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My Sweet Curse Episode 71 Update on Thursday 15th January 2018


Rodrigo confirms with Onesimo if indeed Aurora accused Dionisio for rape attempt and he confirms it for him.
Gloria goes to get her son to the house but Tobias hides in order not to go back to his parents’ home due to his father’s attitude towards Aurora. Tobias then run away and goes looking for Aurora. 
After Rodrigo realizing that he made a mistake by doubting Aurora, he goes to see father Basilio and he reproaches Rodrigo for not having heard Aurora’s explanations and having misjudged her and Father Basilio advices him that if he can’t overcome his pride, it’s better that he leaves Aurora alone. 
Aurora reproches Xochitl for having slandered her for blinding Pilar and they end up fighting after Aurora stated that she could even be the one stole the jewels and blamed it on her and Rafael separates them. Aurora then warms her that all the pain she and her mum Macrina has caused her will cause her more pain than her after she discovers that all the filthy things they have done to her.
Ponciano goes looking for Tobias in the hacienda and Apolonia informs Ponciano that Aurora and Rafael are taking Tobias to his house. 
Apolonia finds out from Severo that he looked after Chalo the night he got lost but run off when he tried bringing him home and she thanks him and to return the favor she accepts that he always come to her house to get foods for his pigs. 
Coming out from the parish and walking through town, Rodrigo overhears the townsfolk listening to the two sisters badmouthing Aurora for blinding Pilar and he denies what Maximina and Altagracia said and asks them to stop making up stories because Pilar was never blind. 
Apolonia reproaches Chalo for not having told her that he was in Severo’s house and Chalo says he only run away because Severo had a gun in his hands and that scared him to run away. 
Upon Aurora and Rafael brought Tobias home, Aurora finds out from Ponciano that Dionisio is already free and seriously, she doesn’t understand how he did it to pay the bail and Aurora wonder why justice refuses to rule for the hopeless. 
Xochitl tells Macrina that Aurora beat her and after treating her with some ointment, they both plan to make Aurora leave El Recuerdo Hacienda and the town. Xochitl wonder how and she says she saw in her visions that all the cows in Apolonia’s ranch will becomes useless and Xochitl decides to tell Epifania so she can gossip about it and warn her boss about her and also should make sure to let Epifania gossip it to everyone in town.
Rodrigo finds Dionisio in town and he hits him for the lies he has told him just to separate them and he beat him up mercilessly. Immediately, Jeronimo and Monica arrive in town and they avoid that Rodrigo continues beating Dionisio up. 
Rafael tells Ponciano that he’s falling in love with Aurora. 
Aurora hopes that Dionisio never gets closer to her again and Onesimo and Rafael promises her that they will see to it that Dionisio doesn’t get near her. 
Chalo tells father Basilio that he’s in love with Ines and he tells father Basilio that he doesn’t know how to forget Ines though she’s showed him that she has a commitment with Camilo. Same vein, Ines recalls moments lived with Chalo. 
Rodrigo sees Aurora walking with Rafael and he gets jealous and Monica asks Rodrigo to accept that his relationship with Aurora never worked and it will never work now that she is with Rafael. 
Ines tells Boni that she had a daughter but she was very young and therefore her father seeing the disgrace that could befall his family took the child away from her and she never saw her baby girl again. 
Aurora goes to see Father Basilio and he tells Aurora that Rodrigo came to see him and Aurora gets upset.

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