that Lucia was covering up for the person who caused Marcelo’s brother’s suicide. Lucia tries to deny it but Magdalena pries hard enough and Lucia ask her to sit down so she can explain what happened: Marcelo’s brother committed suicide because he was probably instable and a woman seduced him and left him and it was too much for him to handle. Magdalena asks who the woman was and Lucia confesses that it was Rebeca.

Mario gets to his office and asks his new secretary if anything happened when he left yesterday. She tells him about Magdalena’s visit and her indiscretion about Rebeca’s visit. Mario chides her for being so open about his business and demands she not be as rude as she’s been till now, to Magdalena or any other person who walks into the office. She agrees and leaves.

Magdalena asks why Lucia hasn’t said anything about what she knows. Lucia tells her that Nora would take it bad, her father might get worse and it would ruin Magdalena’s and Mario’s wedding. Magdalena tells her that her wedding, Nora and Alonso would be fine. In fact, it might take some of Alonso’s guilt about the divorce away. She asks if anyone else knows about this and Lucia tells her that only Nazario knows. Magdalena then comments how every day she confirms that her sister is a monster and confides in Lucia that Ricardo left her at the altar because of Rebeca.

Rebeca receives a call from Ricardo who tells her that it’s been two days and he still hasn’t received a deposit in his bank account. He then warns her not to negotiate the payment anymore but Rebeca tells him they need to speak first, in person and hangs up.

In Talavera Gaxiola, Lucia confesses to Marcelo that she told Magdalena everything. Marcelo tells her he doesn’t care who knows but Lucia insists they wait. Marcelo then gives her a kiss and Milagros walks in and catch them. They awkwardly stop and Milagros tells him that she wanted to let him know about Federico’s mass, see how he was and ask if he would take her to lunch so they could catch up. Marcelo tells her that he promised Lucia and Milagros chooses to leave since she refuses to be the 3rd wheel. Lucia asks Marcelo to chase her down but Marcelo tells her that it’s useless.

Rebeca goes to meet Ricardo at a restaurant. He brings her a single rose that she doesn’t accept and asks if she brought the money. Rebeca tells him that she’s not paying him anything and Ricardo warns her that he confess everything he knows about her. Rebeca tells him that if he does, she will call the police and tell where to find him so they can arrest him for the fraud he committed years ago. Ricardo calls her bluff and grabs her hand, daring her to say something. Rebeca isn’t fazed and pries herself loose as Lucia and Marcelo arrive and catch them. Lucia tells Rebeca that her dad will be happy to know she rekindled her relationship with Ricardo. Ricardo tries to hug Rebeca but she moves away and Lucia asks Marcelo to leave. Once they’ve gone, Ricardo asks for his money again but Rebeca throws a drink in his face and leaves.

Outside, Marcelo and Lucia are leaving when Rebeca comes and warns Lucia not to say anything. Lucia tells her that she’s not surprised at her behavior and Rebeca grabs her and tells to be careful because if she falls, Marcelo will fall too. Marcelo screams at Rebeca that she’s lying because nothing happened between them but Rebeca doesn’t care because it’s her word against his and leaves. Marcelo then asks about the man Rebeca was with and Lucia tells him that she’ll explain it later.

Amador’s servant tells him that Alonso is downstairs. Amador, who’s already day drinking, is shocked but he goes to meet him. Downstairs, Amador is cordial but Alonso is dry; he tells him that he brings his counter offer for the dissolution of their partnership. Amador asks why he didn’t bring to his lawyer, Ricardo, and Alonso tells him that it’s faster and he thought Amador wanted this deal with as soon as possible. Amador doesn’t want to accept the low-ball offer but Alonso tells him he’s fair and that he will welcome a legal battle. Amador tells him that he can’t accept this money for all the years he worked there and helped grow the company. Alonso tells him that his father build the company and he inherited it and Amador only worked there because he was a friend but all that’s over. Amador blames Marcelo for his woes but Alonso tells him that it was his own fault and it’s a shame that their friendship ended this way. When Alonso has left, Amador calls someone and asks to meet tem immediately.

Rebeca arrives home to find Brigida waiting for her. Rebeca is pissed and asks what she’s doing there. Brigida tells her she’s sorry to bother her but she’s really alone and depressed and she needs a friend. Rebeca tells her she also had problems and she can’t hear hers on top of that. Brigida suggests they continue their relationship like before but Rebeca blows her off. Brigida tells her that it’s okay because someone as selfish as her can’t have anyone including her own sisters: one of which she barely talks to (Magdalena) and another who’s husband she married when she was still fresh in her grave (Adriana).

Milagros is mad at what happened in Marcelo’s office. She didn’t know why she went in the first place. Rafaela tells her that it’s good she did so Marcelo knows she cares. She chides Milagros for not going to lunch with Marcelo and Lucia though and Milagros tells her that she hates Lucia and doesn’t want to see her. Daniela comes in and Milagros tells her that she doesn’t do anything to help her with Marcelo either and leaves. Daniela asks Rafaela what happened and Rafaela tells her she caught Marcelo and Lucia kissing at the office and she was mad. Daniela then tells her that she’s tired of being the punching bag and it’s true what Rafaela said yesterday: she’s a good woman and someone will be lucky to have her. Either way no one can hurt her like Marcelo hurt her.

