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Timeless Love Episode 84 Update on Friday 23rd February 2018


Just look at the skill with which she handles the gun, speaks in dulcet tones. How clever is the Fina scheme to have Gustavo take Cantu’s money then shoot him for her. I observed again that she talks a kind of baby talk when she says HE”S DEAD of Cantu and then again promises to meet Gustavo later but only in HELL. Her smile of pleasure is the most sincere ever to cross her face. She collects documents, daintily lifts the money bag and Cantu’s check in Gustavo’s pocket while she turns a slender ankle for us to admire as she steps over the dead bodies and finally gives a last adios to the two fools.

Regina and Gonzo make eyes at each other and sweet talk at the hospital. He assures her that the lawyers will take care of the divorcing Fina problem. Roberta pitches a fit when she finds Gonzo romantically kissing Regina’s hand. She loses no time hitting the shrill notes: all this time THIS has been ruining our family. Gonzo walks off to talk with his foul-mouthed daughter telling her to stop her insults of Regina. Then Dona Cata comes up to express her own irritation. Regina shouldn’t act shamefully like this and doesn’t deserve this life she is creating. Does she forget that she was the wife who was betrayed and now she is the betrayer? Gonzo tries to quiet Roberta who screams that this “old thing” is taking the place of her mother who is so terribly ill. He tells her as if she hasn’t heard it that Fina’s illness was all a trick. Roberta who often thinks only of money manages to blame him for ruining the business and risking losing all the money, all for fault of Regina Soberon. Mama Cata comes along the hallway to give Gonzo the next ugly earful about his bad behavior Some days you jus’ can’t get no respect no how.

Matilde, now permanently in giddy mode, assures Jero that she has the perfect way to get Renata back to the hacienda. She will make her keep her promise to be her madrina at the wedding if he will give her Renata ‘s phone number. He doesn’t think Renata will be coming back and she needs to find another madrina but Matilde won’t be defeated no hacer por vencida. (Shades of Andrecito and just as sweet.) I am really preferring the new Matilde.

Matt and Renata discuss that she is through forever with Jero and will not return. Matt thinks this is a good decision. He will take care of the investigation at the empressa while she can go be with Adriana. She discovered the base plot and he can take care of the follow up investigation. He realized how much he cares for Adriana when there was the possibility that she would die. He wonders if he gets his messy life cleared up if romance is possible. He wants Renata to promise that if he and she are to remain only friends that she at least won’t rush out and take up with another lover without first giving him a turn. She promises and rolls her eyes just a little.

Inez and Isidro are friendly toward the Gonzo and Regina who take the congratulations on their relationship but Regina adds they have so many pending issues to solve. Regina again prods Gonzo to talk with Renata whose unfriendliness really bothers her and she doesn’t want a repeat of her recent scene with Roberta.

Dona Cata comes in and finds Antonio inside her house, WARNING LIGHTS and sirens should be starting now, She tells him the bad news that Regina has said she doesn‘t want him or the house, kids and horse, (well she didn’t throw in the horse, I did) Dona Cata is the most disappointed but Antonio waxes toward popped veins in the head.

Selene walking with Roberta says she wants to ask a favor of Renata about Augustin whom she met the day of Renata’s wedding. My sister? She tells Roberta how hot in bed was this Augustin Duran. Roberta ironically says you slept with a man you just barely met?? Selene says yes, it’s what you always do. HA. Selene wants Roberta to help her find his address and contact data. Roberta says I can’t mess with Renata’s client. CLIENT? lights up Selene who just figured out how to contact him.

Renata is masked leaning over Adriana telling her she can’t wait until the day or moment she gets the news that Adriana has opened her eyes. She begs her to hang in. She mumbles a bit through the mask and then kisses Adriana through it.

Augie is conveniently waiting/lurking outside the ICU and receives Renata’s sincere hug. She is glad he is there and is still worried about Adriana who at least is going to live. He says after the jail and this accident I thought I would come right away when I heard your sad voice on the phone. She hugs him with great emotion and a few stifled sobs. He grins at his good luck. She thinks they could go talk at her auntie’s house and he asks about her uncle. No he won’t be there because he has moved out with Adriana. She starts to tell this

Jero is pitching a fit that Augie is free and will take advantage of the situation to get Renata to reject Jero. Carlos listens while Jero steams that Augie will do anything under the sun to prejudice Renata against him to promote his own quest of her.

