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Madhubala Update on Tuesday 27th February 2018


Part 1
RK turns his face around n says.. SORRY … ! Madhu asks him to repeat..! He does.! She again makes him repeat..! RK screams.. ‘I am SORRY’! Madhu says.. asking sorry from whom?
RK repeats SORRY for whatever happened at Natraj studio! Madhu reminds him of her challenge! Madhu says today .. a normal girl and a superstar r not standing but . .a girl who has taken revenge for her mothers insult and a loser r standing!
RK promises to repay .. n says.. today he bent down.. n tomorrow Madhu will bend down! Paddo says.. no . she wont.. n never!  She says.. he will repent for every sin of his front of Madhu! RK says …put a kala tikka on ur dreams..!  RK asks Madhu to come with him to her sasural! Roma asks RK what happiness he saw in Madhus eyes! She doesnt like to insult him!Roma taunts RK n says.. ur not God! RK pulls Madhu along n ends up tripping on a sofa and Madhu is on top of him! Eyelock  but RK pushes Madhu off! RK asks Madhu for the pics n she says in his room! Sikandar gives live update to Kuku ji!  RK recollects childhood memories! He recollects his dads words of wisdom’s to him … to win.. to never change some things..his dads gift to him a RK inscription..!
Madhu says she realises that God fought for her mom.. n gave her the strength to fight for her mom!
Part 2
Next day morning RK gets up n recollects himself saying sorry to Paddo..! He chides Bittu for not making him drink so much that he forgot previous nite.. but he din..! He asks for newspaper..! RK glares at Madhu.. ! Madhu pours water for him n RK ends up touching her hand!  Eyelock! RK asks for newspaper .. !
Part 3
RK reads paper n sees his childhood pics published in it and throws all food down n glares at Madhu! Sikandar smirks!

Recap — RK calls Madhu n Madhu says..she din publish the pics..! RK tells Madhu that he is gonna tell Shammo that his daughter was sold for Rs.40 lacs! RK says he is giving her 24 mins … n he is 24 steps away from Shammo.. n if Madhu can stop him ..then stop him!..*

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