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Timeless Love Update on Friday 16th February 2018


. This is love says lovely Inez. She suddenly sees Fina and Roberta walk by but by the time Regina stands up to look at them, they are out of sight. She says her odd feelings of turned tables, now she is the OTHER woman. 

Augie presses his case to get Renata out of her marriage post haste. She repeats the torn photo story and says she guesses she won’t have that perfect picture of husband, family, dog and fireplace but Augie suggests, well certainly not with Jero but perhaps with another man…. 

The big development: Jeronimo and Carlos show up at the police station to formally denounce and accuse Dr. Nesmethenasty, Augustin Dunante and Roberta Montrubbio as suspicious persons in the murder of his brother Rafael. Jero only wants justice. Now that he knows that his brother was murdered, there will be hell to pay. His aside to Carlos is that he was distracted earlier by his love for Renata but now he wlll avenge his brother’s murder. A bit more of the arrested development in our reforming underhero. 

Gonzo shows up with sparkle in his eyes and a skip to his step, compliments the receptionist about how well she looks then continues down the hall only to encounter the dour work group that has discovered Blanca has made transfers of their investments of considerable sums into (fantasmas) bogus accounts. Gonzo swears they will move heaven, earth and sea to nail her extortingass. Honorio says she planned this from the first day and was so convincing and so competent seeming that no one watched. In fact he signed things she gave him without reading carefully so he will look responsible for the loss of funds. Hon owns up that the situation is very grave, the entire business is at risk. 

Jero signs the complaint to launch the arrests. Carlos counter-signs as witness. Jero and Carlos leave assured that the search for justice is underway….again…. 

Augie is annoyingly (to me anyway) glued to Renata all the way into the lobby of MontedeProblemas (aka, Empresa Monterubbio) He waxes on how he will be at her disposal but she reassures him that she will not be at his side (you know as main-squeeze.) He has to go to the airport but will return day after tomorrow to help her with the divorce proceedings. She looks aside at this controlling gesture, but still seems to be convinced of his great good intentions. As he leaves Renata wonders why Jero couldn’t have been like this with her. 

Daniel calls Blanca to tell her the game is heating up and he is scared of being discovered. Where did she put the money? You have to withstand the pressure, she says sexily In her new office at some trendy bar, with morning brandy already poured, she tells him he has to take risks if her wants the ton of money he will get from his cooperation. 

Constanza and Chema show up a the park with the embroidered table cloth that must have been his mother’s. She must be twirling in her grave as he set the red wine on the cloth and kisses Consta. Chema is kissing her telling her to get it into her head that she should just feel her feelings and let go. (Sorry, I just channeled my mother for a minute there, fussing about the lovely old table cloth .) Let’s just enjoy the going-no-where but enjoyable foreplay by the best kisser in the whole telenovela. (Sorry again, I’m not channeling anyone else this time…) 

Jero thinks how he could have acted so differently if he had knows that Rafa’s death was a murder not a suicide. He texts to Renata that he misses her knows she is innocent and loves here. (I must add, the photography on these constant texting scenes is so professional! They must not have gotten a product endorsement though as we never see if it is iphone, droid, blackberry, or what.) 

Gonzo and Renata talk that Blanca’s theft is so great that they could be driven into bankruptcy. It’s like old times for Renata to step back into her role they discuss how the transfers into bogus accounts can be traced if she will help. After all, she is the expert says loving Papa. He doesn’t want to hire someone new and unknown into this mess. She promises to stay and fix it all. He assures her he doesn’t know what happened on the stairs but believes she would never do anything to harm her sisterugly (I know, not Gonzo’s spoken words) and she is grateful for his confidence and belief in her. 

Dr. NesmetheNasty is lying in the plaza taking drippy swigs from his bottomless flask when the police show up to identify and arrest him. He is only too happy to identify himself since they use “Doctor” Just in time Padre comes out of a store and watches the whole thing which he can then recount to an amazed Kari who finishes buying stuff for the church and refuge center, when she emerges from the store a complaining but incoherent husband was just driven off in a patrol car. (I think he could just as well been arrested by the fashion police for continuing to wear those 70’s leisure suits that he has in way too many colors.) 

Renata texts back to Jero that she doesn’t understand anything about him. But she doesn’t pick up the phone. 

Adriana comes into Renata’s old office and is so excited her old friend is back. Matias comes in with books and when Renata asks if his presence means he believes her innocence, he assures her he also knows she was not responsible for the fall, but they so have these books to worry about. Adriana ever the great team motivator says they will work together to move forward with the company. 

