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My Sweet Curse Episode 75 Update on Thursday 22nd February 2018


Aurora tells Rafael that Severo came to the ranch for scrubs and even spoke to her that he will see to it that she gets kicked out of there and that is why she suspects that Severo did poisoned the cow and Rafael looks but Rafael thinks that Severo isn’t capable of messing up with his mum so Aurora shouldn’t worry.
Eligio tries to convince the others to make Apolonia throw Aurora out of the hacienda. Rafael doesn’t think they can be able to complete the milk order. Apolonia decides to starts milking herself due for the lack of workers.
Monica suggests to Aurora to make Rodrigo believe that she’s interested in Rafael because it is only with that he will stop bordering her but Aurora refuses to lie to Rodrigo.
Rafael goes to ask Severo if he killed one of his cows but he says of course no, even though he can tell Aurora could be the one who will accuse him of doing that because he spoke to her when he went to the ranch and Rafael says Aurora never said anything but that he only suspected him because he is the only one who wishes that Aurora will be thrown out of El-Salado. So, Rafael warns him not to bother Aurora.
Apolonia is out to give out some job flyers to look for new workers and bumping into Father Basilio he tells Apolonia that he will go and bless the hacienda the following day and Apolonia thinks that idea looks really good because with that. The townsfolks will know that those absurd curses don’t exist. Whiles returning, Apolonia sees Onesimo and Corina having coffee in the square and becomes jealous.
Wenceslao invites Xochitl out so he can start with his part of the investigación on her.
Apolonia approaches Corina and Onesimo and asks him to glue some flyers in the police headquarters and Onesimo tries to explain the situation on why he is with Corina to Apolonia but she doesn’t let him and he tells her that the only woman he loves is her but Apolonia says it doesn’t seem so because she sees that he only pretends to be interested in her but when she turns her back he goes after that fresh lady. So, she wishes her good day and left.
Onesimo asks Corina about her jewels choice and seriously, she describes her type of Jewel as that of Elsa’s.
Rafael asks Chalo for help to study online.
Rodrigo gives some books to Jeronimo to give to Aurora since he knows Aurora likes those books a lot and he Will gradually win her love back.
Monica demands from Severo and Macrina to do something so Aurora leaves town if even it takes them to stain their hands with blood but Severo says if that is what she wants then she should kill Aurora herself because he won’t stain his hands just to help her get the man she wants and Macrina seconds Severo because if anything should happen to Aurora, that memory will be hard to erase than the one to get Aurora and Rodrigo separated.
Ines refuses Camilo’s proposal to sleep together.
The social worker speaks with Tobias to know if indeed it’s not Ponciano trying to poison his parents against him but the boy is able to spill everything and his living condition with his father and how he even tried kissing his best friend Aurora and the worker thanked Tobias for being sincere with her.
Wenceslao tries to find out from Xochitl if she knows who stole the jewels.
Elsa tells father Basilio that Jeronimo declared his loved to her and Father Basilio asks Elsa if she feels something for Jeronimo and she says she actually can’t tell but all she knows is that she needs Jeronimo by herself but she wouldn’t be able to stand the people’s critics if she dated Jeronimo and father says it doesn’t matter what others thinks about someone but it’s about what she feels for Jeronimo because if she gives herself that chance the situation can change her life forever.
Jeronimo takes money to Epifania and tells her he’s not going to neglect her and he gives the books to Aurora on behalf of Rodrigo but she rejects it in the first place so Jeronimo will not misunderstand her but Jeronimo convinces her to take it so she can study and use it to write her upcoming exams.
Onesimo can’t understand why Apolonia rejects his advances but became angry when she found him with Corina and Father Basilio tells Onesimo that Apolonia got angry because she got jealous and Onesimo becomes so happy and hope father is right with his statement.
Monica shed tears says to her mum that nothing of what Severo and Macrina have made to help her get rid of Aurora has worked because Rodrigo still wants to win Aurora over again.
Onesimo goes to see Apolonia and he kisses her passionately.
Rodrigo sends flowers through someone to Aurora and Rafael sees the flowers and he take them back to Rodrigo and warns Rodrigo that Aurora wants nothing from him and he destroys the flowers and Rodrigo asks him if he is the to give the flowers back because Aurora asked him or it’s just because he is scared to lose Aurora and Rafael looks speechless.

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