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Color of Passion Update on Thursday 22nd February 2018


Alonso and Lucia look on in horror as Rebeca cradles a seemingly lifeless Nora in her arms. Rebeca screams at Alonso that this is all HIS fault. Al rushes to the bed and also cradles his baby girl, gently slapping her face to wake her, and begging her to speak to him. He takes her in his arms and rushes out. Lucia, only in her robe and slippers, runs ahead of him to open doors and help him get Nora in the car. Left alone in the bedroom, Rebeca makes sure to collect the carefully scattered pills from the floor. However, she misses one… 

Once down the stairs, Rebeca insists they take her car. As Alonso gets Nora in the car, and he and Lucia open the gates, Rebeca gets in the driver’s seat…and keeps on driving, leaving a panicked arm-clutching Alonso in the dust yelling after her. Lucia insists he get back into the house to take his pills, before they can leave together to go to the hospital.

Marcelo calls the office to check on work with Al, but finds out he’s not there. Rafaela announces he has a visitor, and his day starts to go downhill when he finds out it’s Momster Milagros, instead of Lucia. This time she’s ticked off because she learned second-hand from Daniela that he plans on marrying Lucia. Was he planning on not inviting her? What’s the hurry, when he’s only known the girl a hot minute? “I know her well enough to know that she’s the woman with whom I want to spend the rest of my life!” Mili thinks the reason they’re in such a hurry is because it has something to do with the woman who killed Fede. Marcelo reminds her again that if she tells him what he wants to know, he’ll tell her what she wants to know. “Why are you always challenging me? I’m your mother, Marcelo, not your enemy! When you want to speak to me, like what we are, mother and son, you know where to find me.”

Leticia writes her letter of resignation and hands it to Mario. Mario won’t accept it. He explains that Magdalena is a grown, mature woman, who is not letting Leti’s rude comments affect her one bit. Plus, since he’s going on honeymoon, and still has no secretary, he needs her and Sergio now more than ever. Leti admits she doesn’t feel comfortable working with Sergio anymore either, but won’t explain why. Mario convinces her to at least wait the two weeks until he’s back from honeymoon.

Magda and Sara chat about Leti’s (inappropriate) feelings for Mario. Sara says that Leti feels awful about Magda hearing what she said. They quickly move on to other family matters. Sara admits that Al wants to trade in Magda’s sister Rebeca, for her. He’s divorcing Becky and says he wants to marry Sara. Since Rebeca is Magda’s sister, she feels kind of awkward about that, but Magda couldn’t be happier with the news. “Girl, I don’t know how he stood her for so many years.” Magda adds that Ricardo’s recent revelations likely gave Al the final push. Sara wonders if Magda really believes Ric. Magda knows Ric is liar, but she believes him on this one. “Rebeca is capable of this, and much more.”

Ricardo runs into Leti in the hallway of Mario’s office. He’s all smiles. Leti, not so much. He begs her to let him tell her HIS version of things over coffee. Leti’s not having it. He sticks his cell number on her computer screen. Leti tells him that she’s not interested in him, and neither is her mother, especially now that she’s going to remake her life with someone else! Ric’s ears perk up. “Really? With whom?” Mario brusquely ushers Ric into his office before he can get more info. Leti rips up Ric’s number.

At the hospital, Al and Lucia are unsuccessful in locating Nora in the registry. Al calls Rebeca demanding to know where she took Nora. She claims she didn’t take Nora to the hospital because she didn’t want Al’s lover treating Nora. Instead, she claims that she took Nora to someone she trusts completely. We neither see Nora, nor anything that looks like an inside location, while Rebeca speaks to Al. Al begs to be with Nora. “Nora doesn’t want to see you!” Click. Al freaks out, just as Sara rounds the corner and learns Nora tried to commit suicide.

Ric’s very presence is getting on Mario’s nerves (and Ric knows it). Since Alonso hasn’t yet sent a response to Amador’s proposal for dissolving their partnership, Ric says he’ll go talk to Al directly himself. Mario demands that he stay the hell away from his client AND his client’s family (meaning Magda). Ric knows he’s hit a nerve, and gloats. He’s sure it’s hurting Mario to know that he was hitting it with Rebeca back when Mario was her little boyfriend. Mario says he doesn’t give a damn about Rebeca. The only woman important to him is named Magdalena. “How strange. When I left here, I left two women crazy in love with me. And now that I’ve come back, they’re both just about to remake their lives with other men. When did you say you’re marrying Magdalena?” Mario loses it and kicks Ric out. When Sr. Gaxiola has a response, he’ll contact Ric!

