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Gangaa Episode 55--56 Update on Friday 16th February 2018


Ganga comes to Sagar’s room happily. She shares the good news with him. He is thrilled. The day went by nicely. Dadi and Fufa ji got angry but Babli Didi is very happy. She likes the groom. He asks Ganga what kind of a groom she wants. Ganga gets thinking. He should be like Babu. Sagar says such tall and a guy with moustache? She denies. No moustache but he should be good like him, Chota Babu! Sagar smiles. I will tell mummy that you want a groom like papa. She feels that Madhvi will get happy after hearing it. Sagar laughs at her cute answers. You are a little mad.
Babli’s father is reading newspaper. Babli is doing puja. Madhvi is happy to see her do so. Who taught you this? babli says my mother used to do puja like this only. Amma ji calls her daughter Suman a diamond. She left us in such a young age though. You are just like your mother. I think of her after looking at you but you too are leaving us now. Niranjan reasons that they will be happy to see Babli happy. He turns to Babli. We all liked Akshay and he liked you. You must have heard what he had said when he was leaving. The decision is in your hands. Ganga is watching everything from a distance. Babli’s father interrupts them. The elders of the house make all the decisions of life. What will Babli say? Niranjan wants Babli’s opinion as she has to spend her life with Akshay after all. Did you like him? Babli looks at Ganga who shakes her head at her. Amma ji sends Ganga away. Niranjan asks Babli again. Amma ji says Babli will anyways feel ashamed before her father. Babli’s father gets up angrily. I have decided. Babli will marry Dubey Sahab’s son. He walks out from there. Amma ji and Madhvi go to do something. Niranjan tells Babli that he is going to court for now. I will ask you again at night. You can tell me what’s in your heart without fearing anyone. I will handle BIL.
Sagar is waiting for Ganga. She hasn’t packed my bag yet. She comes running. I was drying the clothes. It is Sagar’s last exam today. keep the kites ready. Pulkit is irked with Sagar for always depending on Ganga. Can’t you do anything on your own? Sagar replies that Ganga readies everything nicely. She knows what I like and how. I don’t have to tell her anything. Sagar gives credit to Ganga for doing everything perfectly for him and on time. Ganga smiles hearing it.
Drishti comes to help Madhvi. Madhvi asks about her opinion. What have you decided? Babli too found him good. He seems to be a simple man. It isn’t enough to make a relation for life. We don’t know each other that well yet. Madhvi replies that this is what happens in arranged marriages. You have to trust on time and get married. You will get to know everything about each other eventually while living with each other. Everything falls in place easily when you start understanding each other. Don’t think too much. Just follow your heart and leave everything else on God. Everything will be good. She goes to check if the food is ready as the kids will return home hungry. Babli is in thoughts.
Ganga instructs Maharaj ji what to make for Sagar and how he likes it. She goes to ready kites for Sagar. He will shout for it otherwise. He cannot do anything without me. Maharaj ji smiles while she runs out hurriedly. Madhvi comes to ask Maharaj ji if he has made Sagar’s favourite dishes. He replies that Ganga has reminded him atleast 10 times since morning. Ganga comes to tell Maharaj ji about another dish. Madhvi teases her about her concern for Sagar. Ganga repeats what Sagar had said in the morning. Madhvi is relieved. Now I don’t have to worry about what Sagar wants. You can ask Ganga. Ganga goes out to check whether Sagar has come or not. Maharaj ji thinks of Ganga’s attachment to Sagar. She thinks that only she has all the rights over him. Lord please take care of this little girl’s pure heart.
Babli’s father comes to Amma ji’s room. She gets up when she notices him. he talks to her regarding Niranjan. I am a little concerned about him. what was the point of asking for Babli’s opinion? This is not an age for one to understand what’s right for wrong for himself. Babli is at a very tender age. She can fall for anyone’s words in this age. That girl was instigating her yesterday. I cannot understand why you have kept her in the house. She agrees with him. Niranjan felt pity for her and brought her home. His wife too had to support him so she showers motherly love on her. Sagar too has become fond of her. He never plays with anyone else now. You know about Sagar so I thought it is ok if he is happy because of an orphan girl. He nods. I am happy if he is happy. he asks her if Sagar supports that girl a lot. She nods. Sagar cannot bear it if anyone says even a word against that girl. Niranjan scolds her if she is wrong but no one dares to say anything to Ganga before Sagar. I wonder what black magic she has done. I have given up. He asks her what if these two kids get into a fight. They are kids after all. They will understand what we will tell them. The kids have no brains of their own at this age. There is only one weapon to explain anything to kids – love and affection.