Marcelo and Lucia are eating lunch at his apartment. Marcelo is shocked that Alonso doesn’t know whom he’s married to. Lucia tells her that it’s not surprising because it took her a while to notice it too. Even though he didn’t love her, Rebeca was great for him and nice to her. Marcelo then asks where they’re relationship deteriorated and Lucia tells him that it was after the Rodrigo debacle. Marcelo comments that she’s been a surprising discovery and Lucia agrees. She then tells him that they will all need to regain forces because the Federico thing is going to explode soon. She asks if Marcelo is worried since Rebeca also told him that if she falls, he would fall along with her. Marcelo tells that what needs to happen will happen.

When she gets home, Brigida finds Nora waiting for her but she doesn’t want to see her. She tells her that Rebeca was right and the only reason their families were friends was convenience. Nora confesses that Alonso wants to gets divorced and that’s why Rebeca’s so on edge. Brigida tells her that it’s sad but it doesn’t give her the right to treat her so bad. Nora tells Brigida that she loves her a lot and is sad about what happened, regardless of how deteriorated their relationship has become. Nora then asks her if she knows where she can find Rodrigo.

Leti tells Sergio that he’s such a nice friend to accept Rodrigo, especially after all he did. Sergio thinks he’s suffered enough but Leti tells him that he should’ve married Nora as punishment. Sergio tells her that both he and Rodrigo realized Nora was a mistake but Leti tells him that he’s probably super happy with Gloria. So much so that he’s taking her to Mario’s wedding. Sergio asks her if she’s jealous but Leti reiterates that he’s too smug and leaves to drop off documents. Outside, she runs into Alonso who tells her that he loves her mom and wants what’s best for her. Leti tells him that their relationship is too complicated and she deserves better. Alonso asks if she deserves Ricardo but Leti tells him that he’s no good either; her mother needs someone stable and with attachments. She then leaves.

Amador and Ricardo are discussing the Talavera partnership with Amador. Amador explains that he feels like he’s losing a lot more money than he’s gaining. Ricardo tells him he’ll talk to Alonso again but Amador tells him that he doesn’t want to talk to him. Ricardo tells him that he should accept the deal either way because he needs the money he promised right now. Amador tells him that with the money Alonso is giving him, they can’t build any business. Ricardo tells him that he needs to rob, ask for a loan or sell his soul then but he needs his money. Amador tells him that he’s not going to give him anything since he is a horrible lawyer. Ricardo warns that he will bury him if he doesn’t receive his money but Amador tells him that he’s already buried and leaves.

Mario is mad that Alonso because he went to go see Amador with him as his representative but Alonso tells him that he wants to expedite the process and not deal with criminals like Ricardo. Mario tells him that he read Ricardo’s history and knows about the fraud. Alonso wonders why he didn’t investigate him when he was going to marry Magdalena because they would’ve saved each other a lot of heartbreak. Mario tells him not to lament that now but then confesses that Ricardo might be obsessed with his family. Alonso asks if he said that because Ricardo is inventing that he and Rebeca were together before Magdalena’s wedding. Mario confesses that he doesn’t think its lie because Rebeca came to see him and asked for help earlier in the week because Ricardo is blackmailing her. Alonso asks for details immediately.

Rodrigo is cleaning up the apartment when Nora comes to visit him. She silently laughs at the broom he’s holding and comes in. She’s happy that he’s out and says he should thank her that he’s out because she provided him with an alibi. Rodrigo tells her that it was because of Sergio that he’s out and asks why did she lied to the police. Nora tells him that she needs his help to separate Marcelo from Lucia before they get married. Rodrigo wishes them well and Nora is furious at his lack of response to the news. Rodrigo suggests she move on like he’s trying to do but Nora is not giving up: if Marcelo isn’t hers, he’s not going to be anybody’s.

Ricardo is having a drink when the doorbell keeps ringing. He goes to answer it and it’s Alonso who comes in and tells him that he hoped to see his face again. Ricardo asks if he’s there to defend Magdalena or Rebeca. Alonso tells him that Rebeca knows how to take care of herself, especially if she’s his friend. Ricardo is happy that Alonso knows the truth knows the truth about them, finally. Alonso tells him that he’s only heard that story from him and Ricardo tells him that it’s a shame he didn’t get to hear it from his dead wife. Alonso slaps Ricardo against the wall and demands to know what he’s talking about. Ricardo begs to be let go and Alonso obliges. He then confesses that Adriana knew everything but she died before she could confess anything to anyone. Alonso is shocked to hear this. Ricardo tells him he believes the accident she suffered was planned and that she was, in fact, murdered. He then looks Alonso straight in the eye and tells him that they both know who caused the accident…

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