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Timeless Love Episode 78 Update on Thursday 15th February 2018


Nata and Jero anguish in their respective bedrooms. Jero still loves Nata and it kills him to not have her. Nata cries that it hurts her so much to love Jero; it has to end. She wants Jero out of her life once and for all.

Matias and Adriana slog through mountains of paperwork at the office. They take a break and get down to gossip. Adriana asks Mat what he's going to do now that Berta has lost her baby. Especially since it could have been either his or Jero's. Mat wants a divorce but not until the time is right. It would look pretty bad if they got divorced immediately after the miscarriage. Berta calls Mat a prince for sacrificing so much for his family. She wishes she had a guy like him in her life. Mat is flattered.

Gonzo has Regina on his mind and there's nothing he can do to stop it. Not that he wants to. He loves Regina and desperately wants to see her. Beth the Secretary interrupts his daydreaming because he's expected at a meeting.

Cata and Ines wave to Andrecito and Isidro through the hospital window. He gets to go home tomorrow! Ines asks Cata to help her make some sweets that Andrecito likes so much. Of course, she'll be over to help tonight. Ines thinks that tonight will be Regina's opportunity to be alone with Gonzo.

Antonio meets Regi at a café. Regi has made a decision. The love between them has faded. At least it has from her end of the relationship. She tried to love him - she really did! But she just can't do it. Tony asks Regi who she does love, though he already knows the answer. Regi says that it is none of Tony's business. She tried to make it work but everything fell through. Sorry, Tony, it's over. Tony tears up as he takes the ring back.

Back at La Bonita, Jero congratulates Matilde and Carlos on their engagement. Mati still says there's no guy more handsome than Jero. Carlos teases that he's grateful that love is blind. Carlos and Jero sneak off into the office so Jero can read the autopsy results. Jero is astounded. "This mean that my brother didn't commit suicide?! Rafael was murdered!" 

Everyone at Empresas Monterrubio is at a meeting. The books still won't cook. Adriana remembers an investment they made in boats that were supposedly owned by the company but actually aren't. Gonzo is sure that Blanca was behind it. Honorio hangs his head. Gonzo wants a full-scale investigation started on any account Blanca so much as breathed on.

Carlos says that the report means that the bullet that shot Rafa had to have come from another person. Jero is determined to find out who did it and make him/her pay. He can't sit still he's so worked up over Rafa's murder. Jero knew he Rafa wouldn't have killed himself! Jero thinks Roberta might have been the shooter. She came to give dump him, gave him the letter, and then killed him! Carlos thinks it might have been Agustin. He hated Rafa and wanted his vineyard. They also suspect Doc Vodka was complicit in Rafa's death.

Nata tells Constanza that the next morning she has an appointment with a divorce lawyer. Coni has noticed that Augie has feelings for Nata. What does Nata feel for him? Nata can't open her heart to another guy right now. She's still healing. But she is done with Jero for good. There is just too much distrust between them. Coni can relate because of her problems with Honorio.

Now it's Nata's turn to ask how Coni feels about her guy-in-waiting. Coni still isn't sure how she feels about Chema; she just likes spending time with him because he makes her feel alive. Despite their differences, they still have a lot in common. Nata feels the same way about Augie but it is not love. Coni thinks it could be love eventually. Giving it a chance would be better than closing the door to love forever.

All Empresa employees pour over the files to search for discrepancies. Daniel texts Blanca information about what's going on. She calls Honorio to tease him. "Want to go on a boat ride, mi amor?" Enough playing games! Honorio could have her arrested for what she's done to the company - fraud, money laundering, and certainly other crimes they haven't found out about yet.

Honorio suddenly remembers Blanca having given him the boat account and he trusted her enough to sign it without reading it. He looks like he is about to be sick. Blanca is less than worried by Hon's threats. She just wants to get him in her bed. Hon hangs up and fumes that Blanca set him up.

Jero asks the La Bonita employees if they saw anyone on the grounds the day Rafa died. No one knows but Manuela suspects that Augie and Doc Vodka were in it together. Mati hopes Karina will be free from the Doc forever now. Jero asks them to keep quiet about the investigation.

Augie gets home to find Selene waiting in his bed. They lock lips.

Antonio foams at the mouth over Regina breaking up with him. "I can't let you to shut me out of your life! I have to find your daughter so you will have to come back to me." Tony has the emotional maturity of a 16 year old.

Gonzo arrives at Regina's place. It worries Regi that both of Gonzo's daughters hate her so much. Not only does it upset his daughters but it also causes a barrier between herself and Gonzo. Regi knows that Gonzo's marriage is a farce. She has finally listened to her heart: She loves Gonzo.