Maid comes upstairs to clean but Ganga tells her to do it later. I am readying the kite for Sagar. He will play with me as soon as he is home. They bicker as usual. Sagar returns home but he sits down with Ganga to look at the kite. Amma ji and her SIL come there. Amma ji tries to talk to Sagar about his exam and showers love on him. Pulkit walks by after telling them that his exam went fine. I am going to my room to do online chatting with my friends. His Fufa ji is irked with him for talking in English. Pulkit apologizes saying he has no idea what it is called in Hindi. Sagar begins to go to fly the kite when his Fufa stops him. I thought you will come to learn chess from me. Sagar agrees to do it in evening. I want to fly kite as of now. Amma ji diverts him saying it is very sunny outside. Fufa ji lures him for teaching him smart techniques. You will learn it easily. It is a game of intelligent people. Sagar agrees and leaves with his Fufa ji. Ganga calls out for Sagar. I have got kheer made for you. He tells her to send it in Fufa ji’s room. Amma ji is happy to see her sad. Maid comes back to tease Ganga again. You were so anxious to play with Sagar. What will you do now? Ganga confidently gives her fitting replies. He has agreed to do it in the evening. What if he faints in this heat?
Fufa ji and Sagar sit down to play chess. Fufa ji talks about Niranjan. He is a very good player. You too must know about it. Sagar answers his questions correctly. He talks about the King and Vazir (commander). It is a Vazir’s dharma to fight for his King but in the end, the King is the winner. Sagar is confused. Fufa ji talks about equality. Fights happen between two kings. These soldiers, Vazirs, etc are merely pawns in the game. He gives Ganga’s example intentionally. Fufa ji calls Ganga a servant. Sagar denies but Fufa ji tells him to understand his importance after all. You are a King. No soldier can match a King’s order. It is his duty to follow his King’s orders. One should always keep their soldiers at a distance. You too don’t have to be so nice with Ganga. Make her do all the work but think of yourself as above her. Always make the other person bend down before you if you want to rule. Sagar is in thoughts.
Fufa ji is walking in the corridor when he comes to the kids’ room. He notices that Pulkit’s laptop has not been shut down properly. He picks it up to set it right but gets shocked and angry after seeing Babli’s photo with Akshay and the other kids.
Prabha tells the kids to eat asap as Babli’s father must be waiting for them. Akshay says I will manage everything. We have met finally so I wont let you all go away so early. He orders banana milkshake for everyone. Ganga too comes there. She smiles looking at Sagar but he is not so happy to see her. Akshay welcomes her happily. my little SIL has come. She asks Sagar if he has called her here. He denies. Akshay asks her if she wont come in case he calls her. He asks her to sit. Sagar stops her from sitting next to him as Prabha’s purse it kept there. He declines again but Babli makes Akshay give the purse back to Prabha. Sagar thinks of his Fufa ji’s words. He shifts his chair when Ganga sits next to him. he also refuses to share food with Ganga from his plate. Pulkit is confused whereas Prabha is happy. Akshay offers his plate to Ganga but she declines. I am not supposed to eat anything after evening. I had forgotten it but I remember it now. Akshay goes to check why the banana shake hasn’t been served yet. Ganga keeps on looking at Sagar but he doesn’t even so much as look at her.