Sara and Lucia join forces to calm Al down. Sara writes Lucia a prescription for the heart medicine Al couldn’t locate at home. While Lucia goes off to get the medicine, Sara takes Al to her office to call all the hospitals in Puebla. Lucia runs into Marcelo, who has just gotten the green light to go back to work for a few hours a day, since he’s now healing so well. Lucia explains the Nora drama as they head to Sara’s office. Meanwhile, Sara and Al have no luck when they call each hospital. Sara points out that this is Rebeca’s way of punishing him for asking for a divorce. Al tries to reassure Sara that this isn’t her fault. He’s the one to blame, for failing to raise Nora into a strong woman who’s sure of herself. “She’s always thought that I love Lucia more than her. And as hard as I’ve tried to get that idea out of her head, I can’t.” He shares with Sara that Nora’s reaction to learning about the divorce was not to worry about Rebeca, but instead to think that it meant that he was leaving her (Nora). Sara thinks he needs to focus on Nora. Lucia and Marcelo bring the pills, but Marcelo quickly hustles Lucia back out when it becomes obvious that she and Al are just feeding on each other’s worry.

Out in the hallway, Marcelo shares his theory with Lucia that this whole suicide thing is a hoax, planned by Rebeca and Nora. Lucia finds it hard to believe that Rebeca would involve Nora in something like that, especially since she knows that Nora isn’t (emotionally) well. Marcelo points out that Rebeca had no problem playing with the feelings of an unwell Federico, but Lucia thinks she wouldn’t do that to her own daughter—the person she most loves in the world. “Your aunt only loves herself! It doesn’t matter to her who she uses or steps on to get what she wants! When are you going to understand that?”

Neither Marcelo nor Lucia see Alonso and Sara come up behind them to hear this impassioned speech. Al is completely taken aback. He wonders how Marcelo could talk all that smack about Rebeca when he doesn’t know her well enough…or does he? “What reasons do you have to speak that way about Nora’s mother?!”Marcelo’s all ready to spill the beans, but Lucia jumps in trying to make excuses, until Al tells her to shut it and let Marcelo speak. Marcelo, feeling Lucia’s eyes burning a hole into the back of his head, instead shares his theory about the fake suicide attempt. Al can’t compute that possibility, and Sara has Lucia take Al home to wait for news there. When they’re gone, Sara points out to Marcelo that his non-sequitur made little sense. Does he know something about Rebeca? For the second time that day, someone tells Sara that they are certain that Rebeca Murillo is capable of ANYTHING.

Daniela’s in bed, in her pjs, and in mid-whine, when Mili confirms Marcelo’s upcoming nuptials with someone who isn’t Dani. She demands that Dani get off her whiney hiney and come out to eat with her.

Magda spots a very different Sara from the nervously excited friend she spoke with that morning. She’s on the verge of tears, and tells Magda that she was an idiot for getting her hopes up about Alonso. She tells Magda that Nora tried to kill herself because she believes her father is going to abandon her.

As Lucia pulls up to the gates of the house, Al is in the passenger seat lost in thought. He thinks about Marcelo’s theory of the fake suicide, and Dr. Andrade’s theory that Rebeca has much to do with Nora’s emotional instability. After Lucia spots that Rebeca’s car is parked in the driveway, they run into the house and up to Nora’s room. Nora seems out of it, as Rebeca tends to her in bed. Al rushes in, thanking God when he sees Nora conscious and in bed. He demands to know where Rebeca took Nora; which doctor; and what did Nora take! Rebeca refuses to give him any info—only saying that she took Nora to a private clinic, and they pumped her stomach because she took a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Al demands to know where the hell she got sleeping pills! Rebeca claims not to know, and gets defensive that he’ll blame her again, like the time when his precious Lucia did the same thing. She’s sure Dr. Andrade probably gave them to her. Nora has enough of the bickering and yells at them to shut up already! Al leaves, and Rebeca kicks Lucia out of the room, who has been observing Rebeca and Nora with intense scrutiny.  

