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My Sweet Curse Episode 73 Update on Tuesday 20th February 2018


Monica manages to get Aurora out to meet with Rodrigo and they both talk and he tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her but Aurora tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for him anymore and so she bids him goodbye to him and left leaving Rodrigo to his many doubts.

Elsa asks Jeronimo if he also thinks that she was unfair with Aurora and Jeronimo tells Elsa that she could have heard Aurora out and believed her, but that she rather believed in Dionisio’s lies in order to separate Rodrigo and Aurora. 

Monica tells Rodrigo that Aurora already moved on and she again takes the opportunity to tell him that they’re not really cousins, and makes up a story about her loving his uncle (stepfather) very much, when in reality she was the one who killed him. 

In a fit of jealousy upon seeing Elsa with Jeronimo, Epifania tells Jeronimo in front on Elsa that at last he has something going on with Elsa, the love of his life and threatens Elsa that she will gossip it to everyone so they will know that Elsa stole her man from her. Elsa then looks surprised to hear that from Epifania and tells her never to set foot in her hacienda again. 

Jeronimo tells Epifania that the baby is their only tie and no matter what she does they will never be together again. Later, Jeronimo tells Elsa that he indeed loves her and that his love was born out of the admiration and respect he feels for her, but now that she’s known the truth through Epifania, he will leave the hacienda if his love offends her. 

Onesimo tells Wenceslao that his plan to catch the jewel thief is for him to start going out with Corina and for Wenceslao to start courting Xochitl, but he makes it clear to him that, Apolonia is still the only woman that interests him.

Elsa warns Epifania to not dare her by telling the townsfolk on what is not true because she has done anything to turn Jeronimo on or steal him from her and if she dares spread a rumor that isn’t true, she will fire Jeronimo and in that case the support she may need from him to assist with bringing up the child will be no more and Epifania assures her of her quietness.

Apolonia tells Chalo that she is very proud of him and he also takes the advantage to ask his mum to give Onesimo a chance in her life but that she refuse to let them talk about it. 
In the evening, Elsa begins to think about Jeronimo’s words about professing his love for her and she wonders if she is having feelings for Jeronimo as he does but she fights within herself that she can’t fall in love with Jeronimo. 

Jeronimo is now worried about his future in the hacienda if Elsa will kick him out, but Elsa tells him that she needs him by her side and therefore shouldn’t leave. 
Severo reveals to Macrina that he accomplished the work he sent him to do by putting a death medicine in one of the cow’s mouth without living a trace. So, they both celebrate that soon no one will want to have anything to do with Aurora because she will again be thrown out of Apolonia’s ranch if the cow dies. 

The workers of El Recuerdo find a dead cow and they tell Apolonia that it’s because of the curse of Aurora and Apolonia looks very worried and speechless.

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