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My Sweet Curse Episode 68 Update on Monday 12th February 2018


Nadia gets e-mail with an invitation to a parasitology convention that she didn’t sign up for and she tells Luis she doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want Pilar to take advantage of her absence now that she found Rodrigo the kind of man she has always wished for.
Onesimo tells Elsa that he will keep investigating the jewels theft because Aurora is determined to prove her innocence and Elsa tells him that it’s a shame that he still believes in Aurora. So, he again asks Corina about the jewel and he makes it point blank that he is sure someone tried to frame aurora and asks her if she did it but she tries to put the blame on Aurora instead.
Rafael tries to explain things to Aurora about Why he has to pretend to love Boni and it was for the reason that he wanted Chalo to be separated from Boni because he thinks she isn’t the kind of woman for Chalo and he feels good after Aurora tells him that what he did for Chalo speaks highly of him.
Elsa shows up at Apolonia’s home and begins insulting Aurora but Aurora responds that even if Elsa thinks the worst of her, she’s always going to love her. Apolonia then tells Elsa that Aurora has suffered enough and that Dionisio attempted to rape her but Elsa tells her that the accusation is part of Aurora’s strategy to make people believe that she is innocent of cheating on Rodrigo and asks Apolonia to kick her out, but she declines and tells Elsa that she wouldn’t be surprise if it turned out that Elsa was behind all the bad things that happened to Aurora including all the problems with Dionisio, just in an effort to show Rodrigo that Aurora is not worthy of him. Elsa then warns Apolonia that Aurora will be her misfortune. Again, she asks Aurora to go back to the city and stop doing harm to all the people in town.
Nadia tells Rodrigo that she would like to have a romantic relationship with him, but Rodrigo tells her he needs more time to heal his heart and so she decides to go to a parasitology congress.
Dr. Marco tells Pilar that he can’t continue risking his job for her and so she should start acting like she is seeing something now but she still insists on holding on to her farce.
Onesimo can’t tell Aurora for sure that Elsa is behind what happened to her, but he does tell her that Elsa is the one who is most interested in putting her in a bad light with Rodrigo.
 Elsa asks Jeronimo who is the woman that he is in love with, but he answers the that, it’s better if she doesn’t say anything since it’s best she never know the woman.
Upon Monica arrival in the hospital where Pilar has been admitted, Monica tells Rodrigo that Aurora is living now with the Galicias and uses the occasion to badmouth Aurora.
Dionisio’s lawyer is able to have bail for him and he is released out of prison.
Ines kisses Camilo in front and tells him they are dating just to push Chalo away from him and make him.
Pilar shows very pessimistic regarding her blindness that she is sure she won’t be able to see again but Dr. Marco supposedly hopes that her situation improves.

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