Alfonsina and her beautiful son discuss that she has to leave when his Dad comes home. Smart little boy reasons that now that Dr. Nasty is in prison, why can’t she stay home with him and help him with his homework. What ever you don’t get your papa will explain to you. Ezek walks in expecting her to leave but the boy begs her to stay. The smart kid begs them he wants his parents together; Exek says they can’t live under the same roof. When the boy begs again, Exek pulls just a little emotional blackmail saying don’t insist because if you do I will ask your mother not to come at all. The kid is appropriately cowed, Alfonsina also asks him not to insist, kisses him as she leaves. The boy looks defeated but disgusted and walks out of the room leaving Exek looking just a little guilty for his words. He isn’t feeling bad enough to take back his mean spirited words.

Manuela advises Kari that her eyes are going to give out if she embroiders at night. Kari says the embroidery business isn’t making her a millionaire (my observation) yet but she also counsels her that regarding Lazaro, if she pardons who has offended her perhaps the ones she has offended will forgive her.

Fina comes in with her bag of money, even talks civilly to the maid for a change, goes into the office and opens the small safe putting in all the money from her gym bag. Is this Gonzo’s office that might hold evidence now? Fina seems to be cooking with gas now. Looks at the evidence report from plucked from Cantu’s dead fingers: Roberta Alverez, daughter of Josefina Alvaresz, she reads aloud. She rips it apart. then sees the picture of little Regina and says you should be glad I changed your name Regina is a disgusting name (asquerosa.) Iccckkkl. She looks at a picture of her younger self and goes how lovely.

Roberta walks in that carp about where has her mother been, then that Matias and Gonzo have gone both left the house and her dad was at the hospital oh yeah Adriana is hurt, and most awful pappy was kissing the hand of Regina all romantic in front of everyone. Fina assures her that her papa is going to pay for his decision. Fina has plans.

Gonzo tells Regina over dinner that he is glad she chose him and Fina had no illness. It was all a trick between Fina and her doctor to try to keep him from leaving her. She says she isn’t the first woman to play tricks to keep her man. He does not feel bad or guilty to be leaving Fina. Regina is sorry for Antonio . Gonzo says Antonio is a man of his word and honor. She asks Gonzo again to fix things so she can talk to Renata.

Roberta tries to flirt with Matias on the stairs near the eggs. (Speaking of dinosaur eggs, did I thank the telenovela gods that I didn’t have to report on Blanca tonight?) She wants to give him a massage to make him feel better She says he feels lonely and so does she so they could console each other. He is tired of her tricks and lies about the pregnancy and everything. He is ready to proceed with a divorce, with no child coming there is no reason to continue pretending to be together. Undaunted by truth, she says now you don’t know me and you could get to better. I want to change the horrible impression you have of me. She offers that they could go somewhere else away from this place and start over. He doesn’t want to know any more about her.

Constanza and Honorio are in the Adri/ Hon apartment and for some reason he is in his jammies. She is there to help him and cares and offers to be the one to be at the hospital for so many days to care for Adri. She would love to take care of her. He has missed her so but is still sad that his actions drove her to have an affair with Chema. She decides to leave instead of straightening out this misinformation. They both looks sorry, she crises outside the door that its too bad that he thinks she could actually betray him with Chema or anyone.

Matt remembers Roberta saying what a shame you have a bad impression of me and he decides he has gone far enough with this face and takes off his wedding ring.

Speaking of dreamy blue-eyed devils, Chema comes into the club kissing his way through a line of gorgeous women even bussing Selene who slings more insults about his old hag. He is appropriately insulted saying he just came in to relax with a drink. She tells him what a hot handsome number she has conquered and he leaves to drink in peace wishing her luck with her conquest.