Jero is still trying to figure out why Renata won’t call him back, he can’t warn her about what is coming. 

We see split screen and triple screen how Renata can do the work of three and then she finds a notebook in a cabinet and runs out to report to Matias that they need to talk with papa and uncle about what she has discovered. In a NY minute (o un D.F. minuto,) she has figured out that they had certain confidential information that was never on the computer but in notebooks under lock and key because some information if available on the computer would have made them vulnerable privacy raids on the computer. So they kept the information in notebooks and in computers. But someone knowing the private information could prejudice their customers. Renata already knows that the only one who had knowledge of all this way of keeping the archived records was Daniel. He worked directly for her and Adriana and knew all of the private information before Blanca came. Honorio tries to say NO, Blanca was super capable, she must have done it all. Gonzo takes both bits of information and says we will proceed with caution with the family only, 

The family members are in Gonzo’s office when Daniel comes in to rejoin them but Gonzo tells him to keep doing what he was doing and they will take care of this. He leaves leaving the door ajar as he hesitates outside; Renata goes to the door and thanks him but closes the door. Adriana is there now and very surprised that Uncle Gonzo seems annoyed with Daniel. Why? She asks. He is the only one who could have known everything about the accounts and he might to still be in touch with Blanca. Adriana the sweet asks, but why would he do this? Matias says for money, he might have been offered a lot of money to help with this big of an embezzlement. They will keep him (alejado) at a distance, while they find the proof of what Blanca has stolen. 

Roberta and Fina come in from the hospital and order up a glass of water for the pills form Eulalia. Fina begins to call Gonzo to tell him they have arrived home. Roberta carps that since Matias is her husband, he should have come to bring her home. The door rings and an annoyed Fina has to stand up and answer it. The three officers tell a scared-looking Fina they are looking for Roberta Monterubbio. She is momentarily relieved then they tell Robera a second time that this (orden de apresión) arrest warrant is brought because she is suspected of the murder of Rafael. 

Ezekiel meets Augie at the airport telling Augie that there are a few bombs to report, then they all meet Jero and the officers who arrest Augie Doggie. I’m not sure why Jero was allowed to be there at the airport for the arrest, perhaps just for identification. Augie says but he committed suicide, I have nothing to do with this. They know he was at La Bonita at the time of the murder, he assures Augie that is it is proven he was involved in the murder of his brother he will see justice done. Or does he quietly say he will kill him. Couldn’t hear it completely and either scenario is likely. 

Augie faces Jero in handcuffs and asks why would I do this? Jero posits that he wanted to buy Rafa’s land but Rafa wouldn’t sell it. Well this must have to do with Renata then. It has nothing to do with her, says Jero. Curiously, Arely is also there watches the whole transaction through the glass wall of the airport without moving more than her eyebrow. 

Adri questions if Renata, now done with Jero, will want Matias back. Renata affirms that she will always be involved with Matias but only as a friend and brother. They giggle that Adriana wants to be involved with Matias. Adriana tells her of the waking in his arms on the couch at work. Renata says she is sure that the farce of a marriage between Matias and Roberta will not last long especially now. 

Fina makes her hysterical call, Gonzo puts her on speaker she rants that Roberta has been arrested and taken to the police station (delegación). 

Padre and Kari question the police about why Nesme was arrested. The officer explains that he is implicated in the murder of Rafael because he didn’t not perform or order an autopsy to determine cause of death. Augie comes in surrounded by many officers to be escorted down the hall. (This delegación is so familiar from so many telenovelas, they at least have given the office and the cells a fresh coat of paint.) 

Jero tells Carlos if he had known about the murder in the first place he would have acted completely different. Sure sure… Carlos says maybe you wouldn’t have met Renata if you hadn’t suspected her in your brother’s death. No, I met her before. (remember the romantic tumble at he airport) before he even knew what had happened to Rafa. Carlos says your destinies are crossed how ever it happened. 

Augie is brought into the cell across from Nesme. Augie accuses Nesme of his troubles. Nesme, barely more sober from sheer terror says but you made me forgo the autopsy. They both remember the conversation that Nesme feels bad they dispense with the autopsy but because Nesme was also so drunk. Nesme goes into melt down. As the scene closes we see reptilian eyes in Augie banging on his cell bars and fade to that reptilian sneer we see so often: Fina, serpentmom 

Roberta promises her mother she is innocent, she never killed anyone. Fina gets to relive her real killing of Rafa again, and probably or let us hope not for the last time. We can’t think this is an accident she had the gun when she entered. She vows to clear her daughter. After all she does know better than anyone alive that Roberta is innocent. 

