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Timeless Love Update on Wednesday 14th February 2018


Ahoy all, sorry for the late post, I ended up entertaining unexpected guests today. Does the world not know that Thursday is my recap night?

The lead-in for tonight tells us the same thing the magic voice promised last night, that everyone, everyone believes Roberta’s lie...except Jeronimo!

Let’s review the critical scene from last night’s conclusion. To quote Marta:
"Fina to Renata: ‘You are the only one to blame for your sister Rob who will NEVER... hear it well, ... NEVER have a baby.. you destroyed her life... and I hope you are happy now.' Nata is frozen,Jero is shocked... Gonzo has a warzone face.. Matt has a questioning glance for Fina.”

Fina continues to blame Renata for pushing her sister down the stairs. Renata denies this as Gonzo tries to calm her down. Matias keeps a low profile until Jero pops in with his two pesos. He still wants a test to prove he’s not the father of Berta’s bebe. Fina says the baby is gone and it doesn’t matter any more. It matters to Jero (as well it should) but now Gonzo and Matias jump on the Fina bandwagon and want Jero to get lost. Nata sees it’s pointless to argue with these ninnies and convinces Jero to leave with her. “See what a shameless hussy (descarada) she is for coming with that lout?” snarls Fina, pointing her finger accusingly at them from under her witches cape.

Fina storms into Roberta’s room to report that everything is arranged and Nata is blamed for Roberta’s accident. Berta points out that without a kid there’s no reason for Matias to stay by her side. Fina insists they’ll figure out a way. Berta points out that mom has been very preoccupied recently; what could be more important than helping Roberta out with the problem that Fina put Berta in the middle of? Fina thought bubbles Gustavo’s warning that an investigator is checking up on her and her darling daughters. She hisses to Berta that she (Fina) has problems that are just as important as Berta’s. It cost a lot to give them the life they are accustomed to and it is still costing her. “Not one reproach more,” she threatens, “is that clear?”

Gonzo and Matias scratch their heads and continue their angst in the hospital waiting room. Matias mentions that yesterday Roberta seemed unsure if the baby was Jeronimo’s, and if it isn’t Jero’s then it must be his own. (Really? What about Rafael?) Matias cries that he still thinks of Renata and he wishes she looked at him the way she looks at Jero. “But she hates Jero,” says Gonzo. Matias points out if that’s hate he would love for Renata to hate him as much.

Jero and Renata stand in front of the hospital and Jero complains that he couldn’t be the baby daddy because he and Roberta never slept together. Sucks to be accused of something you haven’t done, doesn’t it Jero? Renata says the baby’s gone so it doesn’t matter, there’s no point (no tiene caso). But he wants to PROVE it to her! She keeps saying there’s no point, give it a rest. He wouldn’t let her prove she was innocent and she’s not interested in his proof.

Jero says he is innocent, and you know what else? Roberta’s accident was very convenient. It was about the only way for her to avoid a DNA test. Nata doesn’t believe it. Roberta staged the accident that would cause her to lose her baby? “Those are strong words Jeronimo.” (Son palabras mayores).

Padre is advising Ezequiel to forgive Alfonsina. “She loves you but she lost her way, and let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (Quien esté libre de culpas, que arroje la primera piedra.) Alfonsina arrives on cue and Zeke starts to get mad but she shuts him up by telling him she’s leaving town and leaving the kid behind with dad. “You’re a much better father than I am a mother,” she weeps sincerely, “he’d be better off with you.” Zeke gets a trembly bottom lip.

Jero begs Renata not to close the doors of her life to him. “Dude, you totally slammed that door shut yourself,” she clarifies. “We’re finished here.” (You go girl!!)

Jero calls Coni to tell her something is up with Renata. It’s something more important than his own life. (Well that narrows it down...NOT.)

Honorio reviews the books and sees there is something wrong with the financial statements. He calls Adri to show her things just don’t tally (cuadrar). The income vs expenses don’t correspond. They summon Daniel and demand all the reports for the past three months. Daniel’s shifty eyes dart back and forth suspiciously. He looks scared.

