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Timeless Love Episode 83 Update on Thursday 22nd February 2018


Picking up from last night, fate continues to shove Nata into significant characters as she bumps into Marina at the airport. They exchange polite perdóns and go their separate (though unknowingly connected) ways. 

Carlos and Matilde are bummed that Renata left; they were both sure that she and Jero had reconciled. Jero says that Nata left him because she could not forget how much he hurt her. Nata didn't leave because she does not love him. Jero, in tears, admits he is destroyed by Nata's leaving. Carlos asks if Jero will try to get Nata back. 

Constanza runs into the centro kitchen to tell Chema about Adriana's accident. Coni has to be with Honorio now that the life of his only daughter is in danger. Chema wants to go with her but Coni tells him she has to go alone. She only wants to be with Honorio. Chema wants Coni to share her problems with him now that they are an item. Coni can't deal with that right now and hurries out the door. 

Regina tells Gonzo she wishes she could go with him to the hospital but doesn't think it would be prudent. It would cause problems with Fina. Gonzo tells Regi not to worry about Fina anymore. She lied about having a brain tumor. Gonzo moved out of the house and is getting a divorce ASAP. From this moment on, Regi is his partner. Regi cries happy tears. 

Detective Cantu grills Daniel at the police station. Danny Boy has a bandaged head but is otherwise fine. He agrees to tell the feds everything they want to know about Blanca but only if he gets to explain it in front of Hon and Gonzo. 

Honorio waits anxiously for word on Adri's condition. Matias leaves a message for Nata but doesn't go into detail. Coni arrives at the hospital with Gonzo. She takes one look at Honorio and embraces him. 

Mat tells Gonzo that Adri's operation could take hours; all they can do is wait and hope. Gonzo tries to comfort Mat. 

Honorio blames himself for Adriana's accident. If he hadn't been so stupid as to trust Blanca, none of this would have happened. Adri was hit because she was trying to help him. "It should have been me! It would not matter if I lived or died! My daughter is so young and full of life. She can't die!" Constanza tries to console him through her own tears. 

BSC Blanca reaches a whole new level of psychosis as she sits on a bed and contemplates a lighter. She drags the flame across her arm with creepy satisfaction. 

It leaves nasty red burns on her forearm. Then she starts beating herself with a wooden stick (??) and calling herself estúpida. Gah, this reminds me of that scene in Fatal Attraction where Alex sits in a bedroom flicking a light switch on and off for hours. 

*Shiver* They both have sick obsessions with married men and both enjoy self-mutilation. They should share a rubber room together somewhere. 

Matias finally gets through to Renata and he tells her about Adri's accident. Nata will be there as soon as she can. 

The doctor checks up on a battered and unconscious Adriana. 

A young woman asks a nurse for information about the girl who was run over by a car. Matias overhears and is on the defensive. He guesses that the young woman must be the low-life hit-and-run driver. 

Nata arrives at the hospital and Gonzo tells her that Adri is in intensive care; no one is allowed to see her yet. Nata sits with Hon and Coni and keeps repeating that there's no way Adriana can die. Everyone anguishes in the waiting room. 

The young lady tells Matias that her sister was driving the car. She is underage and the accident scared her so much she ran away. The lady says that both she and her father want to accept responsibility for the accident which is why she came to the hospital. Matias softens and apologizes for jumping down her throat. He introduces himself and she tells him her name is Julieta Montiel (Zoraida Gómez, another cast member from En Nombre del Amor). 

Julieta says that her family is not wealthy but her father is prepared to pay for Adri's medical expenses even if they have to pay it little by little. Matias thanks Julieta for the offer but they can't accept it. If they did, the police would investigate and Julieta's sister would have trouble with the law. 

Early the next morning, the doctor finally has news for the Monterrubios. He tells them that Adri isn't out of the woods yet but they have hope she will pull through. Adri broke several bones, including her left leg, but the doctor is most worried about Adri's spine. Uh-oh. 

The doctor says he noticed that several discs in Adri's spine were damaged by the impact of the car. It could effect her mobility but he has hope that it will heal in time. None of the Monterrubios are very comforted by the news. 

Marina has arrived in wine country and takes a stroll with Padre. Marina hopes she can do something for the locals who lost their livelihoods in the storm. Padre thinks Marina is just what the doctor ordered. They need a competent medical profession in town. Marina would be happy to help. 

Jero leaves on horseback. Lazaro tells Mati and Carlos he thinks Jero is going to look for Nata. 

Gonzo and Matias leave to hold down the fort at work so Honorio can devote his time to his hija. Nata promises to stay as long as she needs to. 

Ezequiel catches Jero leading Nata's horse Gitana out of the stables. Jero is taking the horse with or without permission. Zeke doesn't like it but he lets Jero go without much of a fight. 

Augie's lawyer tells him he's free to go because they don't have enough evidence to hold him. Augie gloats that it's going to drive Jero crazy that he's been cleared of all charges. 

Matias and Coni have coffee in the hospital cafeteria. Mat doesn't want Julieta's sister to end up prosecuted, especially since Adri did not look before she ran out into the street. Coni tells him to talk to Honorio about it. Gonzo drops by to tell Matias that they have to leave for work. 

