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My Sweet Curse Episode 76 Update on Monday 26th February 2018


Rodrigo sends flowers through someone to Aurora and Rafael sees the flowers and he take them back to Rodrigo and warns Rodrigo that Aurora wants nothing from him and he destroys the flowers and Rodrigo asks him if he is the to give the flowers back because Aurora asked him or it’s just because he is scared to lose Aurora and Rafael looks speechless. Elsa then asks Rodrigo if he tried sent the flowers to Aurora and he says he never did and he tells her that he will do even the impossible to recover Aurora not just with mere flowers.
Onesimo kisses and declares his love to Apolonia but Apolonia reproaches Onesimo that he was with Corina the day before. He then explains to her that he suspects that Corina stole Elsa’s jewels and that is why he is only pretending to court Corina to know the truth and so is Wenceslao going out with Xochitl.
It turns out it was Monica who sent the flowers to Aurora in the name of Rodrigo and now she and her mum Corina celebrates thinking that Aurora has already gotten angry with Rodrigo for receiving flowers supposedly from him.
Apolonia admits to Onesimo that she also feels attracted to him but she doesn’t accept to have a relationship with Onesimo out of fear of her children’s reaction if they get to know.
The social worker interviews Dionisio and he tells her that he got kick by a cow and that is why she sees all those bruises on his face.
Chalo tells Apolonia that nobody arrived asking for work upon all the job flyers they sent out but she still have hope. Aurora then suggests to Rafael to go to El Rosario to hire people to work in the hacienda and luckily, Aurora and Rafael get workers in El Rosario to work in the ranch.
Maximina and Altagracia confesses to father Basilio that they go to El Huateque to drink.
Camilo gets upset when he sees Boni in Ines’s house.
Chalo and Apolonia complain about Rafael and Aurora’s absence, but they arrive surprisingly with workers to help them with the milking.
Elsa offers Rodrigo to pay him a trip to Africa but he reproaches her mum that he can see she wants to separate him from Aurora and that is why she wants him to travel but she can’t force him.
Jeronimo speaks to Elsa on Aurora’s behalf and tells her that Aurora and Rodrigo were born for each other and so no matter what she can’t separate them.
The social worker interviews Gloria about what caused Dionisio’s bruises and she at first lied that he hit himself by a fence contradicting that of Dionisio’s confession and the woman pleaded with her to tell the truth so she Will know who to believe and Gloria has no choice than to spill out the whole truth. After, she goes to reproach her father Ponciano for having taken her son away from his parents and swears that if in case it happens that the social workers takes Tobias away from them, she Will never forgive him.
Father Basilio arrives to bless Apolonia’s hacienda and after the blessing which was also spied by Severo, Apolonia reveals to father Basilio what happened with Onesimo after his visit and the priest tells her that she should accept to go out with Onesimo.
Wenceslao tells Onesimo that Xochitl really hates Aurora upon the little convesation he had with her about Aurora.
Rafael wants to give a medallón to Aurora, but she never accept.
Macrina gets angry to know that Aurora solved the problem in El Recuerdo hacienda.
Boni confesses to Chalo that Ines is not in love with Camilo but with him.
Rodrigo sends another book adding a love letter to it to be given to Aurora through Jeronimo and there he reveals to Aurora that Rodrigo wasn’t the one who sent the flowers. Aurora reads the letter which talks about the beginning of their love from childhood where he saved her from the townsfolks when they tried to attack her and how the love germinated from there and that makes him continuously love her the very moment he saw her and Aurora looks so affected.

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