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Timeless Love Update on Tuesday 20th February 2018

TUESDAY UPDATE ON TIMELESS LOVE - Evil witch's house of cards is falling down, tantrum boy and tantrum man have hissy fits, while leading couple has a rare good day.

[Recap courtesy of Marta]

Nata is going to see Augie, she wants justice done, and she owes it to Rafa. However, she does not want AH to go with her (good for u Nata!). BTW, ‘you and I are not a normal couple, you and I are not ANYTHING’ (you go girl!). AH is left alone devastated repeating to himself her words… Nata goes right by Carlos on her way out. Carlos comes to see AH and asks what Nata said. AH says Roberta finally confessed to being “La Bonita’ but not to having killed Rafa. Nata says she has proof but… I still have my doubts. AH sends Carlos to the graphologist to compare the letter from La Bonita to the dedication/signature on the back of the photo.
At jail in MC, Roberta is released. She is surprised her mom is not there. Gonzo tells her her mom is ill and went home to rest. She wants to hug her mom… but Matt has heard enough and questions Roberta why she did not tell them the truth from the get go. She claims Rafa asked her not to tell. (everyone’s fault but not yours, right dear?) Gonzo said you should have, you implicated innocent people. Roberta plays very repentant. She made a mistake but she was so in love she did whatever he said without considering consequences. If she could do over, she would. She is stupid but no murderer… She can’t stand seeing Gonzo and Matt mad at her… (whaaaa whaaaaa let me show you how much pity I feel for you)

Meanwhile in Ensenada, Alvaro is being read his sentence, he will go to jail and have his medicine licence revoked… He is a sore loser, begins to yell at Karina that it is HER DUTY to get him out of there… Nata arrives to the dramatic scene… she touches Kari in support… Mati is there too for support.
At Rafa’s grave AH tells him ‘today I know you did not take your own life. I know today that someone took it cowardly. Now I know too that Nata was not La bonita. Now I know we, two brothers, were in love with two sisters. But what kind of loved blinded you this way? What kind of love blinded you to the extent that you could not see Roberta’s evilness? (wait, AH, don’t condemn her just like that, that was your mistake with Nata to begin with… and you are heading to the same mistake again…)
At the MR manor, Roberta confronts her mom about the truth, about the two letters, about the letter that Rafa received which she never wrote…
Rob: You were against my relationship with Rafa, you told me that if I continued it you would close all the doors to me!
Fin: Yes! I did because just like his brother Jero, Rafa was a leech!
Rob: No, mom! For you no one was up to my level! Because way before you told me, you already had planned for me to marry Matias!! And Rafael was a hurdle in your plans!
Fin: Even before Matias returned to Mex, I always was against that relationship! It was not convenient for you and that’s that!
Rob: Yes, it was good for me! Know why? Because Rafael was the only man who ever loved me!
Fin: You already forgot that letter Rafa sent you? In which he said that he never loved you, that you were not good for him?
Rob: Know what the problem is? That now I doubt that letter’s authenticity! IF Rafa received a letter that I did not write, why wouldn’t I get a letter that he did not write either!
Fin: Ay, Rob… you come up with silly stuff… It shows that being in that horrible place affected you very much.
Rob: Yes, it affected me very much. But know what? I had plenty of time to think about this. And know what conclusion I arrived at?
Fin: Surely another silly idea.
Rob: NO! I concluded that it was you! You wrote those letters for Rafa and me! And know what? (grabs her) It was you!! It was you who killed him!!
Fin: How can you say something so silly? Where do you get that idea? (of course playing the hurt victim)
Rob: Where else? All this time you have done nothing but show me that when something doesn’t go your way, you will do whatever it takes to turn things the way you want! Why would it be different with Rafa?
Fin: (turning her back to Rob so she does not have to look her in the eye and can turn the ‘acting’ on full gear) You really think I am a murderer? How can you say something like that?
Rob: I don’t know, mom. You tell me. (Fina remembers when the gunshot went off)
Fin: What hurts me the most is that you think I am a monster! (BINGO!!) Someone without feelings, capable of taking someone else's life.