Constanza comes back from the waiting room to find Nata by herself. Hon left to make a phone call. Tia Coni asks how things went with Jero. Nata says everything went well but she had to leave Jero. She is not going to be in Jero's life and he will no longer be a part of her's. It breaks Nata's heart but she had to do it. Coni gives Nata a motherly hug. 

Karina and Lazaro discuss Nata's leaving the hacienda. Kari can identify with Nata; she could never forgive what Doc did to her. She's going to miss Nata because she made Kari feel happy and valuable. Lazaro tells Kari she is very valuable. 

Matias gets back to the casa. He fills Roberta in on where everyone has been the past day. Berta has a smug satisfaction about her as she figures out that Jero and Nata tried to reconcile but failed. Mat wants to end the farce that is their marriage as soon as possible. 

Fina puts up her jewelery in order to get some quick cash. She vows that she will get Gonzo back and settle things once and for all with Regina. 

Detective Cantu tells Antonio that he has found a guy who was Fina's lover in the past. Cantu is sure this will be the solution to the PepaFina equation. 

Padre pays a visit to Jero and introduces him to Doctora Marina. Jero flashes an award-winning grin. 

Nata prays about her situation. She is thankful Adriana survived and asks for the strength to move on from Jero. She doesn't want another relationship full of lies and misery. She prays for help in healing her broken heart. 

Jero mentions having already met Marina at the hospital once. The pueblo is planning a birthday celebration for Padre and he invites Jero and Nata to the party. Jero fills Padre in on Nata's leaving. Padre's smile after hearing this news makes me think he wants to play matchmaker with Jero and Marina. 

Augie returns to his hacienda and Zeke tells him about Jero taking Gitana from the stables. Augie tells Zeke that he is supposed to protect everything that Augie owns with his life. If he's not willing to do that, Zeke can leave. Augie seethes that Nata would want her horse moved.

Jero tells Carlos that he wants to win Nata back but he has to give her time. He and Nata had such a volatile relationship. Jero needs to earn her love and work to keep it for the rest of their lives. 

Padre fills Marina in on Jero and Nata's torrid love story. Marina tells Padre she knew Jero because he had asked her to preform a DNA test on Berta's baby. What a small world! Berta was Rafa's novia and Nata's sister. How odd, says Marina. Jero had asked to have the test done to see if Berta's baby was his or not. Padre's gossipy heart can barely handle the shock of it. 

Nata turns up at Palacio Monterrubio to have a word with Berta. They have a surprisingly civil conversation. Berta is glad that everyone knows she didn't kill Rafa, even if Jero wanted to have her thrown in jail. Nata says Jero only wants justice. She wishes Berta would help them achieve it. Berta has no idea who would want to kill Rafa but she wants to find out who did it so the two of them can move on from the ghosts of boyfriends past. 

Matias and Gonzo both agree that Julieta Montiel and her family are not at fault for the accident. They lay the blame solely at Blaaaaanca Ocaaaampo's feet. 

Augie calls La Bonita but Manuela tells him that Nata returned to Mexico. Augie is thrilled. 

Constanza brings Hon some coffee. He thanks her for staying by his side. Coni cries that she has grown to love Adriana and wants her to survive. Honorio leaves to fill out more paperwork and Coni is surprised to find Chema there when she turns around. 

Coni says Chema shouldn't be there. Hon is so worried about Adri's condition that Chema's presence would send him over the edge. Chema can't help but be jealous that Coni is spending so much time with Hon. He asks Coni not to exclude him from her life but leaves the hospital to avoid causing trouble. 

Back at the the police station, Danny Boy tells Gonzo and Matias that he wants to help them set a trap for Blanca. He will tell them anything they want to know about Blanca as long as they drop the charges against him. Gonzo is not pleased but agrees to the conditions so Blanca will never hurt another person he loves. Matias threatens...no warns Daniel that if he double-crosses them, there will be hell to pay. 

Fina stuffs her cash into a bag and plans to meet with Gustavo. She wants him to do things her way. He kind-of agrees. 

Nata does an eye makeup commercial and gets a call from Augie. She's happy to hear Augie is out of jail. Nata tells him about Adri's accident and promises to get back to him when she isn't stretched so thin. 

Gonzo and Mat fill Honorio in on Daniel's interrogation. He admitted to being Blanca's accomplice. Hon is worried about having to trust a liar like Daniel but he understands that it's a risk they have to take to catch Blanca. Hon's main concern is Adriana's health. 

Regina, Doña Cata, Ines, and Isidro all stop by the hospital to ask about Adriana. She is still fighting for her life. Regi steps out for a minute to get a drink and Gonzo bounds down the hallway to help her. 

Gustavo paces in a remote wooded area. Detective Cantu meets with him while Fina waits in the bushes. Gustavo hands over the paperwork that proves that Fina was the kidnapper. Cantu hands over a check and Gustavo promptly shoots Cantu in the chest. 

Ay, dios mio! Fina checks his pulse and is pleased to see that Cantu is dead. She didn't think Gustavo had the guts to do it. He pockets the check and Fina hands over the sack with the money she promised him. Gustavo thinks he and Fina should go on a trip together to celebrate their villainy. Fina says there is a place she plans to visit but Gustavo is going to get there before she does: HELL. 

Fina shoots Gustavo in the chest. He wheezes in pain and when the credits roll, he hasn't quite died yet. Just when we thought Fina was down for the count, she comes back with a vengeance! What's the body count up to now? 


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