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Exclusive News Coming up on Madhubala


RK to confuse to make Madhubala an actress for film. Mausi thinks Madhubala not good for RK's life.Against all odds, RK to name Madhu as his film's new heroine

RK (Vivian Dsena) will feel confusion to make his wife Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) as an actress for his film in Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon on Colors.

It was last seen that RK selected a girl Simmy for his film but she failed to deliver the dialogues and also tried to seduce RK.

RK got angry when Mehul showed a video of Madhubala and RK and her‘s moments.

Mehul announced to become Madhubala as an actress because she has all qualities of it.

RK refused to use Madhubala for his film.

The upcoming episode will show that RK will think about Madhubala’s talent and will recognize that she has all qualities of becoming a top actress.

RK will ask Madhubala that if her husband (RK) will ask her to do a movie then will she do.

RK to announce Madhubala as his film heroine on film Mahurat

RK (Vivian Dsena) will finally make Madhubala’s (Drashti Dhami) entry in glamorous world through his film in Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon on Colors.

It was last seen that RK thinking about Mehul’s words for Madhubala’s talent and making her entry in Bollywood.

There will be a pooja which will be held at RK’s mansion where all family members, film units will also be present.

On the other hand, Kukku and Amar are planning to spoil RK’s film muhurt with the help of new heroine.

Furthermore, RK will make his mind and will announce Madhubala as heroine. Madhubala will be stunned to hear this.

RK’s (Vivian Dsena) mausi has entered in Madhubala’s (Drashti Dhami) life and started to create problem for her due to her (mausi) old thoughts in Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon on Colors.

RK loves both Madhubala and his muasi very much and cannot see them in pain.

Mausi is now worried for RK after knowing about both past. Mausi is now thinking that RK is in trouble due to Madhu’s bad luck.

On the other hand, RK is still facing problem for getting a heroine for his film and Mehul is forcing Madhubala to sign the film.

Mausi now wants to show Madhu and RK’s kundli to her priest to know that if Madhu is good for RK’s life or not.

However, both RK and Madhubala are very similar to each other including, romance, drama, passionate, ego and love for family?holidays

The show is slowly heading towards the sequence where RK (Vivian Dsena) will announce the heroine of his movie to be Madhu (Drashti Dhami).

So what pushes him to take this move, when he has finalized Simmi (Priyanka Solanki) as his heroine?

Well, on the day of the muhurat of the movie, Simmi will not turn up and RK will get a shock of his life. While on one hand, Madhu will be tense on what RK will do now, Pabbo’s (Navneet Nishan) Guruji, essayed by Lalit Parimoo, will predict that Madhu’s kundali is such that it will affect all the men who are part of her life. And this time around, it will be RK who will get ruined.

Meanwhile, RK will take the huge step of unveiling Madhu as the new heroine for his movie. The media magnets and paparazzi will be left stunned to see Madhu being named as RK’s heroine. But RK will stand by Madhu giving her the required confidence.

Furthermore, Deepali (Seema Mishra) will instigate Pabbo against Madhu which will lead to the lady taking a stand that Madhu cannot act in films.

Will RK be able to convince Pabbo and stick to his decision of Madhu being his heroine? How will destiny take its course in ruining RK, the man in Madhu’s life?

Let’s see what will Madhubala reply to RK.Will RK and Madhu’s horoscope also similar?

Watch this space for more updates.

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