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My Sweet Curse Episode 74 Update on Wednesday 21st February 2018


The workers of El Recuerdo find a dead cow and they tell Apolonia that it’s because of the curse of Aurora and Apolonia looks very worried but she shuts the workers up that it’s only some crazy talks they always involve Aurora with. One of them Eligio then tells Apolonia that it’s not crazy talks because Macrina prophesied that the cows in that ranch will start dying one by one and it’s has indeed started but she asks them to go work whiles the Veterinary officer comes to check on the cow to know the very problems.
Epifania tells Aurora that tragedy has come to El Recuerdo because of her, and that it would be best if she left.
Jeronimo tells Elsa that he is now ashamed for confessing his love for her because she knows it can’t be possible but Elsa tells Jeronimo that she is grateful for his love and he is not to be ashamed but that she would like to be different and not be so discriminatory because if she has that she will be fine and Jeronimo not understanding her words, he thanks her for making things clear that she can’t be with him.
The veterinary Officer thinks the cow ate something poisonous and Apolonia and her sons talk to the workers to let them know that the cow died because of something toxic she ate so they won’t go repeating things that are not true.
Monica tells Aurora that she better leaves town before the townsfolk start blaming her for the cow’s death and Aurora replies that she isn’t going to run away as if she were guilty of the witchcraft they are accusing her of and also Dionisio’s issue.
Whiles Rafael tries talking to the workers, the foreman Eligio convinces the workers and they all state that if they do not allow Aurora to leave the hacienda then they will leave but Apolonia arrives and hearing the comments asks them to leave if the wish because she wouldn’t throw Aurora out just because of an absurd superstition as she hates cowards working for her. The loyal ones declare their service for her still whiles Eligio left with a part left of the workers.
After Apolonia stood up for Aurora before the workers, Aurora is very grateful to Apolonia for defending and backing her up and not thinking the worse of her as others do and Apolonia tells her that no matter the troubles one goes through it is bound to come to make us stronger.
Rodrigo goes to Apolonia’s ranch to talk to Aurora and he tells her that he doesn’t care about what happened and that he loves her, but she replies that it’s too late and that he should forget what happened between them yet he tries to come near her but Aurora grabs a knife and tells him that she now knows how to defend herself from anyone so he shouldn’t dare her.
Severo promises to provide Corina the medication to contaminate the milk so that Elsa won’t be able to sell the milk.
Rodrigo tells Monica that no matter what he is going to win Aurora back though she’s proving very tough and Monica can’t stand that Rodrigo still loves Aurora so much and that he still wants to fight to salvage their relationship.
Apolonia asks Aurora not to worry because definitely some of the workers might rethink and return to work but that Aurora thinks that could only happen if only she packs her things and get out of the ranch to look for shelter somewhere but Apolonia says she won’t allow her to that because she is never going to allow Macrina the witch to win the battle. So, she decides to go see Elsa to explain things to her about what caused the death of the cow so she never uses it against her to badmouth her to Mr. Labiada.
Apolonia explains to Elsa what happened in her hacienda and Elsa tells her that it would be best if Aurora left, but Apolonia replies that she already decided that Aurora is going to stay forever at her hacienda and asks Elsa to tell Rodrigo to stay away from El Recuerdo or she is going to kick him out herself if he dares come there again.
Rafael confesses his feelings to Aurora and asks her to let time take care of things.
Rodrigo asks for Father Basilio’s help to win back Aurora’s love.
Aurora tells Rafael that Severo came to the ranch for scrubs and even spoke to her that he will see to it that she gets kicked out of there and that is why she suspects that Severo did poisoned the cow and Rafael looks silent.

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