Matias and Gonzo prepare to go to the police station to rescue Roberta, He suggests that Adriana and Honorio will continue with investigating the books, Gonzo asks Renata to call her husband to see why he has accused Roberta of Rafa.s death. Renata is going to stay to help but Hon says no we will keep working, you call your husband. Yeah call my husband, well, he still is my husband. 

Ezek brings the lawyer to Augie’s cell who asks him if he is innocent. Between outbursts he says yes. Was he in the house when Rafa was supposedly shot? Yes but he only went to leave him a check as a deposit on the harvest he had bought from Rafael. 

Back at the hacienda. Kari arrives wanting to know why Jero accused Nesme. He tells her he is only seeking justice. Nesme was drunk and so did not save Rafa or perform an autopsy to determine cause of death which could have uncovered the murder . So now he is implicated as an accomplice. He will have to pay for what he has done. 

Renata finally calls Jero who tells her his brother’s exhumation and subsequent autopsy revealed that he was murdered not that he committed suicide. And that Augustin was at the house at the time he was dying. And Roberta wrote the rejection letter that was found after his death No one knew of the existence of this letter before. She thinks he must have received it before. Jero insists, no, someone brought it to him, there was no (sobre) envelope. 

Roberta being asked to make statements by an officer, cries that she will not say anything else until her lawyer arrives but just that her only declaration is that she is innocent. Innocent, inocent of the crime I am accused of. 

Licenciado comforts Fina who swears Roberta is innocent, he assures her he believes her daughter is innocent and he will do everything in his (en mis manos) power to get her daughter out of jail. He will go now to talk to the some public official. Gonzo appears just after while Fina wails about 100 times more that he has to get Roberta out of jail and prove her innocence. 

Gustavo calls the Cantu to tell him that he is coming to MexDF and he will have all proof that is needed. (we assume about Fina/Pepa.) 

The precious Andrecito gets sprung from the hospital to the cheers of his class, his parents kiss and Regina and Cata look on complimenting the wonderful marriage, and their relief. Que Barbaro, this is real love, says Cata with a meaningful glance toward Regina. Andrecito gets applause while repeating the family mantra, no one surrenders here. 

Detective Cantu tells Antonio that Pepa is probably Fina, one of her daughters is not hers, and he will have the proof soon. Antonio is very bothered by this news. He is sure Gonzo is involved somehow and he’s always close to Regina. 

Matias and Renata show up and Renata tells Mommie Dearest that Jero told her he accused Roberta because he found a letter from her breaking up with him. 

Fina’s flashback shows her in almost sepia tones, telling Rafa that Roberta fortunately (recapacitada) reconsidered and doesn’t want him after all. She pulls the letter out of her hand bag and hands it to him. He rips the envelope open and reads it but he doesn’t believe it. You probably made her write it. Fina then recalls sitting with a pad of paper with Roberta’s handwriting, practicing her forgery. All Fina can do is collapse to change the subject. They finally agree that Renata can go help her sister, Matias follows. 

Augie tells Ezek that he needs his help, he wants him to find the way to destroy Linares. Ezek, says pardon me but I can’t do that . Augie grabs him through the bars telling him he has paid him a lot of money and he will do what he wants or else. Ezek says no, things have changed after what happened between me and Alfonsina, my son is all I have and I don’t need more problems or shame. I would do almost anything for you but not that. Ezek gets away from the bars and leaves. 

Roberta says snidely to Renata, you must be really happy with what your imbecile husband has done to me. Renata keeps to the subject, I can help you but I need to ask you questions and you need to answer (contundente) convincingly you must tell me the absolute truth. After a pause, Roberta decides Renata is her only chance to get out. I swear I didn’t kill Rafa . And do you swear that you had nothing to do with Rafa? She finally says since you are willing help me, I will tell you the truth. I was in a romantic relationship with Rafa. I am going to tell you the whole truth: I AM LA BONITA… 

Well the arrests seem to be complete for the moment but the developments are coming fast and furiously as they set us up for how everyone will react to so many startling events tonight. My fingers are tired from typing this lightening fast capitulo and in half an hour my birthday begins. Willa and I are going very early for a hike with my friend and her friend Sierra an aptly named St. Bernard. sWe will hike up the northern side of the Sandia Mountain until we are starved, then we’ll descend to enjoy brunch at the Range in Bernalillo

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