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My Sweet Curse Episode 70 Update on Wednesday 14th February 2018


Jeronimo tells Epifania that they can’t continue living together because everything proves futile as they are incompatible but promises that their son wont lack for anything and will be there in case they need him and this makes her very sad more after he tells her to park her things and leave the next day to the Galicias ranch and Epifania blames it on Aurora.
Chalo tells Rafa that he got drunk for a woman.
Camilo tells Ines to stop thinking about Chalo and try to have something together with him and after Ines asks Boni to call the hacienda to know if they found Chalo and Chalo tells Boni that he’s fine and asks her to tell Ines that he won’t bother her again.
Rodrigo tells Elsa that Pilar’s blindness was a lie and tells her he’s on his way to the hacienda. Rodrigo compliments Monica on her nice perfume and Monica wants to go out with Rodrigo but he tells her that he’s going back to the hacienda.
Apolonia gives her youthfull clothes to Aurora and he thanks her very much for her love towards her.
Rafael wants to make a birthday party for Chalo because he will be turning 18yrs old and Aurora is willing to support him with the preparation.
Macrina starts spreading in town that Aurora does black magic to blind Rodrigo’s ex-girlfriend.
Dionisio goes to show himself to Ponciano trying to sarcastic that he was released for lack of evidence and through his many talks, Tobias finds out that he wanted to kiss Aurora forcibly. The boy then becomes sad because he doesn’t see why he has to cheat on her mother and Ponciano comforts the boy and he refuses to go with his dad.
Severo asks Corina to teach him French and through that Severo finds out that Pilar’s blindness was a lie and gets furious.
Epifania tells Apolonia that Jeronimo threw her out and she has to console her. Same vein, Jeronimo reveals to Elsa that he sent Epifania parking because they still look incompatible.
Rodrigo decides to go to talk to Aurora and quickly, Monica makes Aurora believe that Rodrigo is furious because Nadia rejected him and that Rodrigo went looking for her just to make Nadia jealous. So, Aurora rather goes to meet Rodrigo and tells him that Dionisio forced himself on her and the truth hit Rodrigo and he goes speechless and he regrets for believing in Dionisio and sleeping with Nadia. Rodrigo tells Aurora that nothing happened between him and Nadia.
Severo tells Macrina that Pïlar’s blindness was a farce and Macrina now knows that all the rumor spread about Aurora for blinding Pilar was all a lie.
Monica is furious because she thinks that Rodrigo and Aurora are going to make up but her mum Corina calms her down.
Macrina and Severo plan to make Aurora be thrown out of El Recuerdo too and Severo accepts that it is done deal.
For Monica to be able to get rid of Rodrigo away from Aurora so they never clear things between them, she calls Rafael and tells Rafael that Rodrigo went looking for Aurora and Rafael rush there to throw Rodrigo out of his hacienda.
Apolonia tells Epifania to stop ill speaking about people if she wants to continue working in her hacienda but she still won’t because she believes Aurora truly caused Pilar blind.
Xochitl tries to ill speak about Aurora but Rodrigo avoids it.
Boni is afraid that something will happen to Rafael now that he is living close to Aurora.
Monica plans to make Rodrigo believe that there’s something between Rafael and Aurora.
Epifania reproaches Aurora for being the cause for Jeronimo throwing her out of his life.
Rodrigo confirms with Onesimo if indeed Aurora accused Dionisio for rape attempt and he confirms it for him.

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