Fufa ji paces angrily. He cannot get that photo out of his head. Niranjan comes there to ask him to have food. Amma ji notices it that he is in some tension. The kids return home just then with Prabha. They all go quiet when they see the angry expression on Fufa ji’s face. He asks Babli where she had gone to. She is about to reply when he slaps her. Everyone is taken aback. Ganga hides behind a pillar. Amma ji reminds her SIL that Babli had taken his permission before leaving. Niranjan adds that he feels Babli is old enough to get married yet you behave like this with her. Babli’s father tells him again to keep his ideals with him. I know how to behave with my daughter. Amma ji reasons that he cannot raise his hand on a 18 year old girl. He says she had gone with Prabha and the kids but someone else was with them too. He shows them the pic. He scolds Babli. Was it not enough for you to meet him alone (in the house that day) that you went to meet him outside too? Babli runs to her room. Fufa ji scolds Prabha next. You had taken responsibility. You are elder yet you also dint manage things well. Amma ji agrees with him. prabha replies that she had no idea that Akshay was coming there too. these kids took me there. I got worried when I saw Akshay. I am not at fault. It would have been an insult to him if I would have walked off from there as he is the prospective groom after all. Fufa ji tells her to talk in Hindi. Prabha blames the kids for taking her to that place intentionally. She asks Pulkit and he fumbles. Fufa ji clearly tells them all not to make such mistake again. I don’t like such things. Amma ji tells him to calm down. We are talking to him and his family regarding Babli. He replies that the relation has not been fixed yet. What will his family think of how the daughters of our house behave! Niranjan tries to talk positive but he reasons that he (NIranjan) cannot understand his pain as he has no daughter. He almost compares daughter to a burden that he has to bear till she is married. You don’t have to explain anything to Babli from now own. He also tells Amma ji to explain it to Babli that she will not go out of the house till her marriage is fixed.
Madhvi is trying to comfort Babli. I know you wouldn’t have gone there if you knew Akshay was coming there. Babli denies. I only had called him there. I wanted to discuss a few things with him before finalising the marriage. Madhvi advises her not to tell anyone else about it. You know how orthodox your father is. Babli says I have a right to know more about the person with whom I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want a husband who behaves badly with his wife; has no respect for her. Dying your every living moment and then dying suddenly! I don’t want to die like my mother. Madhvi is shocked. Was Suman Didi happy in her life or not? Tell me the truth. Babli runs away from there in tears. Amma ji comes there. She understands Babli’s pain and her father’s worry as well. He has raised Babli all by himself after Suman’s death. He would want Babli to spend a happy life at her in-laws. Babli’s words continue to echo in Madhvi’s head.
Pulkit and Sagar talk about the incident. Sagar notices his sword and crown ready at the bed. He loves them. Ganga got them ready so soon. He was about to practise his lines with Babli but she is crying now. Pulkit refuses to do it. Sagar finds Ganga in the balcony. What are you doing here? Are you upset with me? She asks him why he isn’t talking to her nicely. You dint even come to fly the kite. You dint even let me sit next to you. You lied about place. There was so much place there. Sagar again thinks of Fufa ji’s words and lies smartly to her. he thanks her for the crown and sword. She agrees to practise with him. She also boosts his confidence when he isn’t so sure if he will get Prithviraj Chauhan’s role.
Next morning, Amma ji and Babli are praying. Babli’s father calls out for Niranjan. He informs him that he had a word with Dubey ji. I have fixed Babli’s marriage. It will happen real soon. Babli will go to her house and I want to go on a pilgrimage. Niranjan says I know I should not speak in between but you dint do it right yesterday by hitting Babli. Babli’s father calls out for Babli. He accepts his mistake. He folds his daughter and apologizes to Babli. You know your father. Your mother would have explained the same to you if she was here with us today. Babli stands there all scared. Madhvi says to him that this info would have made Suman Didi really happy. He agrees. That was her only concern on her death bed. Madhvi asks him if this was her only problem. There wasn’t anything else, right? He declines. Madhvi asks about Suman’s other wishes. He replies that Suman was terminally ill. I dint leave any stone unturned in taking care of her. Amma ji supports him. Niranjan too nods. We all have seen him taking care of his wife. Babli’s father remarks that he tried his best but life and death are in God’s hands. Madhvi looks at him suspiciously. Epi ends with Babli’s father nodding his head as he looks at Babli.

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