Gonzo is over the moon. His feelings for Regi never stopped. She tells him she broke it off with Tony. Regi is free to love the man who truly owns her heart. She kisses him and Gonzo passionately kisses back.

Fina gets home from the hospital to pick up some clothes for Berta. She calls Gustavo (?) and admits that she is Pepa. He says he wants money - lots and lots of money. He has proof that one of her daughters isn't really hers. Fina nervously agrees to pay handsomely for the documents that could incriminate her.

Doctora Marina checks in on Berta, who is doing better. She asks Berta about Jero having asked for a DNA test on the baby. Marina didn't tell Jero that the baby was lost weeks ago but if Berta's husband asks about the miscarriage, Doc has to tell him the truth.

Regi leads Gonzo into her bedroom. The lights go out and we see their silhouettes kiss.

Augie texts Nata a goodnight message while in bed with Selene. Nata lays down in bed and remembers cuddling with Jero after his accident. She has to rebuild herself and move on. Meanwhile, Jero jolts awake from a nightmare. "Rafa's death was a murder, Renata. None of this should have happened." He writhes about how wrong he was. He hopes everything gets resolved soon - for Rafa's sake and for Nata's.

Selene is spitting mad that Augie is texting Nata. He's supposed to be with her. Augie doesn't get why Sele is in such a snit. Their relationship is about sex and nothing more. Sele can't believe she fell for a guy who behaves the same way Berta does - a total user. Augie says he would like to meet Berta.

Berta has nothing nice to say to Fina when she arrives with fresh clothes. It's still Fina's fault she lost the baby in the first place. Berta is starting to hate Fina; she is destroying Berta's life. Fina looks hurt for a moment. Well, as hurt as a woman who has no heart can look.

Gonzo and Regina are all smiles and giggles as she shows him to the door. He promises to have a word with Nata so that she'll agree to have a talk with Regi. They kiss and are both lost in love with each other. Yay!
Adriana and Matias are asleep in each others arms on the couch. Aww. They both zonked out while working overtime on the file search. Adri loves being by Mat's side and he's pretty happy about it too. Honorio brings them some coffee and they detach themselves.

Gonzo calls Mat for an update. Mat says the company is in worse condition than they thought. Gonzo is all rainbows and sunshine. "Don't worry about it! Everything will work out!" Mat's puzzled by Gonzo's good cheer.

Regina dreams of her encounter with Gonzo but Cata knocks on the door and interrupts. Regi gets a text from Gonzo. He loves her, it was the best night of his life, etc. Regina doesn't mention the text to Cata but she does tell Mami Dearest that she broke up with Tony. Regi isn't in love with him. Nothing is going to change her mind. Cata is left stuttering in shock.

Nata tells the lawyer that she wants a divorce because of irreconcilable differences. The lawyer says all she needs to do is have the papers delivered to Jero and then set up an appointment. Augie enthusiastically shakes the lawyer's hand like he just won the lottery. Nata isn't so excited.

Chema tip-toes into the centro kitchen and surprises Coni. He understands that she still has Honorio on her mind but he still wants to show her a good time. Chema leads her out for a secret date.

Cata refuses to talk to Regina during breakfast. Regi explains her reasons again. Cata is disappointed in Regi for fooling around with a married man.

Tony asks Detective Cantu is Pepa and Fina are the same person. Cantu thinks so but he needs more time to get the proof he needs to accuse Fina. Tony promises to keep Gonzo out of the investigation because of his connection to Fina. He wants nothing more than to unmask Fina and return Regina's daughter to her so that Regi will be his once again.

Fina is all sugary sweetness and light to Dr. Marina. The Doc sees right through it. She hopes they never see each other again because she will not lie for her patients. Marina is offended when Fina offers to pay for her trouble. Hooray! A doctor who has some integrity in this show!

Ines is thrilled to hear about Regina's success with Gonzo. Regi doesn't like that Gonzo is still married but Ines assures her that it is only a marriage on paper. Fina and Roberta walk down the hallway just in time for Ines to catch a glimpse. Regi rushes over to see them but they've already gone. She's curious to see what Fina looks like. It feels strange for Regi to be the other woman.

Nata tells Augie that it is difficult for her to "break the picture" - end the dream of having a house, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence with Jero. Augie suggests that Nata could find another man to share that with her. He promises to do everything he can to make her divorce as painless as possible. Augie will always be by her side.

Jero and Carlos go to the police to accuse Agustin and Roberta of the murder of Rafael.

Avances: Jero watches as Augie gets arrested. The police haul Roberta off to jail and it drives Fina over the edge

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