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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 65--66 Update on Friday 16th February 2018


The episode strts ...
Manu,moropont n vadhinisaheb searches 4 the locket in the celebration hall bt they cant find it....the locket is entangled in the garland vich manu had earlier worn n thrown in .....the locket is in the garlands basket taken by the maids ....moropont xplains the significance of the locket 2 manu tat it was given to jhansi king by his late wife..manu argues it back tat she got it from the holy river but moropont stops her saying if the locket isnt found then it will be a disgrace 2 the kingdom n also indus marraige might be in trouble...
Indu is taken to rest  into her room , as the wedding is about to take place after sometime..... Bajirao  walks in, has an emotional talk , hugs his daughter n tells her new life is about to start , ajisaheb cries on hearing tis..all of this is watched by manu from behind..bajirao assures indu that everythng is alright n tis time no troubles wud come forth in her marraige.....manu is scared.Vadhinisaheb tells moropont tat if they arent able to find the locket, they have to face serious consequences .Bajirao walks in n tells moropont tat he has to invite gandhagar rao 4 the marraige rituals .

In gandhagars room, the minister tells him tat the king is inviting all the baraatis.. bt the king refuses to come/attend as the locket hasnt been found n he cant forget it..
Manu is worried....she dreams tat the marraige is broken, where bajirao,kashi king n gandagar are arguing wid one another, indu runs into manus room ,cries n blames manu... .indu faints...Manu shouts back. and was relieved tat it was a dream.
The minister walks in n tells him tat the kashi king is waiting for him in the rituals..Manu is on the terrace , plans to talk wid Gandhgar when the pet pigeon sawariya sits beside her..manu is upset whereas the garland basket is just kept behind her ...End of episode.
 Bajirao,informs Moropant that even though Kashi Naresh has accepted the invitation, he will come only if Gangadhar Rao attends the function. Meanwhile, Manu is worried as the locket is still missing. She believes that it would be better if she directly speaks with Gangadhar Rao.
On the other hand, when Panditji and Shastriji find Motibai's love letter written to Gangadhar Rao, they decide to immediately meet him and show him the portrait of Manu. Their motive to do this is that they do not want their King to have any relationship with Motibai.
Initially, Gangadhar Rao is disappointed to see Panditji and Shastriji but when he sees the portrait of Manu, he is awestruck.

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