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Tmeless Love Episode 80 Update on Monday 19th February 2018


Roberta drops the bombshell that she is LA BONITA, but she swears she did not kill Rafa. Nata is upset that she let Jero think that she was La Bonita, Roberta swears she didn’t know Jero even knew or thought about La Bonita. Roberta swears she is innocent, Nata tells her she doesn’t believe anything and tries to leave, but Berta stops her and swears everything is the truth and that she is not a killer. Nata says she needs to heart everything, and it has to be the whole truth.
Gonzo, Fina and Matias are in the waiting room, Gonzo is trying to get Fina to calm down she is crying about her poor Berta in Jail ( yea i’d shut up and leave it alone, cause that is supposed to be you in there genius. I don’t see you confessing to protect your daughter!!) Matias tells her that she may or may not be innocent, but they have to wait and let the system, work. FIna won’t have that (shocker) she swears Berta is not a killer ( note: this might be the first time Fina is telling the truth. Mark the day and time). Gonzo swears that he will get the best lawyer and do everything he can. Then Fina accuses Gonzo of loving Matias more, he swears he loves them all the same. Then He tries to send Fina home with Matias and she starts getting all gushy about wanting to be with her hubby (yuck) Matias actually looks like he is trying not to laugh or throw up on of the two. Gonzo leaves with Fina to see Berta.
Berta is spilling the beans about her relationship, with Rafa. She loved him, mom and dad didn’t she wanted to elope, but she was scared etc...Then she tells Nata about the letters and says that the letter they found, must have been planted cause she never sent it, but she tells Nata about her letter and Nata asks where it is and Berta tells her she destroyed it out of pain and anger. She had no idea he was dead she thought he was off with some other woman. Nata points out that he left a suicide note blaming her, Berta says that maybe there was another La Bonita.
Spare girl comes to visit Auggie, who is not jumping for joy to see her. She came to tell him that she is leaving and that she is glad to see him in jail and that he will send his life there, she taunts him.
Berta and Nata are still going back and forth, Nata points out that Berta has told many lies and Berta yells that she is not a killer and that she is telling the truth. She swears that she is innocent. Nata asks one more question is the baby Jero’s? Berta says Yes( oh so close to being totally honest)
At the hacienda Mati asks if Jero is hungry, he says no. They talk about how they both messed up with Renata. (love agrees with Mati she is tolerable) Jero is missing Nata.
Inez, Isidro and Gina are chatting about their son, and her decision to be with Gonzo. Inez tells her to open up and share everything with Gonzo. Gina agrees 

Matias and Nata are eating and she tells him some of what Berta told her, but she is not sure about all of it. Matias tells Renata that there is no justification for anything that Jero has done, Nata agrees, but looks a little hesitant.
Lawyer man is chatting with Berta telling her that she has to spend the night in jail, Roberta is not happy about that,but her swears her case is difficult and that he can do nothing.
Carlos and Mati are are talking about the town gossip, the murder of Rafa, and Kari and the Dr, Mati goes to kiss Carlos and Jero walks up. She jumps up to leave and Jero tells her to sit and stay there needs to be some love around this place. Then Mati talks about when there will be four people at the table.
Laza and Kari are talking and he tells her to stay at the Hacienda instead of going back to her house, where all the bad memories are. She agrees and then tells him that sometimes she thinks about what it would have been like to be with him. Laza tells her not to think like that, then gets very upset and says he does not understand her, she tries to explain that she spent years with the Dr. Laza walks away.
Dr. is going through major withdrawals and the guard has no sympathy and leaves him screaming for his wife.
Alphonsina is telling Zeke about little man’s schedule, he is crying and wants to call out to her, but stops.
Padre gets a cell phone call, from his niece she is going to come and see him for his vacation. ( I see a new lady throwing a kink in one of our love stories)
DVR spazzed a little during the commercial missed a little so someone might have to fill in.
Gina is leaving her house and Gonzo is waiting for her they hug and kiss. He tells her he needs her very badly.
Matias takes Nata home, she tells her that with everything going on she can’t think of anything Matias leaves. Nata stares at her phone and Jero’s number almost calls but can’t, then the maid asks if she wants something to eat and she says no and asks where Stanza is and she tells her she is with Chema.
Gonzo and Gina are talking about the future, he says that his company is in terrible trouble and his daughter is in jail. He tells her not to worry that she is the only thing that will get him through this.
Stanza wakes up and sees a letter reads it and Nata told her that she left early, and that she needs her to find her dad. To talk to him.
Honorio and Adri are talking about he and Stanza. He misses her, can’t live without her and Adri is cheering him on. She tells him not to worry things will be okay.
Gina calls Jero to see how he is doing. He tells her the pain he felt over his brothers death has caused too much trouble and pain. She tells Jero to go after his love for Nata, now that she had nothing to do with Rafa there is nothing stopping them don’t give up go for it the way she went for love with Gonzo.
Stanza, Matias, and Gonzo are discussing Berta and Gonzo says that things look bad. Stanza asks why Berta is alone in jail, that Fina should be by her daughters side, Gonzo defends her by saying she is sick and needs to be resting at home ( yea Gonzo you are the only one buying that)
Jero is working in his office, when Mati walks in and says he has a visitor. He does not want to see anyone, Nata sticks her head in the door and says even me? She tells him that Berta confessed that she was La Bonita, but that she did not kill Rafa.

Alphonsina and Carlos are talking about the crummy Dr. and her son and how she will miss him.
Nata and Jero go back and forth about how Berta did it and Nata swears she couldn’t have done it she was in Mexico the whole day. He shows her the letter, then Nata tells him about the letter Rafa wrote and Jero can’t believe it. Nata tells him that she understands his dis belief and feels the same way, but it is what it is ( she looks a little like she feels sorry for him)
Carlos talks to Mati and Kari about her staying at the hacienda, Carlos tells her that he is not her boss, but her boyfriend. They kiss and Kari says that they have true love and that they should be very happy.
Nata tells Jero that she just wants justice and they discuss the letters and then Nata asks him if he is now sure that she was never La Bonita, he says yes and he has no doubt and that he is real idiot and begs her to forgive him,
Selene is on the phone and he tells her to watch the t.v. and she hears the news about Berta and she is shocked and can’t believe is. She says Auggie could not be involved, but he asks about Berta and she says nothing.
Gonzo and Matias are talking to the lawyer at the police station Gonzo is trying to get her out of jail. Lawyer explains that the investigation is ongoing, but he will try to get her free on bail. Matias wants a divorce now, he does not want to be tied to her.
Fina is on the phone, with someone who is in Mexico and he wants money, and he calls her Pepa, so it’s someone from her past. She says she never agreed to pay him. He tells her she has time to think it over. She hangs up angry and says this can’t be happening ( I see another Fina victim) Nata tells Jero that she is only interested in clearing Berta and talking to Auggie, Jero asks her not to talk to Auggie, she defends him and Jero offers to go with her. She tells him that they can’t act as if everything is normal, between them there is nothing!! ( she shots she scores) Jero is totally stunned by that and we are left to wonder what comes next

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