Rob: (turns her around with a yank) Understand me! I am desperate!
Fin: That does not give you right to accuse me! I am your mother… and I have always done everything to care for you, I only want you to know one thing.. The only person I could take a life from to save you was me! There I really would, Roberta! If it took exchanging my life for yours, then I really would do it, without blinking!
Fina leaves and Roberta stays there, already repentant at what she told her mother…
Nata arrives to see Augie, he is surprised… she says we’re friends, no? and they say that at jail and when ill is when you know your true friends… She asks him if he had any motive to kill Rafa. He claims he had already bought the crop of 3 yrs… his death would have been dangerous for my intent to get the grapes.. Why would he have wanted to kill Rafa? Being at the hacienda the day he was killed was purely coincidental.
Nata asks if he saw anything or anyone… He tells nata that he is being accused of a crime he did not commit. Do you believe me? Yes, I do. But not Jero… He can’t stand that I am at your side, he can’t stand that I love you! He will do whatever he can to keep me here as long as possible. Because he is a loser!
Connie shows up at the office and tells Adri and Hono that she heard what happened and she is willing to help in any way they need.
Hon: Thank you Connie. You have always been a great lady but above all a great human being. Thank you.
Adri follows Connie out and tells her that everything that has happened, not just the money stealing, was a trap from Blanca… She planned everything… why don’t you and my dad give yourselves another chance?
Chema leaves a voice mail to Connie, he is worried because she has not shown up at the center…
Regina is back in the office, there is plenty of backlog work.. Ines (who can’t find a better moment to break the news) tells Regina she will leave soon to start her own charity center for benefiting children with cancer and will call the center ‘No one gives up here!’… Regina is really happy for her, and they will always be friends.
Connie receives the voice mail from Chema and feels bad…
Sele is visiting Roberta… Roberta tells her everyone already knows she is La Bonita… and tells her Rafa was murdered, he did not commit suicide. Sele says it is all very odd, about the letters and all… Rob says it had to be someone who knew she was going to elope with Rafa… And surely the same person wrote both letters… Rob asks Sele if it was her. Sele says heck no!, she has no idea where the hacienda is and she was with Rob all that day… why would she do it? Rob says for jealousy, envying Roberta because she found a man who loved her and was willing to do anything for her… Sele says you are loony.
Kari arrives at La Bonita with Nata and Mati… Nata takes her to living room… Kari wonders what she will do now, how is she going to make a living… Kari says she turned into a useless woman at Alvaro’s side.
Nata remembers that Kari can do very pretty stitching and embroidery so gives her money. Kari thinks it is a gift so she is unwilling to accept. Nata says no, it is to buy the materials to make a set of sheets for her aunt Connie. Nata convinces Kari that she can make a living doing the pretty stitching and embroidery work she does.
At MC, Cata and Isidro talk… Cata tells Isidro that she is sure Regina gave up Antonio for Gonzo… She wants Isidro to help her convince Gina to go back to Isidro. She can’t be with a married man… Isidro is not willing to interfere, Gina is grown up.. besides, perhaps God has brought Gina a bit lf a late divine justice. Cata is confused… Isidro says perhaps you will understand later what I mean by divine justice.
At the office Hono asks about nata… Adri tells him in front of Matt that Nata went to the hacienda to talk to Jero… per Adri, Nata went there to convince him to remove the charges against Roberta.
Mat has a hissy fit… Matt yells that he wants Adri to tell Nata that Roberta is out of the jail and they don’t have to ask Jero for any help at all, Nata has nothing to do over there… Matt yells at Hono that Jero has no right to interfere in their lives… and leaves in a huff. Adri follows him and tries to make him admit that he is mad because Nata is with Jero… Matt says he wants Nata to be with any man, BUT Jero!! Adri is hurt by his words but takes it in stride.