At the fabrica, Lalo continues to develop his theory about Vinizio’s role in Marcelo’s assault. His hunches (corazonado) are always right, and since he caught Vini in the tool box, he can’t help thinking of that missing awl. Nazario, like Marcelo, points out that Vini was the one who rescued Marcelo. Lalo’s theory is that Vini has nothing directly against Marcelo, but his master, Amador, does. He’s sure Amador gave the order to hurt Marcelo. Naz has his own hunches, about Trini’s murder, but without proof, neither his nor Lalo’s hunches are going to get beyond theory. Naz is determined to find proof though.

Lucia tries to speak to Al about the faux suicide theory, but he gets defensive. It’s obvious that Marcelo and Lucia herself don’t understand how fragile Nora is. Al refuses to speak about it anymore, and decides to head off to work, since Nora doesn’t want to see or speak to him.

Amador has lunch with Ricardo, who wants to borrow more money, since they haven’t closed the deal with Alonso yet. He just needs enough to get him through the month. Amador has money issues of his own. Plus, if he keeps bankrolling Ric, he’ll have no incentive to close the deal with Al. Amador leaves, but not before coughing up a wad of cash to pay for his and Ric’s lunches. Dani and Milagros enter, and they make small talk about Rod being free with Amador. Amador is snippy, since Dani’s statement put Rod in jail in the first place. Ric locks in on Dani, and her short red skirt, and her air of money. He’s likely not close enough to hear her tell Mili how undervalued as a woman she feels, and that she may be ready to look at other options, but he surely picks up on her desperate vibe. Once Mili heads to the bathroom, he makes his move. He walks over, introduces himself as Amador’s friend, and offers his services as a lawyer to help bring her cousin’s killer to justice. He hands her his number, and tells her to contact him for ANY reason, not just her cousin’s case. Dani looks intrigued.

Lucia and Marcelo powwow in his apartment. He scolds her for not letting him tell her dad the truth. She scolds him for almost breaking their agreement to wait. She doesn’t understand why it’s so hard for him to hold his tongue now, when he went MONTHS keeping the truth from them. Marcelo points out that it’s one thing to keep quiet about something, and it’s quite another to lie about it when someone asks you to your face. Lucia feels bad about it too, especially because it forced him to share his faux suicide theory with her dad. It caused a huge blowup with her father and Rebeca, and Nora, who was offended. Marcelo sticks by his theory. He doesn’t think Nora is as fragile as they believe, and they all coddle her too much. Lucia says her father is right—Marcelo doesn’t know anything about Nora. “Marcelo, Nora is unwell.” Marcelo asks for Lucia’s forgiveness and promises not to criticize Nora anymore.

Lucia crouches in front of Marcelo and admits to him that she also has no right to criticize Nora, since she did the same thing after Rodrigo dumped her at the altar. “What?! You tried to kill yourself over that imbecile?” “I didn’t want to kill myself. I just wanted to stop thinking. But since I met you, I only think of you.” Marcelo gives her a sweet kiss.

Rod’s search through the want ads is interrupted by a visit from his estranged Daddy. Rod is less than welcoming. He doesn’t need Amador to share any of the details of his affair with Ligia, because she already told him plenty. Amador shares the facts of life. “There are times in a man’s life when the need is great, and the flesh is weak, and you get involved with someone you shouldn’t. Or am I wrong?” Rod, who has let his rod lead him into unwise relations with Nora AND Ligia, sees the truth in these words and lets his father in. Amador wants them to wipe the slate clean, and wants Rod to return home. Rod refuses. “It’s not a question of pride. I simply don’t want to be anywhere near you.” Amador again wonders why Rod is being so hard on him, when he cheated days before his wedding and got Nora pregnant. “Yeah, well, Nora isn’t dead, but Ligia IS!” Amador wonders if Rod is trying to say that Amador is guilty of the murder. Rod doesn’t quite meet and hold his father’s gaze when he says that the only thing he can be sure of is that HE didn’t kill Ligia. Amador decides that maybe it is a good idea that they keep their distance for a while, but reminds Rod that the doors to the house are always open, before then insulting the quality of jobs he’s circled in the want ads.

Ric’s landlady reminds him that his rent is due at the end of the month. He decides to call up the Bank of Becky. Unfortunately, during her dustup with Alonso in Nora’s room, Rebeca had dropped her phone earlier. It is a groggy and cranky Nora who answers her phone instead. “Hello, my love. Have you missed me?” Nora demands to know who the hell this is! Rebeca comes in and tries to snatch the phone away from Nora, but Nora is not letting her off the hook. “Who the hell is that man who called you? Why did he call you my love, and why did he ask if you missed him?! ANSWER ME!!”

-End of episode

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