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Madhubala Episode 61 Update on Friday 23rd February 2018


Maddy in her room remebering mommys insults on teh sets…
sikander goes and churoes RK ki 7500 ki scitch from teh bar…bittu catches him.
sikki gives explanation taht such expensive alcohol n RK has kept in open…he was jsut gaurding them
Bittu taunts him that maybe RK kept some dogs as he got confused due to darkness Stupid fellow couldnt make out teh sarcasm n insulted his ownself…
he then goes on to say that my daddy is pallning to re-launch me and he will alwaz remeber bittu
he then makes to go taking teh scoth when bittu stops him..but he just answers back and goes away…bittu says CHINDI CHOR n goes away
Sikki n Kuku drinking in a room…Kuku insults SIkki…(missed a convo here)
basically he asks Sikki to get the envelopa and writes a letter for Maddy…then Sikki leaves it at her door.
Maddy opens door and finds envelop…she is shocked seeing photos of some boy
photo 1: toothless…decayed teeth boy grinning (hayyy my hands are itching)
photo 2: nangu pungu RK
photo 3″ RK holding a trophy
many more were there but these were the essence..
and teh letter said : These are ur weapon to fight against RK. i am ur well-wisher and will help u in ur fight against RK. just show RK tehse photos n threaten to publish them and u will get teh required result.
these photos are from a past which RK has buried. RK himslef doesnt know but i dug them up.
RK will “tilmila uthega” after seeing them with u. dont think too much. remebre ur moms insult and just use them
Maddy determined and goes to the Rks room

pART 2:
RK taunts Maddy…that 20 hrs are left for her happiness…
aladdin ka chirag will come…Maddy will ask genie that she wants RK ki maafi…ginn will get scared and go back inside…she will get tired rubbing the chirag but gin wont come out. he smirks
Maddy says…eat dinner…he is like…why are u in a hurry…
RK lifts the dhakkan on the palte and finds his photos in it..
he is shocked seeing them…and angry..

PART 3 :
RK shoutw whats this..where did u get it.
Maddy answers ALaddin ka chirag
Rk shouts again tell me where the hell u got them
maddy results U are loosing first time and thats why u are scared are making a mistake..tell me where you got them
Maddy..i will tell u on 2 conditions…first after u apologise to my mom…or afetr these are published in newpapers
think which u want
RK pulls her by her hands and glares

u are fighting with fire…u will die…
RK pulls her and locks her in a room…
Maddy says…I have copies..and tomorrow have ur tea with the newpaper

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