At MR Manor, Roberta goes to Fina’s room to apologize for what she said earlier. Fina plays the hurt mom. ‘you did not offend me, you hurt me.. you made me feel worse than a monster.. how can my own daughter believe I am a murderer? ‘ Rob says she is so desperate that she does not know what to think anymore. Fina never expected to see Roberta turn against her… Rob thinks this is a punishment from God for having denied that her baby was Rafa’s… the truth is she truly loved Rafa.. and still does. Rob says now I realize I did love him.. and I am so sad for having lost his child.. it was the only thing I had left of him… Fina says she felt the same way when Rob’s dad abandoned them. (Yeah right) Rob insists it is a punishment, she did not appreciate what she had, she always thought she was unlucky in love but it was not like that, Rafa did love her! She had the best of luck, he was willing to do anything for her… (Fina plays the ‘there, there’…)
At center, Connie and Chema in kitchen… Chema gets Connie to tell him what is up with her… She tells him what happened at the company, that Blanca stole lots of money from them… and she is beginning to think that Hono really never betrayed her like she had thought. Chema is thoughtful..
At office, Daniel is really nervous/anxious. He calls Blanca, tells her that they are about to discover everything… Blanca shows her true claws and tells him it is too late for him to jump ship, ( that is what you stayed behind, to stop them from discovering the truth), he wants his money, she says whether you stay or you go, you are up to your neck in this… so either you stay there to the end, or I will ensure personally that you end up in jail for good…
Nata tells Jero by the tree that neither Roberta (she has proof she was in MC at the time) or Augie did not kill Rafa. He had no motive. He had already deposited the money and signed the contract. There is no motive. Jero asks if it was not Rob and it was not Augie, then who killed my brother? Nata does not know, but like he says the truth will come out.
Don’t set yourself against Augie, or I will believe what he said.
What did he say?
That you are accusing him because you want to get back at him because he is interested in me. Answer me. Is he in jail because you are jealous of him?
Of course not!! But I am convinced he is not a good person. And that he would have got rid of Rafa if he had gone against his plans! I am sure of that… but that does not mean that I am not jealous of him.
Are you accepting it?
Well, yesssss, yesss! I get angry just to think that you could notice him. My blood boils just thinking that you could give your love to him.
I admit that I was so hurt by Rafa’s death that I made you pay for it… and you were not La Bonita. La Bonita was Roberta.
IF you had listened to me, Jero.
But I did not… That is why I can’t forgive myself. I listened to everyone but you. I lost you… the one I love most in this world.
Do you really love me?
With all my heart/soul. And now… now I don’t have anything… I lost Rafael… I lost you… remember when I told you that we could lose everything but ourselves? … and that is what I … I dedicated myself to lose you. I will have to learn to live without you and I feel like a man on death row… If I was going to die now, I would have one last wish..
What is that?
For time to freeze, and to be able to love you (make love to you) one last time… You think that my undertaker would grant me that wish/
They kiss, then make love right on a tree branch… led from the kiss to the tree by her…
Augie is angry ordering and demanding his lawyer to get him out of there… even with a bail… lawyer says can’t do the bail way, but trying to get you out by proving you are clear… Augie says gotta get out of here, that is why I am paying you so get me outahere PRONTO!!
… the lawyer says the problem is you have no witnesses. Augie says get prints from the gun, they won’t find anything!! The lawyer says the evidence against him is weak, so he will get the judge to sign his release tomorrow… not enough for Augie… he yells at the lawyer don’t care who you have to ‘buy off’ but I won’t spend one more night in this place!! You hear me!???
Hono and Gonzo are talking about the measures their employees are taking to get clients to postpone shipments, payments, etc.. Gonzo talked to the bank mgr who is also willing to work with him.
Gonzo tells Hono that he wants to talk to Fina’s doctor and then possibly leave the house and divorce her for good. Hono asks him what is going on with Gina. Gonzo says we are having a relationship… and I don’t want to give up on her, but don’t want to have her as my ‘lover’, she does not deserve that ‘role’/life’. Hono congratulates Gonzo because he knows how he feels more than ever.. when you don’t have the one you love with you, you don’t live, you just ‘survive’. You lose strength and the will to live and to do good things.
