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My Sweet Curse Episode 72 Update on Monday 19th February 2018


Aurora goes to see Father Basilio and he tells Aurora that Rodrigo came to see him and Aurora gets upset. Aurora tells Father Basilio that Rodrigo killed their love and that she will never give her heart to anyone else.

Ines feels ashamed because she didn’t do more to try to find her daughter but Boni tells her that she can use her savings to keep the search going and asks her to never again withhold important information like that from her and she assures her. 

Jeronimo tells Rodrigo that Dionisio tried to rape Aurora and that she returned the medallion also because she didn’t want anything from the Villavicencios and this makes Rodrigo feels guiltier for distrusting Aurora. 

Xochitl scratches her face to make her bleed and tore her dress and she enters the ranch to make a drama in front of Elsa and Monica about Aurora picking a fight with her and doing that to her. Elsa believe her but Monica thinks Aurora isn’t the violent type and therefore thinks that Xochitl did that herself but she says it’s wasn’t her and Monica says it still helps her because the more Elsa hates Aurora, the better it is for both of them.

Luis tells Rodrigo that maybe he jumped to conclusions with Aurora because everything points to her being innocent and he advises Rodrigo to speak to her before Rafael woos her.
Xochitl tells Epifania to let the workers of El Recuerdo know about the vision Macrina had about the cows dying and Epifania agrees. 

Severo goes to get food at Apolonia’s ranch for his pigs and he finds Aurora and tells her that he wants her mother to see her cry from wherever she is because she betrayed him.
Rodrigo tells Elsa that jealousy got the best of him and that he didn’t want to listen to Aurora but Elsa insists that Aurora must have led Dionisio on to make him be so obsessed with her and that she is glad that their relationship ended.
Severo enters Apolonia’s stables and
Onesimo tells Ponciano that Tobias can stay with him while Dionisio is under suspicion of attempted rape. 

Monica tells Rodrigo that what he and Aurora feel for each other is not love because they don’t trust each other since love entails trust. Rodrigo then insists that Monica helps him talk to Aurora so they get back together.
Macrina tells Eligio that in a vision she had, he was carrying a dead cow and had his hands stained with blood. 

Monica manages to get Aurora out to meet with Rodrigo and they both talk and he tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her but Aurora tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for him anymore and so she bids him goodbye to him and left leaving Rodrigo to his many doubts.

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