Gonzo, Matias and Fina stand around Berta’s bedside. She weeps crocodile tears (maybe) over her lost baby and lost chance for motherhood. Matias and Gonzo advise her not to give up hope, there are other ways to be a parent. Fina snips at them not to minimize Berta’s grief. Witch. Gonzo calmly tells her that sometimes one’s only hope is to have a positive attitude. This is advice that I’m pretty sure is completely lost on Fina. Berta tells them she’s so sad because Matias only married her for the baby; what will they do now? He says they’ll talk later. She weeps that whatever she felt for him is even stronger now and she’ll never stop thanking him for what he’s done for her. Fina sneers her approval as Matias is crushed by the weight of misplaced guilt.

Nata cries on her bed and asks a comforting Coni why couldn’t SHE (Coni) have been her mother? Why doesn’t her mother love her and why did the man she love betray her? She doesn’t deserve it!

Don’t we deserve a break from all this grief? You bet we do! Carlos leads Matilde to her romantic surprise. Next to a lovely waterfall sits a beautifully set table with flowers and balloons. It’s all for her. Mati can’t speak, a first for her, she can only weep and smile. “Between you and I words aren’t needed,” he says. (Entre tu y yo no hacen falta las palabras.) Dang, this scene was way too short.

84px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Jero returns to the hospital to talk to Roberta’s doctor, Marina Sepulveda. They shake hands, make eye contact, and we just figured out why the beautiful doctor might spill the beans to the handsome, earnest guy in the suit.

Nata and Coni talk about their insane morning and Jero’s suggestion that Berta caused her own accident. Nata can’t believe such a thing unless...unless maybe Berta wasn’t actually pregnant? And she faked it to trap Matias? No, Coni assures her that when Gonzo was in Cuernevaca Berta had fainted, gone to the hospital and they all heard about her condition. Nata sighs and says Fina and Berta will never stop blaming her, Renata, for the accident. “Come and live with me then!” suggests Coni.

Back at the romantic water lunch Carlos and Matilde share stories about when they first loved the other. He was enchanted at first sight. She loved the way he was able to stomach her spicy food. They both want children, but before they discuss that Carlos has a question. He gets on his knees, pulls out a plastic bubble-gum ring and asks Mati to marry him. The girl’s really got the weepies today, she’s dreamed about this moment for so long but never thought it would arrive, boo hoo. She nods yes and a lingering kiss seals the deal. (A plastic ring? Dare I repeat myself...how childish, how silly, how HOT! I thank the telenovela gods for this character. Which reminds me, where’s Lazaro today?) Rewind.

Doc Marina tells Jero she’s sorry but without authorization from Berta or her husband she can’t give him DNA proof on the baby. Jero admits he doesn’t want Berta or her husband to know but he REALLY NEEDS the proof. Sorry, she says, besides, it’s too late to do a DNA test anyway. (Not according to our Doc Carlos!) Jero looks momentarily confused as Doc Marina assures him she’d luuuurve to help him with something else someday but for this particular case...nope.

Carlos and Mati are back at the hacienda basking in their new love when an envelope arrives. It contains the results of Rafa’s necropsy. Carlos calls Jero and 1) excitedly tells him that he and Mati are engaged, then 2) glumly informs him the envelope arrived. “Open it,” instructs Jero. After the obligatory cara impactada Carlos tells Jero he won’t tell him over the phone. What is in this envelope could change Jero’s life. It’s urgent that Jero come home immediately!

Nata is leaving Misery Manor when Augie pops in for a surprise visit. Gosh he looks chipper this morning, whatever could have caused his good mood? Nata looks not quite as pleased as Augie is with himself. He sees her suitcases and wonders is she going to La Bonita? Nope, off to Aunt Coni’s. Augie grabs her suitcases and gives her the card of an excellent lawyer so she can start divorce proceedings immediately. He’s made an appointment for tomorrow and he’d like to go with her. Whoa, Mr. Inappropriate much?

