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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 68--69 Update on Monday 19th February 2018


Jhansi naresh gets very angry when he hears bajirao peshwa making remarks about him but his minister makes him understand that this can effect their relationship with both the rajas.
He gets a little calm and immediately goes to his room and is standing in front of manu's portrait thinking about the various things he has heard about manikarnika and what peshwa bajirao said about him.And on the other side his minister comes & says that they will ask the peshwa an apology for whatever he said against him.To which he replies that he has come to a decision that he likes manikarnika because he observed that even when peshwa bajirao was talking about her there was a feeling in his voice and the way he described her , I now fully believe that she will be the perfect rani and go and ask moropant for manikarnika's hand .
Manu sees peshwa talking to kashi naresh and ask him what they were talking about to which he replies to which peshwa bajirao replies that he was talking of taking her away to jhansi to wich she remembers prachi's words and runs away when she sees kashi naresh.When she reaches her baba's room she sees the minister who was just going after presenting the marriage proposal infront of moropant , and he and moropant both imagine manu as jhansi ki rani in navari sari covered with jewellery from head to toe.when manu asks her father y the minister came there he ans the same thing and again Manu gets scared that she is being sent as a sevant for jhansi naresh gangadhar rao

now the most boring part the devil bhabis of gangadhar rao talking about how their not bieng together is thecause for their fall or defeat.Here Moti bai decides that only she will be jhansi ki rani.Itends on Manu's and her face.

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