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Madhubala (Sweet Maiden) Update on Thursday 22nd February 2018


The episode starts with R.K laying MB on her bed.He preoares to go after saying that doctor will come & dinner will be sent to her.MB stops him & asks him about Deepali.He says just like Kukuji & Skikki are step-relations,same way Deepali is also a forced relation but what are you worried about others!.He leaves leaving MB perplexed.

RK is in his room when Deepz cums there with a glass of milk.She says that married people must keep their doors locked or else someone mite enter like me!.She asks abt MB but later on she says that I know your wife doesn’t stays with you in your room.Deeps latr commets that MB must take of the flowers if nt you! Then she also comments seeing cotten pillows on his bed by saying that you are allergic to cotton!Your wife shud hav put satin sheets instead.She walks to R.K & touches his shoulder.R.K removes her hand. She then offers milk to R.K!He ignores that ruefully.Deeps says that I am just following what you wife does.I heard that you wife is on a mission to change you even without staying with you in one room!.She then again forwards the milk to R.K & seductively says that drink it na or else it will break my heart!.He takes the glass & she says that Come ON HERO,YOU CAN DO IT!.Just then Radhaji come there & Deeps inquires abt MB.Radhaji says that she is fine!Deeps leaves!.Radhaji asks R.K how are you,I hope you don’t have fever,shud I call the doc.R.K keeps silent.Then he says to her that Mohan Kundra’s son has not done or won’t do anything which will make him ashamed of his son!

In the hall,Deeps gifts scotch to Kukuji & shawl to Radhaji when MB come there!Deeps tells her that she has forgotten to bring gift for MB!She gives her perfume to MB saying that I had brought it for me but now you take it! MB says that it okay!You hav brought it for urself so you keep it!.Deeps says that there is no your or mine between us!

All leave for the dining hall when Deeps spots R.K!She invites him for dinner to which he declines!MB glances back & looks at R.K & Deeps. Deeps again puts her hand on his shoulder & seductively says that I have got a gift for you too…I hope you will love it!.R.K sees that his room is decorated with red roses & candles & there is a wine bottle!R.K fumes & angrily calls Bittoji.Deeps comes & asks smirking why?didn’t you like my gift!

Deeps stands with a rose in her hand at the entrance of his room.R.K looks rueful.Deeps seductively says that i said the things which I shouldn’t have said in front of all but you know my heart is not like that!.She come close to RK & says that yest night must have been very hard for you & MB,so I decorated this room!Then she seductively moves the rose over his arms & continues saying now there can be some rest & some love…R.K ruefully takes the rose from her hand & prepares to go but Deeps stops him by clutching his hand & says that wrist & says what happened R.K? Seeing the decoration are you angry or painful.R.K shoves her hand away from her n leaves!She smirk!

R.K goes to the dining hall where all are seated having dinner.He comes & tells to MB that you must have finished eating.Then the next moment he scoops her in his arms & prepares to leave.MB & Radhaji both are startled.R.K leaves carrying MB in his arms!

They reach MB’s room where R.K makes her sit on the bed & then starts putting all her clothes & belongings in a bag.Shocked MB asks him am I…or are we going somewhere?He doesn’t reply!Instead asks her where are your medicines.She points to the bed-side drawer.R.K gets those & starts packing eyerything & then calls Munna & orders him to taks the bag out of the room.MB is startled!

Precap: R.K scoops MB in his arms & takes her to his room.MB asks him why can’t I stay in my room?R.K tells that now you will stay in my room!!Even Deeps who is present there hears that!Both MB & Deepali are stunned!!!

Recap — Deepali holds RKs arm and asks RK what happened and if he got upset seeing the decor of his room or felt hurt remembering something? RK removes Deepalis hand! RK is packing Madhus luggage! Madhu asks RK about it!

Part 1

RK bends down to lift Madhu and she stops him saying she can walk! RK ignores and carries Madhu in his arms! He asks the servant to take Madhus luggage! RK brings Madhu to his room! Madhu asks why she cant stay in her room! RK says .. she is now in her room! Rishbala intense eyelock! Deepali is lighting candles in RKs bedroom and RK enters carrying Madhu in his arms..! Deepali is taken aback! RK smirks! RK tells Madhu .. Surprise.. and puts her down and asks her how she found the surprise.. aka all the decor of the room? Madhu is apprehensive! Deepali looks on! RK asks Madhu .. her thots on the roses.. the candles.. n tells Deepali.. that he and his wife needed this decor and blows the candle Deepali lit! He says.. ‘Thanks for the HELP’! RK glares at Deepali ..who looks crestfallen! Madhu watches on a bit confused! RK tells Deepali that.. after giving a gift.. people usually leave for their home so that .. the person who got the gift can enjoy alone! RK tells Deepali that Sikky must have returned from his photoshoot so she better go to him.. as he will be relieved seeing her! Sikky screams out…saying.. Deepali.. Dips…! RK tells Deepali that the sound is of her Patidev… Sikandar.. and addresses her as Bhabhi ji! Madhu is taken aback! RK looks on at her!

Sikandar is in his room and Deepali enters and Sikky scares her..! Deepali asks him his age..! Sikky says.. girls n actors shouldnt be asked their age! Deepali tells him that he is neither a girl nor an actor! Sikky calls her out as Deepali! Deepali asks.. how he will feel ..if she calls him ‘Sakku bhai’? Sikky says.. bhai?? He says that he is her..n stops midway! Sikky then rues that ..she is back after ages..n still in such a bad mood! Sikky offers to give her foot massage.. head massage! Dips tells Sikky to cut it and says that .. he should learn from RK.. ! She says that tho RK is younger than Sikky ..he has maturity.. class and grace… he should definitely learn from RK! Sikky fumes..!