As Matias and Gonzo leave the hospital they run into Regina. Gonzo explains briefly about Berta and Regina says they need to talk. He wants to talk too, Renata told him something that disconcerted him. “Can we meet tonight at my house?” she asks. Gonzo doesn't even bother to hide his joy and happily agrees to meet up later.

Cantu checks in with Antonio via phone booth and mentions something about his cell phone not working. He reports that Regina has already returned to the DF and he will too because the person who has the proof he needs wants to see him in Mexico City. He asks should he take charge for Regina’s security or should he call Gonzo? Tony pitches a fit and says he is the ONLY one who is in charge of Regina’s safety and finding her daughter. Go through him, the little bullfighting Napoleon. These people never learn.

Fina complains to her smitten stoolie that someone is investigating her past and she wants to know who. She needs him now more than ever. He points out that he “needs” her too. If she wants his continued help she'll have to put out what she promised. If she doesn’t want to be his mujer then he can’t help her. He’ll wait for her call. Fina throws dagger eyes at his back. As our esteemed Blusamurai so aptly noted: "So many murders to plan and so little time...whatever is a bumbling would be serial murderer to do?"

Regina and Ines talk about seizing the day and not wasting time. Ines says Andresito gets out of the hospital tomorrow. Cut to the little conehead and papa conehead playing a computer game. Back to the ladies and Ines says with the support of all his friends Andresito is determined to have a positive attitude about recuperating. Ines gossips that she saw Gonzo’s viper of a wife there a few days ago with her daughter who apparently had a miscarriage, but they were only there one day. Regina says that’s odd, Gonzo told her today that Berta just lost her baby. Hmmmmm...

Carlos is stressing about Rafa’s results. He gets serious and asks Matilde on the day of Rafa’s death who was at the hacienda? She recounts what happened: Rafa was alone because she and Laz went into town. When they got home they found him lying in his room. Soon Dr. Nesme and Augustin arrived, and then Padre, and they found a bullet in his stomach. Carlos asks if she remembers anything else? She remembers finding a note from Augustin. “So Augustin was here,” says Carlos. Mati says yes but he said he hadn’t gone to Rafa’s room.

Carlos hands the results to Matilde and it’s her turn for a cara impactada. “This can’t be!” she sobs.

Kari hurries to church and she is stopped by none other than her staggering husband. He slobbers that she is all his. Trying to step around him she tells him he stole her happiness and innocence. He says he’ll never divorce her and she’ll never be free. He grabs her and the padre runs out and calls him a coward, "pick on someone your own size!" Doc slurs to Kari “you’ll alwaysh be tied to me” before he stumbles off.

The Padre apologizes to Kari for not believing her all those numerous times she begged him for help and he refused to believe the obvious truth that was staring him in the face. She says no problem but I say it’s about time.

Carlos tells Mati not a word to anyone until they tell Jero. Manuela, Laz and Herminia rush in to congratulate the pair on their happy news. Laz is happy but also a little worried because Mati is a simple country girl and Carlos is a society guy. What will his parents think? Carlos and Manuela say something about his parents coming to ask for Mati’s hand in marriage? (Ruh roh?) Not sure what that was about. Whatever, the lovebirds want to get married as quickly as possible. Ready the anvils.

Nata, with Augi’s intrusive and unneeded help, has moved into Coni’s place. Jero calls to say he needs to leave but he doesn’t want to go until he clears things up between them. She repeats that they are over but Augie butts in and loudly comments "You want more coffee?!!" so Jero can hear him. Nata hangs up and stalks to her room. Augie thought bubbles, “When will Jeronimo Linares learn to leave her in peace!?”

Split screen of Jero: "Renata te amo, I can’t live without you Renata" and Renata: “What do I do with this love? I don’t want to love you, get out of my life already!"

The end

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