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Madhubala Update on Tuesday 20th February 2018


Part 1
Kuku tells Kohli that he will send bill of light and to compensate it ! He says that business has earned respect from him not other way round! RK says that dialogues look good on hero not villu! RK says after today.. either he! RK says if Madhu was Madhu Shammo Malik he wuldn have asked anyone to ask sorry .. but Madhu Rishabh Kundra has lot of value!
RK drives Madhu to her chawl n tells her she has 10 mins! Madhu is shocked and RK says neither does he take favours nor does favours .. since she saved him ..she has 10 mins on her own! Paddo is delighted seeing Madhu and hugs her and sees her injured hand and asks the matter! Madhu explains! Paddo asks about RK and Madhu says .. RK is downstairs .. n that UNHONE .. dus minute diye hain milne ke liye! Trish sees RKs car and runs upstairs! Madhu asks about Shammo n Paddo says fine! Madhu says she is hungry! Trish comes and taunts Madhu saying .. great day as Mrs. Kundra has come!

Paddo chides Trish but Trish continues to taunt and asks Madhu to sit and cleans the sofa saying she cant clean dust from her destiny but can from Madhus seat! Paddo begs Trish to cut it but Trish taunts again alleging Madhu of trapping RK and Paddo slaps her! Trish again taunts Paddo saying .. ‘own blood’ is ‘own’! Madhu runs down and is in tears! RK sees the watch and asks done in 5 mins? RK taunts that Madhu had great faith in her relation but now all gone in tears! RK sees Trish and tells Madhu to get over it!
Kuku and his son discuss losing business coz of RK and Kuku at the dance bar n says he wont spare RK now! Sikandar says that if Kuku had introed him well he wuld b a star not RK! Kuku taunts him saying if he had launched RK, Kuku did been a success! The duo get caught in police raid!
Bittus cell rings and he tells about RKs step dad n step bro getting arrested and he informs RK who is playing video games!

Part 2
Insp asks RKs step bro to be Murga … but Bittu comes n asks them to give a last chance n says.

. next time no one will come to save them from RKs aside n Cops can roast them!
Bittu escorts Kuku and Sikandar home and Kuku brags about his reputation! Kuku calls out .. RKs mom (Radha ji)! Madhu is shocked seeing him!

Part 3
Kuku tells Radha to counsel RK … n that if two movies flop .. he will come crashing down on earth! He taunts Radha on RKs upbringing n then both notice Madhu and are taken aback! She introes Madhu as RKs wife! Kuku tells Madhu …that she is RKs new toy! He tells Madhu to touch his feet .. as he is her FIL . father of her hubby!

Precap — RK tells Kuku that his wife doesnt touch any random persons feet and even if 17 yrs ago, he became the hubby of his mom .. he still isnt his father! .

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