Madhu looks at RK .. who is making tea having changed in his casuals! She starts to leave and RK asks where she is going? Madhu says to her room! RK says.. her memory is weak. .he told her already that this is her room! Madhu says..she does not know what is the reason of this change in his behaviour but knows its connected to his family .. n she is not interested to come in between all this …so she is leaving! RK tells her that she can only say..can i leave? N he will say no! Madhu says.. his contract din specify that she has to stay with him in one room! RK says that the contract did specify that they are hubby-wife! He tells her that being her hubby he can force her to stay there! Madhu still starts to leave n RK holds her hand and starts to sing ‘Abhi na jao chodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahi’! Madhu looks on angrily at him! Madhu starts to walk again and RK says..fine.. go.. ! He teases her saying that she will go. he will bring her back..and they will keep repeating the process! He says that Madhu is the one hurt.. n she will give in so better to accept now..! He tells her to say that.. she will stay back there! Madhu turns to fume at RK! RK says that Mrs. Kuku Bhatiya must be delighted to see Madhu in his room so for her sake.. she can stay back ! He promises not to misbehave with her and tells her that she can leave later!

Madhu asks where she will sleep? She tells RK clearly that they wont sleep on one bed! RK smirks and says that he never thot any girl wuld tell him this! RK moves Madhus luggage and puts pillow on the sofa and wishes Madhu gud nite and goes to sleep on the bed! Madhu protests saying that she is hurt and still he is doing this?! RK says.. its his house so his rules..! As Madhu goes to lie down RK stops her and says that for her.. RK is ready to relinquish his bed! Madhu looks on.. as RK goes to lie on the sofa..! RK keeps staring at Madhu..with a smile! Madhu is irritated and asks why he is smiling? RK says..two reasons.. one that he looks good smiling and second that nowadays.. making Madhu agree to him is so easy..! He says..that the earlier version of Madhu was something else..! Madhu grinds her teeth! RK wishes her good nite! Madhu lies down!

Its the midnight and Madhu wakes up and sees RKs hand on her waist and she removes it with a start and puts her dupatta on herself! She tries to wake up RK by poking him! RK asks drowsily what happened? And if she saw a nightmare! Madhu says.. his hand was on her and RK says..must have come in sleep! Madhu says.. he was sleeping on the couch..! RK says..he was.. but now he is sleeping here.! He tells Madhu that if she sleeps properly.. a car can fit in the bed! Madhu protests saying she was sleeping properly but it was.. his hand on her..! RK says.. sorry and says.. he cant remove his hand and keep it in the cupboard! Madhu is about to get up from the bed and RK pulls her hand and puts a partition of pillows between them! RK says.. ‘Nafrat ke dewano ke beech ki dewar’! Madhu says.. she will sleep on the sofa! RK says.. please and says..he does not say please to anyone and asks her not to insult his please! He asks her to sleep on the bed! He turns around and sleeps! Madhu too lies down! RK asks her to close her eyes and sleep .. n Madhu is amazed! She turns sideways and sleeps!

Part 2

Its next day morning ..! Sikky sees the pics of RK carrying Madhu in his arms in the newspapers! He watches Deepali getting ready and gawks at her! Deepali asks what? Sikky reads the headlines.. ‘Romantic night out for Mr. & Mrs. RK’! Deepali snatches the paper from his hands and reads the paper and sees the pic! Sikky says..that newspapers are all liars! Deepali asks what he means! Sikky says that Rishbala marriage is a sham and that they must have tried to kill each other off in the night! Sikky says that the day a girl who is Pataka.. type comes in RKs life as an actress.. RK wont turn and look at Madhu! Deepali smiles hearing that and says..that Sikky talks sense at unexpected times! Sikky tries to hug her but she gets up and leaves!

Madhu wakes up with as smile and stretches and finds her hand touching RK and she gets up with a start! She looks for her dupatta! Suddenly there is a knock on the door and Madhu gets up to open it and her dupatta is stuck!

Madhu turns and sees that her dupatta is stuck under RKs hand! Madhu goes to remove the dupatta from RKs hand as Deepali comes! She is upset seeing Rishbala! Madhu is surprised seeing Deepali! Deepali wishes good morning to Madhu and says that she is sorry for last night as she din know at which stage Rishbalas relationship is! Deepali tells Madhu that RK never accepted her as his Bhabhi! She tells her that RK does not like Sikky so he does not … n stops midway! She says that let her and RK’s matter be as it is! She says that destiny has brought her and Madhu together in this new relation so better they start on a nice note! She asks Madhu how much sugar she will take in the tea and Madhu says one teaspoon and Deepali says RK takes sugarless tea! RK gets up and stands in front of Deepali shielding Madhu and wishes Deepali .. saying ‘Gud Morning Bhabhi ji’! Depali is taken aback! Madhu is confused!

Precap — Some goon calls up Bittu and tells him that Bhai has his eye on RK and so better he send Rs. 25 Cr to them! He warns Bittu saying that dare he take risk or Bittus stars pic will be… (the end)! Sound of Gunshot! Bittu is shocked!

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