Blanca is out on a sidewalk anxious, waiting for someone…
At tree, Nata has changed demeanor, seems repentant on ‘giving in’… Jero begs her to stay with him, she claims its not so simple… they already released my sister, but beside that my family is going through a tough moment…
Jero says we can support your family from here, but our priority has to be to rescue our relationship. what we just lived was wonderful, you can’t deny it.
No, I won’t deny it. But really we hurt each other very much. We lost the trust in each other and that is something hard to recover.
But not impossible!! The only thing that has no remedy is death and we are alive! Let’s live our love, please Nata. Having you in my arms here, having made love to you brought my soul back to my body. I promise from here on out, everything will be different between us. Is it that much to ask to try to live day by day, minute by minute?
(nata thinks about it) do you have a blade?
Jaja a blade for what?
This is the tree of love, right? Where people put hearts with their names on it … (he giggles) and I would like to put one in, to leave a footprint that our love is stronger than our own will… I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but today I would like to leave a sign that we do love each other…
Alright… I will tell you where…
(he walks her to where he had carved a heart with their names..) Do you think it is alright… here?
(she is so moved she cries, they kiss again…)
At office, Hono Matt and Adri are working, some guy comes in, the guy confirms for them that there is a leak in the company. Clients know more about what is going on than ourselves. Daniel walks in to hear this last line. They all ask each other who the leak is… Matt suggests (with all intention looking straight at Daniel) to put on a trap for the leak… Daniel asks what trap? Matt says let me think about it. When I know I will tell you.
At tree, Jero wants to make up for the time they lost. Why don’t we start our honeymoon right this moment?
Our honeymoon?... I came for something else! I did not come to reconciliate!
And why don’t we let our hearts dictate what they want to do.. and not what we should do?
They declare their love for each other… and kiss… he kidnaps her to take her to a place she will like very much… she asks him why she can never say no to anything that he asks… he says don’t know… but they go.
Gonzo is at Fina’s doctor office. Secretary says the doctor left on vacation for a week and has not been back, he even changed his cel number .. Gonzo is anxious to speak to him urgently regarding his wife’s case.
Secretary says Dr Valverde might be able to help you, he is following up on all cases for Dr Zuinaga…
Soto is calling Fina to put pressure on her, I did everything to get your daughter out of jail, Fina asks him for the money that Gustavo asked her… Soto tells her about the financial crisis they are going through at the company.. there is no way that Gonzo would approve that money withdrawal. Soto tells Fina if they don’t recover the money from the ‘ghost’ accounts by end of the month, the company will be ruined.
At the doctor’s office, the other doctor tells Gonzo that Dr Zuinaga is not on vacation, he has disappeared, seems his professional ethic is in question and having disappeared is supporting that theory. Gonzo asks if there is anything odd about his wife’s case. Dr is reviewing the record to check…
At some fall site, Jero will show Nata.. (the quarry shoots water up in the air right beside them, startling her) how much I love you, that… that is what I will show you.
Yes, you are right.. this moment is magical, marvelous… so I better not think… just feel… (they keep on kissing and the water shoots even stronger up by them… they are having a great time, it shows them eating oysters, buying leis, sharing a huge pina colada…
The Dr and Gonzo realize that the MRI (tomografia) that Dr Z. showed Gonzo saying it was Fina’s is from a female patient that the doctor treated many years ago, this woman died years ago. Gonzo wonders if his wife is really not ill, and has no brain tumor. Dr says why don’t you bring your wife in to repeat the tests, that way we will find out if he lied to the both of you or just to you. Or why.. but we have to know for sure.
Previews: Gonzo realizes Fina is not ill and he confronts her ‘I feel sorry for you but this is all over!’
Jero at hacienda is telling possibly Carlos/Mati that ‘love won us over, what do you want?’
Augie is angry saying Jero can’t be with that woman while I am locked up in here!
Voiceover: But an unexpected event can change everything… (we see that Matt, Hono, Gonzo and Adri
Watch someone be run over by a car (someone who looks like Blanca to me, can’t be Connie, she normally does not wear black pants)

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