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Madhubala Update on Wedneday 28th February 2018


Part 1

Bhog time n all think both Dips and Madhu have made it but Dips corrects saying only Madhu has made..! Radha asks Dips to distribute as well but she says only one plate n Madhu says.. nope.. 2 plates

Madhu gives both plates to Pandit ji and its Arati time..! Dips keeps wondering which one has garam masala wala Modak

RK is boxing as Aarati goes on! He fumes hearing the noise and Dips keeps wondering which plate of modak has masala ! She goes to check n Sikky stops her! Dips identifies the rite plate! Madhu keeps waiting for RK ! The waiter comes and mixes the plates again ! RK recollects his childhood n fumes! He sees the Mouli.. Madhu touches her Mouli and feels RK … she prays! Dips takes the wrong plate to serve ! Dips claims credit for some of the modak and serves and all start coufing ! Dips is taken aback..! Madhu realises something and others ask the lady to take from Madhus plate! All praise Madhu! Radha calms Dips!

Paddo calls and says that Shammo is much better thanks to RK ..! Madhu delighted..! Paddo asks Madhu to come and meet Maleek! Dips keeps wondering how plates changed! Sikky praises Madhus modak ! Dips resolves that there will be a lot more to the game.. n its only a start!

Madhu offers RK modak..! RK tells her he does not believe in it.. n Madhu says.. take it as a good news celebrn.. as Shammo is better..! RK says.. he knows all..! Madhu says she came to say just thanks..from the HEART! RK taunts that credit to Bappa to make Madhu bow down before him and Madhu says .. yes.. coz he made RK get the idea of foreign equipments ..! She asks him to join for dinner if he has courage to face Bappa!

Part 2

Radha asks Dips to sit on the floor n she is n Radha is serving food..! Madhu keeps waiting for RK n Dips says.. he wont come and right then he does! Madhu smiles but RK asks for his parcel!

Part 3

RK taunts saying he cant make so much sacrifices for the Lord! Madhu is !

Precap — RK offers kebab to Lord and as he walks towards him, Madhu holds his arm and stops him!

RK Mansion:
RK says its such a pity to sit on floor eating food sans garlic n onion just to make Lord Ganesha happy but he won’t make such sacrifices . He takes a chair , sits in front of the Idol & looks at Madhu who’s clearly perplexed ! he asks the reason of her “this” look n tells that “why she’s so surprised can’t 2 Gods have food sitting opposite one another ???”
He takes the seekh kebab & is about to have it when he remembers to offer as per rituals the first share of food goes to Bappa & so thereby he’s gonna follow it suit ! he gos us very close to idol when Madhu holds his hand questioning his audacity to have non-veg in front of Ganeshji .
RK says its her only who said him n Bappa can stay together & if that’s so then why can’t they share food ? the fact is him n Bappa can never stay together coz the walls of this house gonna separate them always . Sying this he eats the pc of kebab in front of Madhu & goes ‘

Madhu & Radhajee looks disappointed where Dips smirks
Madhu prays to Lord Ganesha to forgive Rishabh

Malik’s back with a crutch from hospital . Sudhaka says he’s very happy to see him when Malik replies what’s there to be happy after what happened in his absence . Paddy & Trish tries to divert with several things but Malik is disturbed . He asks Sudhakar of any big job offer as he needs to arrange for the requisite sum to bring Madhu back.
Trish tries to convince she’ll work n that all house expenses would be borne by her but Malik is adamant

RK Mansion:
Radhajee telling Madhu trust is the key aspect in worship , if there’s no trust only how will he[RK] build up relation his lost relation with Bappa.
Dips coming with a glass of milk intervenes telling that she was trying to make Madhu understand this only ! for several years altogether herself & Radhajee tried but their effort turned fruitless ! if they could not succeed Madhu’s chances are also slim .
But Madhu with determined stance says RK will change ; where there’s faith miracles happens & these miracles will instill faith in him . If Radhajee is convinced with RK’s stance , she has conviction in her faith on Bappa . She’ll make sure RK gets his friend[Bappa] back n that’ she promises .

Same time RK’s room:
He’s restless ; Madhu’s words about Bappa keps coming back , he looks at the thali of modak , then the Puja thali of Mouli . He reminisces his childhood Ganesh Puja celebration with his father ; how he’s used to eat modak , tie mouli on Bappa . He tries to drink alcohol but fails bigtime !!

Trish warming up milk for Malik , she remembers Malik said on earning money & that just her working won’t suffice to arrange for the sum soon . Paddy comes there & consoles Trish not to misunderstand Malik as he’s holding blaming himself for Madhu’s condition ! he loves us all but we miss them dearly who are not with us ! Malik feeling the same for Madhu . She tells Trish to forget everything to which the latter says that fine she won’t say anything to Malik but that does not maean she has forgiven Madhu

RK Mansion:
Rishabh comes down & looks at Bappa . He moves forward takes the bell [ sorry dunno any other word for “ghanta”] and moves it circular in front of idol ; continues to do so 4 some time & keeps it .

RK : “10 days I serve you w/o doing any work why ?
Why weren’t you there to stop my father when he was committing suicide ?
Why should I’ve faith in you ?
When you’ll be given vVisarjan[ letting go of the Idol in holy river] I won’t shed a single tear coz you are not only made of stone from outside but inside as well’ ”
This entire scene is witnessed by Madhu

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