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Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Tuesday 13th February 2018


Manu wakes up with a jolt after she dreams that some king in trouble because the people whom he trusts are planning to kill him.
Tatyaji is excited because he has found the girl who will be queen of Jhansi. However Bhopatkar informs him that the relations between Gangadhar Rao and Baji Rao are not very good.
During the play, Shwetambara stabs Gangadhar Rao.
Manu visits the palace with Baji Rao.

Will Manu save Gangadhar Rao?

Bhopatkar and Tatyaji decide about informing Moropant as soon as Gangadhar Rao gives his assent to the marriage with Manu after seeing his horoscope.
Vahini Saheb orders an investigation to find who was responsible for the attack on Gangadhar Rao. Gangadhar Rao informs Maharani Sahiba and Vahini Saheb that he always knew Shwetambara was Vishkanya.

Gangadhar Rao arrives in Bithur. He spots Manu.

While bathing in Ganga, Gangadhar Rao loses a prized amulet of Goddess Durga Unknown to Gangadhar Rao, Manu and Vahini Saheb are also taking a dip in the river. Surprise and shock awaits Manu, when Vahini Saheb brings it to her notice that she is wearing a locket.

A worried Gangadhar Rao rushes to the temple to consult the priest. The priest advises him to perform a sacrifice for the Goddess. Manu and Vahini Saheb arrive at at the temple and after hearing how Manu got an amulet from the river, the priest describes it as a sign of good luck.
Manu and Gangadhar Rao come face to face again. Manu disrupts Gangadhar Rao's sacrifice on the grounds that it amounted to cruelty towards animals.

What will Gangadhar Rao do?

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