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Madhubala Update on Thursday 15th February 2018


Part 1
Madhu says.. only animals njoy seeing lesser mortals in pain and cannot tolerate anyone withstanding or defying them coz they get insecure! She says.. he has.. RK n RKs ego..thats it!
She taunts RK about not knowing what is family and why he is unable to look in her eyes..! Madhu taunts that .. with his money RK has made a mansion which is neither a family nor home! She taunts him about being lonely and being a ghost! RK fumes..but is quiet! Madhu says. she feels pity on the woman who gave birth to RK! RK rushes out of the mansion in his car and drives in rage!
RK comes by a riverside and is walking with a drunken swagger! He opens his car bonnet and there is a chair and RK recollects asking his father to rock the chair! He recollects his moments with his father in the childhood! His fathers passing away! He remembers cremating his father..! His mothers remarriage and his hatred of it! Madhu tells Paddo on the phone that she is fine and not to worry!
Right then RK comes..pulls her forcibly near the bar..! He drinks from a bottle n asks her to repeat what she said..! He slams the drinks bottle on the floor!
Part 2
He keeps breaking one after other bottle while repeating Madhus words of him being an animal… lonely .. egoistic.. .. ghost … n her feeling pity on his mother! He recollects his step-dad touching his mom!
RK closes in on Madhu and asks who she is to point fingers on his upbringing!
Part 3
RK tells Madhu no one has right to judge him..! He says.. he din hurt Shammo upfront.. he came to fight with him! RK says.. next time if she taunts him.. he will break the bottle and is about to hit Madhu with it but freezes..!
Right then RKs mom enters! RKs hand is bleeding and he stands near where his mom is standing n taunts his mom saying that.. some injury are such that if kept close to heart they become incurable!

Precap — RKs mom tells her that whatever RK did to Madhu is wrong but if possible she should forgive him and her! Servant comes and tells Madhu that RK is calling her!

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