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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 72--74 Update on Tuesday 20th February 2018


Manu is distressed after she learns about her engagement to Gangadhar Rao 
Even as ceremonies for Indu's marriage are underway, Manu decides to run away. Manu writes a letter and leaves the palace.
She hides in a trunk. To her misfortune, the trunk is full of gifts meant for the Jhansi King. Manu realizes with alarm that the person she is hell bent on avoiding, keeps on returning to her life. Is it fate?
The Jhansi King recives gifts from the Peshwa. Unknown to Gangadhar Rao and others, Manu is inside the trunk full of gifts.
Manu is worried as the trunk, in which she is hiding, will be taken to Jhansi. Later, as Indu leaves the palace to go to her in-laws house, everybody including her younger sister Prachi is in tears.
On their way to Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao and his men stop for a while and take a break. Manu throws few gold coins towards a guard to divert his attention. As the guard picks up the coins, Manu manages to escape. She runs away and climbs on top of a tree.
Just then, Manu sees a young woman asking Gangadhar Rao to help her. When few British officers arrive at the scene, he finds out that she was being chased by them. The officer tells the woman that an Indian will not be able to help her as they do not have the guts to speak against them. When the officer misbehaves with the woman, Gangadhar Rao boils in anger and slaps him. Watching the entire scene, Manu realizes that there is still a lot of humanity left in Gangadhar Rao.
Will the other officers attack Gangadhar Rao?
The epsde starts wid Gandagharrao saving the lady from the britishers...tis angers them n they insult him to move away n to leave the lady,Gandaghar rao states tat in our country women is worshipped,in their own country they have been enslaved under them  since 100 yrs n right now this is intolerable.

..the britishers aims a gunshot, when the guards of the king surround them..they handover their guns to the guards n ask who is the man whewrein they reply it is jhansi king...ALL of tis is watched by manu who is hiding sitting on the treebranch.One of the british soldier tries to remove his gun and shoots at the king ,wheras rao suddenly takes the gun from his soldier n hit him on his hand saying he is leaving them but next time he wudnt pardon them!Tatyaguru watches this too n he is proud of the king.The lady thanks gandagarrao n states tat her house has been burnt by the britishers n she is all alone..rao assures her tat she is fine n she will be under his safety n will be given shelter in jhansi..Manu is proudly watching.Tatyaguru comes forward n introduces himself saying tat he is manikarnikas guru n he liked wat he had seen..he praises the king for his courage ....gandagarrao invites him to jhansi .The king leaves
Tatya spots manu on the tree n ask her where had she gone.manu tells him that she doesnt want to marry the king n tatya xplains her attimes wat we see is not always right, he makes her understand tat gandagarrao also is one among them who cant stand british.. he is not a bad guy and to anyalsye the gud thngs abt the king...their mission is the same..he further xplains if she becomes the rani then she will hve power..she will hve soldiers n troops listening to her orders, that  they can start their revolution in large number...gandagarrao is on the same direction as their but he just needs direction to guide him n tat can be only done by manu.....Manu is reassured hearing all this...tatyas bow down infront of manu n salutes to the queen of jhansi
In the palace all of them are worried abt manus disaapearance, bajirao is upset tat he didnt ask manus consent on the marraige proposal theirn manu n tatya walks in..manu agrees to the proposal n everyone is happy.Moropant n manu hug each other.

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