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Timeless Love Episode 82 Update on Wedneday 21st February 2018


Regina and Coni talk over a cup of coffee. Regina wants Coni and family to be the guests of honor at the upcoming Festival de Galas for the Regina Center. Coni reveals that Empresas Monterrubio (EM) is in big financial trouble. Regina offers to give back the wad of dough that EM donated but Coni says Gonzo and Hon would never accept it. Regina says “Gonzo never told me this last night when we were...” Oops, she admits to Coni that she and Gonzo have started a relationship. Coni gives the biggest smile we’ve seen from her in a long time.
Over at EM Matias and Adri go out to the corner cafe. They offer to get something for Beth the Receptionist proving what nice bosses they are. After they leave, a skulking Daniel tells Beth he’s going to look for something in the New Files (archivos nuevos). Honorio follows, gets the info from Beth and comments that the New Files are on this floor, why the elevator? He follows Daniel with an angry, worried look on his face. Now Beth looks worried too.
While at the cafe Adri sees something across the street. She says check out the crazy -looking lady and Matias wonders don’t they know her? WE know it’s BSC Blanca in black with big-heeled boots. Dopey Daniel walks up to talk to her which makes Matias and Adri take notice. DD and BSCB begin to have heated words. Suddenly Honorio sneaks up behind them and Matias comments he seems to be watching them (vigilando = watching, following, spying on).
Daniel angrily tells Blanca he no longer wants anything to do with her and that she’s absolutely loca. I love the triptych where we get to see DD and BSCB, Mat and Adri all saucer-eyed, and spying Honorio all at the same time. DD says he hasn’t seen one peso from her and the only thing she wants is to ruin EM, Honorio and his family. She admits yes, that’s true. DD yells again that she’s crazy, he’s going to renounce her, and starts to stomp off.
BSCB violently pushes him to the sidewalk. Ouch, he even bounces a couple of times. Honorio runs toward them. Adri shrieks that it’s Blanca and Nata was right, DD’s the snitch. Matias calls EM security. Honorio grabs Blanca, she grabs him by the ears, shakes him really hard and knees him in the nuts. Loca but impressive. Now both DD and Hons are on the ground. Matias and Adri (who wisely kicks off her spike heels) pursue BSCB with security behind them. For some reason Adri decides to cross the street, to head BSCB off? Oh cripes, it’s Adri that takes a header over the speeding car. And WTF, the driver takes off, it’s a hit and run!
Blanca escapes, Matias and Hons freak out, “Help us! Call an ambulance!!” and Adri is face down on the street. Zowie, what a scene! I need a breather, my heart is pounding.
Over at Misery Manor Gonzo has arrived with a smouldering fire in his eyes. Fina wonders what he’s doing there in the middle of the day? “When did you last see your doc?” he coolly asks. “Yesterday” responds Malafina with a shrug of her shoulders. Gonzo demands that she call the doc. Call him right now.
Adri opens her eyes briefly, Hons continues to yell for help and Matias tells her to hang on (resiste = hang on, fight, hold on, resist). Adri quietly whispers “Daddy I love you so much. Matias, give me a kiss, I’m dying.” Oh hell, I’m tearing up. Matias kisses her and her eyes slowly close. The men yell with renewed vigor. Oh please please please telenovela gods, don’t let our sweet Adriana die!
Things are bit more pleasant at La Bonita. Carlos rushes into the kitchen to excitedly tell Mati that his parents and some of his brothers are arriving next week. Manuela wants to start right in on the menu for the big feast. Mati is concerned about imposing on Jero’s hospitality but Carlos says Jero wants them there. Manuela says Renata will probably return and it doesn’t always work out with two patrones and two patronas in the same house. Carlos hugs Mati and announces his mujer will have her own house. Awww, aren’t they just too happy? Sadly, the answer is yes.
Manuela suggests they move into Kari and Doc Demented’s old house because Kari doesn’t want to live there. Ewwww, the rape and kidnap house? Really? Matilde agrees, that house doesn’t have a good vibe. Carlos says the Padre can bless it, they’ll remodel, he convinces her and she relents. "Wherever you take me I'll be by your side." (A tu lado a donde me llevas, anyone else have a better translation?)
Hons begs Adri not to die while Matias gently pats her hair.
Fina makes a show of calling her doc but he doesn’t answer. The office says he’s on vacation. Gonzo says he’ll give her one chance to tell him the truth. What truth does he mean? “That your illness is a farce, blackmail, a vile and disgusting lie. She’s all sweetness and tears, “but I have a brain tumor, boo hoo”. Gonzo tells her to shut up, he went to the doctor and discovered her brain tumor belonged to another patient. He yells at her not to play the innocent, she played him for a fool, how could she lie to him about being on the brink of death?!?!!
Malafina crumples and her lip trembles. “Yes I lied, I lied,” she weeps. She invented it to keep him close to her and away from that woman. She was desperate. She told her doctor and he proposed the plan. It was all his idea. Who besides me is 100% shocked that serpent mom copped to the deed?
Gonzo loses it, he’s never been so angry as evidenced by his perfectly coiffed hair that is flying out of control. In fact his wrath is positively poetic and I quote:
Mentiste, engaƱaste, simulaste, te burlaste de los otros!!
You lied, you betrayed, you shammed and deceived others!!
Be still my heart, such passion. Bravo Rene Casados!
Fina whines that she wanted to die. “Oh that you should die,” he accuses. He says he understands why Roberta is the way she is. He now understands very well what Fina is like, more so than ever before. More Fina whining and groping, nobody has ever been more in love than she with him. He demands she takes her hands off his body. He wants nothing more to do with her or her lies.

