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Madhubala Update on Wednesday 21st February 2018


Part 1
Kuku tells Madhu to ask Radha if she is not sure he is RKs dad and then take his blessings! Madhu starts to walk forward but before she can bend, RK calls out.. BIWI! Tells her not to bend down n pulls her behind him!
RK says.. his wife doesnt tk blessings from random people! Kuku says.. he is RKs father n RK says..17 years ago he became Radhas hubby but not his father!
Kuku says.. this is home not set where all cheer for him n RK says.. the house is his..! Kuku reminds RK that.. Madhu is bride of the house and has to take blessings and RK tells Madhu that she has to only listen to him … rest all are dumb for her n she is deaf for them! Sikandar abuses RK n RK exposes their Dance Bar raid escapades!
Kuku gives Madhu Shagun of Rs. 500 and asks her to take.. but Madhu stays mum n Kuku gives forcibly and squeezes Madhus injured hand! RK threatens Madhu that he wont spare her if she listens to the others! He squeezes Madhus hand n then leaves it seeing it bleed!
Kuku complaints to Radha about RKs attitude and behavior and rues that he has no idea why RK insults him! Radha stays mum .

.! Kuku reminds his contribution for raising RK and supporting Radha in Mohan Kundras absence!
Part 2
Radha comes to Madhu with first aid but Madhu refuses! Radha insists and then advises her not to get used to pain…! She recollects about Rishabhs childhood .. n how he was a simple guy.. scared of blood.. n never thot of hurting others 17 years ago but all changed one nite n now Rishu is lost.. n its only RK!
She requests Madhu not to wish bad for RK!
Part 3
RK sees the blood stain on his hand from Madhus injury n FB of Madhu ..and BG- Haq hai ek mera! RK fumes
Precap — RKs mom packs lunch for him and tells Madhu and asks her not to tell RK! RK overhears and asks Bittu to give the food to the beggars!

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