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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 81--83 Update on Friday 23rd February 2018


-Manu tells the raos minister tat she will not marry the king as he has insulted bajirao.the minister tries to make her understand the problems in jhansi bt she says tat she cannot take the insult faced by bajirao n she rans disheartened..
-Gandagarrao drinks the sherbat in vich medicine has been mixed by motibai
-Bajirao persuades manu ..they have an emotional talk n both of them hug..manu agrees.Tatyaguru assures manu tat he will come along wid her n be present in all marraige rituals.
-Manu is being dressed up by the maids n vahinisaheb..... later she apologizes to the ministers ,they present  the jhansi queen durgamaas kawach gold chain(vich she had previously worn)
-motibai promises to herself tat she will not let king bes anyone n tat she is his dil ki rani..gandagarrao aggain faints n sleeps...the vaid present sme medicine to be applied on his leg n motibai volunteers to help out.
Lacho strongly provokes Motibai to bear an heir to Jhansi through Gangadhar Rao. Sakhubai, Janakibai and Lacho appear to be united, but secretly nurture a competitive feeling towards each other. Bajirao accepts Gangadhar Raos proposal on the condition that Manu should be given a grand welcome in Jhansi. He also demands that Moropant should be given an important position in Jhansi. Meanwhile, Gangadhars condition begins to worsen. Even the physician feels helpless. Raghunath informs Tatya Tope about Gangadhars ill health. Manu gets upset and mounts her horse to go and deliver a holy powder to Tatya Tope for Gangadhars recovery.
Raghunath and Tatya Dixit are very impressed with Manus horse riding skills and concern for Gangadhar Rao. The priest of the temple asks Manu to write the holy word `OM one thousand and eight times on the wall as a penance for Gangadhar Raos health. Manu is determined to do the task inspite of an injured hand. Everyone in Jhansi prays for Gangadhar Raos recovery. On the other hand, Motibai feels restless and guilty about Gangadhars condition. She dances incessantly on shards of glass. The physician feeds the holy powder sent by Manu, to Gangadhar, while Manu completes the difficult task at the temple. Gangadhar finally opens his eyes.

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