He stalks out leaving Fina wide-eyed and stricken. Yowza, another great scene. But her smirk in the going-to-commercial portrait reminds us that although Malafina may be down she is certainly not out.
Out in the fields Ezequiel has told Lazaro about his altercation with Augustin. Laz says Ez did the right thing, it’s one thing for boss to pay you for work, it another for you to commit a crime. Ez says he did things for Augie he didn’t want to do. Laz asks if Ez had anything to do with Carlos’s beating. Ez shuffles around and admits yes, indirectly, and he’s very ashamed about it. Laz tells his friend he knows Ez, he’s not the kind of guy to go against his principles. He suggests maybe he can find him a job at La Bonita but Ez just shakes his head.
Ez changes the subject, how is Kari after all this business with El Doctorcito? Laz doesn’t know, he thinks Kari still feels something for her husband. Ez can’t believe it after what he did to Karina and then to Alfonsina. He can’t stand the thought of Alf in the doctor’s arms and he doesn’t want her in his life anymore. Sad, lovelorn men.
Jero and Nata joyfully enter the hacienda and even Matilde is happy to see them. Carlos gushes “welcome back to La Bonita” but then gets embarrassed, maybe they should change the name. Lots of shuffling and hemming and hawing, then Carlos nudges Mati, she has something to say.
Amazingly Matilde apologizes to Renata. She thought Renata was the Maldita Bonita but now she knows differently. Please forgive her. Renata says she admired Mari’s loyalty and she forgives her. They hug and Carlos shrugs, “women!”.
Carlos asks them to be the padrinos at their wedding. More good news for Renata. Nata asked what happened to Mati’s “Hermoso”? Mati says he’s all Renata’s. Nata says if she’s around when they get married she would be very honoured. Eh? Jero doesn’t understand? (Carlos grabs Mati and they sneak out.) Nata reminds him she has to return to the DF for business. Jero wants to take care of her and not let her out of his life.
The EMTs put Adri into the ambulance. She’s still alive thank goodness, but the EMT advises they have to get her to the hospital ASAP. Hons jumps in the ambulance and Matias says he’ll follow.
Gonzo’s in his study still seething. Fina slips into the room and begs him for another chance, she was desperate. He growls that nothing justifies what she did and there will be nothing else between them. He feels sorry for her (me das lastima) but they are over, OVER! He’s leaving right now and nothing will detain him! Fina actually whimpers.
Nata is with Kari and Kari reminds Nata she was the first to tell her that Alvaro would never change. She married someone she thought she knew, but she never knew him at all. Nata indicates the same thing happened to her. Kari says but Nata knows the real Jero now even though he was a stranger before. Renata and all of viewerville give a little eye roll to that one.
Nata tells Kari she’s confused, she came to tell Jero that her sister is not a murderer and what did she do? Make love with him. Kari says it’s because you love him. Nata says it’s because she was a little crazy,her head wanted one thing and her heart another. Kari admits she (Kari) understands because she should be by her husband’s side, but her heart belongs to Lazaro. Kari advises if Nata really loves Jero then she should fight for that love. (Well then Kari, you should fight for yours!)
Down in the office Jero tells Carlos that he wants to move forward with the San Rafael wine project ASAP blah blah blah. He’s excited and inspired and says he can’t believe how much he regrets the time he wasted not being by Renata’s side. From now on he’s going to enjoy her second by second. Carlos said he didn’t think Nata would forgive Jero after all the terrible things he did. Jero said he can’t believe it either then joyously describes the overwhelming love he feels for her. Carlos asks what Jero intends to do about the Rafa murder trial. Jero’s going to continue to go after the guilty party. From this moment on he no longer doubts Renata and he can be at peace and completely happy.
Nata’s in her room thinking, thinking about making love to Jero, kissing Jero, having fun with Jero. She paces and then recalls his cruel words to her, when he described her as the unscrupulous murderer of his brother. She’s in such a quandary! She loves Jero, but can she forgive him? She tried but she can’t. She pulls out her notebook and starts writing.
Ezequiel visits Augie in jail to report that Nata is at La Bonita and he was told she and Jero have reconciled. Augie’s pissed off and rages he’s in jail for something he didn’t do! He thought bubbles that he’s got to think of something to separate them forever.
Laz tells Jero he’s come to a decision. The proposal that Jero made the other day about his studies? He’s going to accept it, stick around and continue his studies; he promises Jero won’t regret it. I’m thinking that Jero has offered to help out with tuition because he says he knows he won’t regret it and Laz will graduate at the top of his class.
Back at Fina’s Hell Hole Gonzo’s got his bags and he’s taking off. Fina whimpers and whines. Gonzo tells her to cut the drama. Fina says “You’re going to her aren’t you? You’re leaving here to be with Regina.” Gonzo reminds her he wanted to separate long before Regina showed up. (Um, is that entirely true?) He’s calling Soto and moving forward with the divorce.
Malafina rears her ugly head and snarls she’ll never give him a divorce, she’ll remain Mrs. Gonzalo Monterrubio. Gonzo stares her down. He’s going to do it and he can do it for better, or for worse. It’s up to her. See ‘ya. Her evil eyes hurl daggers at his back.
As Gonzo packs his car up he gets a call from Matias and the bad news about Adri’s accident. He rushes to join his son.
Up at the house Fina, channeling Pedro Almodovar’s Pepa (funny, they have the same name) scares the heck out of the maid by piling Gonzo’s clothes on the steps, dousing them in fuel and lighting them on fire

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