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My Sweet CurseEpisode 77 Update on Tuesday 27th February 2018


Rodrigo sends another book adding a love letter to it to be given to Aurora through Jeronimo and there he reveals to Aurora that Rodrigo wasn’t the one who sent the flowers. Aurora reads the letter which talks about the beginning of their love from childhood where he saved her from the townsfolks when they tried to attack her and how the love germinated from there and that makes him continuously love her the very moment he saw her and Aurora looks so affected.
Severo tells Monica and Macrina that he saw the priest blessing Apolonia’s ranch and he also suggests what to so Apolonia throws Aurora out of her lands by destroying the so-called business Rafael wants to establish but Monica thinks he isn’t interested in that since all she wants is to get rid of Aurora to get Rodrigo and Severo and Macrina say that isn’t their problem. Monica then gets angry with Severo and Macrina and she leaves.
Aurora recalls when Rodrigo defended her when the whole town attacked her.
Boni assures Chalo that Ines loves him very much but she didn’t tell him something that embarrasses her a lot and that is Ines has a daughter who her dad took her away from her after birth and took her to an orphanage and Ines out of sadness run away from home and never returned till date. Chalo then decides to help Ines to find her daughter and he asks Boni to find out more about Ines’s past to be able to know more about her and help her out.
Dionisio gets angry with Gloria when he finds out that she told the social worker that he had the face like this for what she did to Aurora and wants her to go change her statement about him but Gloria refuses and the molestation becomes the other of the day.
When there’s nobody in the hacienda, Corina looks for her father in-law’s will but unfortunately for her, Elsa enters the study and Corina pretends to be looking for a notebook.
Aurora comments to Apolonia and her children that it will be better if she leaves El Recuerdo because it seems people continuously refuse to accept to work there but Apolonia opposes to it.
Rodrigo tells Jeronimo that he’s decided to send a letter to Aurora every day since she never rejected the first one and that will make her think about him to bring them back to each other.
Rodrigo tells Elsa that the analyses conducted on the milk proves that the milk has no contamination and so they can sell it to Labiada but he warns Elsa and Monica that they won’t make him change his mind of making up with Aurora.
Wenceslao informs Onesimo that Socorro (the social worker) wants to speak with him about Dionisio and Onesimo reveals to Socorro (social worker) is surprised that a private and expensive lawyer is defending Dionisio.
Dionisio asks Severo for help so they don’t take his son away from him.
Monica is furious because Rodrigo insists on going back with Aurora, so she suggests to Elsa to go see Aurora herself to speak with her to leave the town and she thinks it will work since Aurora feels some gratitude towards her.
So, Elsa goes to see Aurora and offers her to pay her studies in exchange of moving away from Rodrigo definitely and Aurora asks her if she is trying to bribe her but she says she is only trying to help her so she separates from Rodrigo and she thinks Aurora is arrogant but she tells Elsa that she is not being arrogant but only raising her head high without having to feel ashamed of anything and also the truth is, all the affection she had for her (Elsa) is gone and all she hopes is that Elsa never blame her for killing that affection and Elsa shed tears.
Aurora tells Apolonia that Elsa tried to bribe her and looking so sad and anguish, she asks Apolonia how she can stop loving Rodrigo but that Apolonia thinks it’s impossible but time will heal all wounds.
Boni asks Ines for more information about her daughter.
Macrina indicates to Eligio to warn Apolonia’s workers that they are in serious danger if they do not stop working.
Monica pays a visit to Aurora and she tells her all that Elsa offered to do for her and Monica thinks she should accept but Aurora refuses and asks Monica to tell Elsa that she won’t see Rodrigo ever again.

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