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My Sweet Curse Episode 69 Update on Tuesday 13th February 2018


Pilar shows very pessimistic regarding her blindness that she is sure she won’t be able to see again but Dr. Marco supposedly hopes that her situation improves.
Monica smartly walks out to ask the doctor Marco what Pilar offered him for him to lie about her blindness.
Aurora tells father Basilio that she is determined to forget Rodrigo and not to be ashamed of anything because she never did anything wrong.
Pilar asks Rodrigo to make her hope that there can be something between them again but that Rodrigo is not sure of.
Monica unmasks Marco and offers him a way out by asking him to tell the truth and with that he won’t lose his career but if he continues to lie she will let the authorities hear about it. Marco then agrees to tell the truth to Marco if that is what will help him maintain his job.
Ines tells Boni that she thinks that it was good to disappoint Chalo in that manner by kissing Camilo so he forgets about her and same vein, Chalo buys a bottle of liquor and he finds himself a place and drinks to the fullest.
Ines says she only have affection for Chalo but not love and Camilo looking into her eyes says he doesn’t think that Ines only feels affection for Chalo but rather love and he asks Ines to give themselves the opportunity of falling in love with one another and after Ines accepted, Camilo kisses her again.
Dionisio tells Gloria that he wants to change to recover her and his son because he even went to an alcoholic rehabilitation center to overcome his alcoholism and Gloria believed him. Gloria tells Dionisio to try to look for a job with the man who paid his bail. 
Aurora learns everything that Apolonia teaches her so she can assist her in managing the ranch. Quickly, Rafael tells Apolonia that he can’t find Chalo anywhere and she asks him to go look him.
Epifania tells Aurora that she’s a witch and that is why Chalo is missing and also Pilar is blind with that herbs and Aurora looks confused and Epifania has to tell her all that Xochitl told her.
Marco confesses Rodrigo that Pilar is not blind. Marco asks Rodrigo not to accuse him if not he might lose his career but Rodrigo wants to accuse the doctor, but Monica calms him down and prevents him from reporting Marco and tells him that he has to be more intelligent than Pilar by acting like he doesn’t know the truth and observe Pilar for a while.
Severo finds Chalo outside his house fully drunk and takes him to his house. Meanwhile, Apolonia calls captain Onesimo so he helps him find Chalo.
Jeronimo and Epifania argue because Epifania accuses Aurora of being a witch but that Jeronimo disputes.
After the truth is told to the two, Pilar continues pretending to be blind in front of Monica and Rodrigo and it looks funny to them.
Severo wakes Chalo up by throwing water on him and offers to take Chalo home, but Chalo runs away.
In the night, Pilar is able to mount on Rodrigo’s bed without his help and there, Rodrigo unmasks Pilar that she is not blind and she cries desperately and shameful.
Ines worries to know that Chalo doesn’t show up anywhere and she besieges Onesimo to help find him.
Pilar asks Marco to do something to help her by taking away her sight forever just to win Rodrigo but Marco tells her she needs professional help urgently because it seems she is going crazy so he’s called her parents to come for her.
Onesimo finds Chalo and brings him home and the family looks very happy.
Monica hopes to win Rodrigo over so she continues using Macrina’s perfume on her to lure him.
Jeronimo tells Epifania that they can’t continue living together because everything proves futile as they are incompatible.

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