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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 63--64 Update on Thursday 15th February 2018


Manu confesses to Bajirao that she had tampered with the saddle and she deserves to be punished at the hands of Gangadhar Rao. Bajirao asks Sakharam to convey Manus apologies to Gangadhar Rao. But Gangadhar desires to meet Manu personally. Some boys of the village challenge Manu and her friends for a game called Kabaddi, which is usually played by boys. But Manu wins the game. Gangadhar Rao watches her and while doing so, he notices his pendant around her neck.

The episode strts wid manu winning the kabaddi match n all the gals surround , lift her up..tis is all watched by gandaghar rao..he comes closer 2 catch a glimpse of her n the locket... ...the maids from the palace comes in search of manu,saying tat ajisaheb n vadhinisaheb r luking 4 her n prachi...manu tell the gals n the maids not 2 tell tat she was playing kabaadi n all of them rushes 2 the palace...gangadhar rao tries 2 call her bt she passes widout hearing...gandhagar rao tells his minister tat he had seen his locket , he was unable 2 see the gal as she was fully covered wid mud, they go n ask the boys who was the gal who won the match...they say she was from peshawas clan.

manu washes herself ,she n prachi walks unnoticed wen vidhinisaheb ask her where she was?? she answers tat she had gone 2 bring flowers 4 indu...ajisaheb(indus mom) takes manu hands n apply mehendi on her hand where she says tat she will write ma ...so tat she can find her hubby wid the same initial..prachi suddenly comes n hugs her mom where ma bcomes ga...ajisahebb replies mayb her destiny has sme1 wid ga ..
Gangadharrao is angry at his minster n tells him 2 find tat gal in the palace, he says the locket is a gift from his late wife n is dear 2 him...the minister assures s tat he will soon find out as she is the daughter of a sevak in the palace....
Meanwhile motibai writes a loveletter 2 the king n sends it , the ministers at the palace gets hold of the letter n read it..thy r  worried n want manu n the king 2 get married quickly.
Celerations r going on n manu n prachi sing n dance, entertains all...
The minister of gangadar rao meets moropont n xplains the locket disaaperance , moropant is worried n assures to find it...he quickly rushes 2 vidhinisaheb n tells her...she recalls seeing the locket in manus neck n they both ask manu where the locket is...saying tat it belongs 2 jhansi king....manu searches herself bt unable 2 find the locket...
The locket is entangled in the garlands  kept at the table.
Episode freezes!

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