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jhansi Ki Rani Update on Tuesday 27th February 2018


Manu completes her Bidaai (send off) rituals in the December 31 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV. Prachi starts crying as she doesn't want Manu to leave. Later, Manu participates in the singing and dancing ceremony.
Motibai gives Manu's gold coin to Frazer as she wishes to become the queen of Jhansi. Frazer will make her queen only if she keeps him updated on Bajirao's planning and all other activities of his palace. Just then, Frazer's men arrive after arresting the dacoit Samar Singh.
Later in the episode, Manu is about to give a teary farewell to everyone. On the other hand, Samar is been beaten by Frazer's men. Frazer purposely throws Manu's coin in front of Samar. Samar's eyes fall on the coin.
Will Motibai prevent Manu from becoming the queen of Jhansi?

Manu observes Prachicrying in the January 1 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV. She assures her that she will definitely invite her to Jhansi. Later, Manu also says a final goodbye to her horse Pawan.
During the bidaai(send off)ritual, Bajirao gives Manu an idol of goddess Durga and tells her that she has to wipe out the British rule in India.
Meanwhile, when Motibai gets ready to invite Manu, Khuda Baksh tells her that Manu will take another 10 days to reach Jhansi. He also tells her about the security arrangement given to her and mentions her names of the people who will be traveling with her.
Will Motibai do anything to harm Manu?

the Peshwa is grief stricken after Manu leaves for Jhansi. The episode takes a dramatic twist when Prachi goes missing from the palace. It turns out that she has concealed herself in a trunk and is on her way to Jhansi as she can't bear to separate from Manu.
Moti Bai turns a turncoat and provides the itinerary of Manu's journey to Jhansi, to the British. Samar Singh is brought to the British camp.
En route to Jhansi, some villagers request Tatyaguru to offer them a ride. Badly injured and in disheveled state, the villagers claim they were robbed by Samar Singh and his men. When Tatyaguru refuses to help, Manu intervenes and asks him to help the villagers. Unknown to Manu and Tatyaguru, one of the villagers is Samar Singh.

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