Augie and Renata talk over dinner and he tells her that Jero came for Gitana. Surprised she questions, he came for my mare. They talk about Augie’s favorite theme these days, is she about to file the divorce papers .Augie plays a subtler game than usual while Jero in split screen repeats his lament about Renata and love. Consta comes in to greet Aug and Renata. Consta is dead tired and goes to her room. Augie takes a hint and rises to leave. Renata asks if he will be in town for a few days or needs to get back, he is there exactly the moment she needs him and for as long, he assures her. He is looking at the only thing he is interested in. Renata is quick to tell him one more time that she can’t reciprocate. He leaves and Renata asks the Jero in her head how can she stop her feelings for him. He splits the screen, saying please Renata, don’t forget about me. She has him in her hands and hopes he is in her sentiments. Triad split with the scantily topped Marina who is enchanted that she has had the luck to find Jero here when she never thought to see him again.

Gonzo tells Regina not to worry about him. He is not going to his house but a hotel for now. She explains that she can’t invite him to stay with her for respect for her mother. He wants to buy her a house that they can be in but with all the problems in the business he isn’t sure when. She asks if it is really awful. We’ll get through it, he assures her. He is being so romantic about just spending the evening with her when Antonio becomes the lurker jumping out of the bushes saying what kind of betrayal is this. She says I never said I loved you. He accuses both of them of not keeping the promises to guard Regina but there wasn’t supposed to be a choice that wasn’t him. But you accepted my ring he whines. He keeps talking about the promise she has broken but won’t answer her continued question, what promise?

Selene becomes the lurker in Augie’s hotel room with a drink in hand and immediately says she is sorry he was in the jail, as she undresses him to make him feel better while she blows off his questions about how she found him. My question is how does this little minx get into hotel rooms like this.

Gonzo says you have no right to tell Regina and I what to do. Antonio continues his no fair, no fair speech (whine) They are going behind his back. Regina tries to remind him that before she accepted Gonzo she returned his ring and told him she didn’t love him and didn’t plan to marry hlm ever. He goes off mad, and Regina is sorry and worried that he went off with so much anger. She is sorry that she has to say good night to Gonzo. He likes it even less but pretty soon they won’t have to be separated. He looks happy and handsome long after she goes inside.

Regina walks in to her living room where Cata is lurking, ready to carp at Regina who resents being treated like an adolescent Well if you act like one I will treat lyou like one. (Let’s see Regina must be 40 something?) Antonio was here and I told him about Gonzo and your betrayal. Now I understand why Antonio was lurking outside, says Regina. Regina says I feel sorry about Antonio’s pain but I don’t feel shame.

Back at the hospital we hear the doctor tell Hon, Con and Renata that Adriana is ready to come out of ICU into her own room. Renata gives him a kiss. She needs a lot of therapy and needs to be kept immobile He tells them she is a lucky girl, that the consequences could have been fatal they all go off to see Adriana’s new hospital room.

Mattias has to explain to Roberta again that his packed bags mean he is leaving. He thinks she can stay here with her mother but he can’t and especially since his father is gone. She can’t believe he is leaving her in this house of horrors when she is so depressed. He says if you are depressed you should start thinking of what you did to get your self here.

Mom Fina sees Mat leave and Roberta sniffs he abandoned me. Now what brilliant idea are you going to come up with next to fix this, whaaaaa

Selene stays the night wakes up (so prepared she has her own little negligee set) ready to jump Augie again who is clean and not wanting to smell differently. He clearly doesn’t like her clingy plans. He says if this is going to last , no one can know about us. Well maybe Roberta she says, we talk about everything, well almost everything. He picks up the Roberta theme and asks if she knew about Roberta and Rafa and did she think Roberta would have killed Rafa? Then she slips that Roberta would never kill the man whose child she was going to have. Augie jumps quick to work out the facts and Selene realizes the gaff but Augie is much faster and covers her with kisses on her neck which prompts her to spill not only was the baby Rafa’s but Roberta and Jero never even had sex. That story was only to f**k with Renata. Augie is suave and continues kissing so she will tell all. Then he realizes that he has the high cards in this hand and will beat Jero who thinks he will get Renata back. Ha, I think we can assume the he is not giving these post coital revelations to share with Renata any time soon. He now knows how to proceed to torture Jero with the upper hand.

Next Capitulo: Augie moves ahead with influencing Renata, we can assume he will boink Selene to keep himself calm and plot his next moves. Jero is not looking too satisfied and asks Renata if she still loves him, she assures him she does but note that she is on a phone in DF saying it.

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